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What new in the BMR Universe                                                                               August 18, 2018

While Halloween is more than two months away, we are more than looking forward to our
favorite holiday.  So to promote the holiday, we would like to post some of your Halloween
houses that either you seen or decorate yourself.  So send your pictures to www.
submissions@bloodmoonrisingmagazine.com.  Look forward to seeing your pics!

issue #73 is out and ready for you to enjoy.  We have some great content for you which
includes Frankenstein: 200 Years of Horror Part 3 The Many Many Interpretations of
Frankenstein, interviews with Judy Sachs - artist of great dioramas, the Rose Files: Ghost
Writer- The Strange Tale of Patience Worth.  Also, don't forget our fiction, Graveyard Cinema,
Terror Tube and much, much more So click on the cover above and enjoy!  

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Issue #73 is ready for
you to enjoy.  We have
special features like
Frankenstein: 200
Years of Horror Part 3,
interview with Judy
Sachs & more with all
our regular depts.  
Click on the cover and




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Episode 5 is here! The
story of two Kia
trapped in modern day
trying to survive
continues.  As this
series ends this
series of episodes,
Dargo and Dax fight
for their newborn as
well as their lives
against the avenging
angel.  Click on the
cover and enjoy!