By Kraven: The She-Wolf

     October 25, 2018 saw the premiere of Legacies,
the direct spinoff to the supernatural TV series The
Originals, itself a spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and
airing on The CW network.  The show follows Hope,
the teen daughter of vampire Klaus Mikaelson and werewolf Hayley Marshall from The Originals, as she
now lives in the Salvatore boarding school for students who have powers or like herself, family creature

     Aside from her vampire/werewolf heritage, Hope also is descended from a long line of powerful
witches as was her grandmother and Aunt Freya.  Being of all three bloodlines; vampire, witch, and
werewolf, Hope describes herself as a tribrid as she is the only creature of her kind in the world.  Since her
father Klaus is not just a vampire but he is and his siblings are the very first vampires, the most powerful of
all, making the girl a supernatural source of power.

     The character of Hope is played by Danielle Rose
Russell whose birthday is ironically on Halloween as she
plays the grown version of the character after three young
girls played Hope in the earlier seasons of The Originals.  
Danielle stepped into the role of Hope in season 5 of The
Originals setting up Legacies after The Originals ended its
five-year run.  Hope is joined in the school by the twin
daughters of vampire Caroline Forbes and human and
schoolmaster Alaric Saltzman, both who derived from The Vampire Diaries.  The twins are both witches
and are Hope’s friends.

     Like the two series this show spun off of, there are plenty of
monsters and evil beings Hope and her friends have to battle with
each episode.  She also has to deal with her own inner demons
and fight to stay a good and strong person, and not fall into the
trappings of the three creatures she is genetically related to.

     Acting as schoolmaster and father figure to Hope, Alaric guides
Hope and the other students to control their powers and not give in
to their darker sides.  The School itself also acts as a sanctuary for
the young creatures where they are safe and so is the rest of the world.

     The creation of the series was planned back in 2017 that there would be a spin-off series to The
Originals starring the Hope character first seen on that series.  The series was ordered by The CW after
its pilot and was given an episode order of 16 shows to be produced.  Legacies began on the 15th of
October of 2018 that ended on March 28, 2019.  The series was renewed for a season two and on
October 10, 2019 the series ran until March 26, 2020.  The CW renewed Legacies for a 3rd season that
will start airing in Jan. 2021.

     Although this is a spinoff of a spinoff of yet another spinoff, Legacies has proven that it has what it
takes to stand on its own alongside what came before.  And although the series is only going into its 3rd
season, it looks like Legacies is going to make a legacy of its own.
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