Poltergeist The Legacy

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

     It was among one of the very first horror series that
would kick start the TV horror genre as we know it today.  
Before Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Strain,
American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, and even before Buffy, this series laid some of the groundwork
for the horror TV series that would come in its wake.  Although hardly remembered and damn near
forgotten, this series ran for 4 seasons, first on Showtime for 3 seasons and then on the Sci/Fi Channel for
1 with 88 total episodes to its credit.

     Although the TV series bore the name Poltergeist, it had no-
thing to do with the haunted house movie series it took its name
from.  Much like how Friday The 13th The Series had nothing to do
with Jason Voorhees or anything to do with that franchise, so was
the case for Poltergeist The Legacy.  The series was created by
Richard Barton Lewis and distributed by MGM Television for
Showtime where it ran from 1996 to 1998 when it was dropped from
their television line up.  However, The Sci/Fi Channel picked up the
series and ran it for another season in 1999 before they too ended
the series but with a proper series finale that Showtime denied the show.

     The show followed a group of paranormal investigators called The Legacy, an ancient secret society
that protected humanity from the supernatural forces hell-bent on destroying the world.  They operated out
of an old gothic house used as their base of operations where they brainstormed how to defeat the
monster or evil of the week.  The team is led by Dr. Derek Rayne whose father was a member of the
society and had passed down his legacy to his son.  Dr. Rayne has the gift of “Sight” an ability to see
things before they happen.

     Dr. Rayne is joined by Alexandra Moreau, a woman who acts as the group’s occult researcher and
Nick Boyle, an ex-Navy Seal and acts as the team's muscle.  Father Philip Callaghan is the Legacy priest
who keeps the team on their morals and Dr. Rachel Corrigan who joins the group after she is saved in the
very first episode.

     Although the series took place in San Francisco, the production really shot in Vancouver, British
Columbia, Canada.  Since the series started its life on Showtime, there were little to no restrictions on
violence and nudity but had to be retooled once the series was picked up by the Sci/Fi Channel.  
Episodes that first aired on Showtime also had to edit once the show went into syndication.

     Throughout the series run, the members of The Legacy would
encounter witches, ghosts, demons, and other supernatural evils that
the team would have to fight off.  In one such episode, WWE star The
Undertaker as what else a taker of souls.  Episodes of Poltergeist The
Legacy can be found on DVD and also it can be found right on You
Tube for those unlike I who were lucky enough or old enough to have
seen this series upon its initial run

     In the end Poltergeist, The Legacy never got the longevity of say
The Walking Dead, Charmed or Supernatural (the longest-running horror series) or the fame of Buffy, but it
did however pave the way for things to come.