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What new in the BMR Universe                                             December 10,  2017

Hell Spawns Assassin Angel episode 3 is now out for your enjoyment.  The
story of Dax and Dargo continues as they adapt to their new home and
raising their newborn.  Now they have a familiar enemy looking for them and
they will do anything to protect their young.  Click on the cover above on the
right and enjoy.

BMR Contributor, Douglas Ogurek, will be editing UNSPLATTERPUNK 2
anthology and is now accepting submissions.  If you are interested in
participating, click on the following link:  http://bit.ly/USP2-TQF

It's almost Halloween and as a small gift, we have Issue #70 of Blood Moon Rising Magazine
ready for you.  It is full of great stuff like the Rose Files on City of Witches, Dracula on TV,
Interview with Horror Host Octavian Hallow along with our regular departments of fiction,
artwork, nightmare news and much much more.  So click on the cover above and enjoy!


Hello my Legion of followers of Saturday Night Chillers and BloodMoonRisingMagazine.com this is
your Lord of Darkness AL J. Vermette. Although I prefer not to talk about myself here on Facebook
about my personal life and would much more prefer to talk about my work in horror fiction and my
publications and Facebook show something happened this past Friday a few hours after posting
Episode 17 of Saturday Night Chillers. Friday night at 6:40 I lost my father after his month long battle
following his heart attack four weeks ago. His remaining moments were of me holding his hand while
my two sisters Diane and Dawn were with me on speaker phone. We assisted him into the afterlife
with poise and grace that only his grown children could perform as he took the next step in his

Although our father gave each one of us a little part of him it was his passions for the classic movie
monsters that first sparked my interest for the genre. As a very wild child full of world wonder and
imagination his only course of action was to sit me down before the old Black and white television
and have me watch the old monster movies that he himself grew up with. Frankenstein, King Kong,
Godzilla, Dracula and the Wolf man became my life loves as did robots, dragons, space ships and
dinosaurs. Horror, fantasy and science fiction ruled my little world and as I grew up  those passions
burned even brighter within my soul.

It was because of this passion that I started Blood Moon Rising Horror
Magazine in 2000 and later BloodMoonRisingMagazine.com in 2007 when
my cousin and partner D.W. Jones and I took the magazine fully online.
This passion for monsters and anything spooky carried over into my
producing our yearly Halloween show and other events in the genre and
now Saturday Night Chillers. But all this may not have been for my father
not having me watch monster movies and buy me the old Aurora
Modeling kits of King Kong, Godzilla, Frankenstein and the Creature From
The Black Lagoon. You could say that he in-fact created me much in the
same way Doctor Frankenstein created his Monster. Only this monster
became a horror writer, magazine publisher and Halloween and horror
event creator.

So now you know where I came from and although like I said before I
really don’t like to talk about myself personally I thought I would share
this with you all in honor of my dad. Thank you for reading.


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Issue #70 is ready for
you to enjoy.  We
have special features
like Dracula on TV,
Creature Feature: The
Story of Jack
O'Lantern and more
with all our regular
depts.  Click on the
cover and enjoy!




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3 is here! The
story of two Kia
trapped in modern day
trying to survive
continues.  It picks up
with Dargo and Dax
ing up their
while being
hunted by
old enemy   
Click on the cover and
My mother and father (now both
gone) on their wedding day  
October 20th 1963