Charmed: Series Reboot

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

       On October 7 1998…..20 years ago, a
new television series hit the air. It told of
three sisters who discover that they are the
most powerful witches in the entire world……
that they are in fact The Charmed Ones, and
that it was their calling to fight the forces of
evil together as The Power of Three. The
series starred Shannon Doherty, Holly Marie
Combs, Alyssa Milano and later Rose McGowan in the lead roles as the Halliwell sisters. The show right
from the very start was a hit and ran on the WB Network for 8 seasons making it at the time the longest
runny horror/ fantasy series of all time.

       In the winter of 2018, the new CW Network made
plans on bringing back Charmed as an all-new reboot
series. After some backlash from fans and cast of the
original series, the network so famed for its horror/
fantasy shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Origi-
nals and the longest running horror series of all time
at 14 seasons and going Supernatural, made bringing
back Charmed a reality this past October.   The new
series like the original, tells the story of three sisters
who discover that they are the Charmed Ones and it
is now their density to fight the forces of evil.

       The new sisters Macy, Mel, and Maggie are all new characters created for the new series and make
no reference to the Halliwell sisters or their time as the Charmed Ones in the original series.  The show
has not made it clear……maybe as of yet if these new Charmed Ones are the next generation of sisters
who have picked up the mantle from the Halliwell sisters or that this is a standalone show and truly being a
full reboot making no connection to the series that came before. As the new Charmed Ones, the girls are
funny as they try and learn how to use their new powers.

       The two shows, however, do very much parallel each
other in most ways, like in the case of the Halliwell sisters
names all beginnings with the letter P for Prue, Piper,
Phoebe and later in the series Paige when Prue’s
character was killed off the show. The reboot goes for the
letter M for its girls Macy, Mel, and Maggie keeping in the
theme of the classic series. Both groups of sisters are led
by an angel called a White Lighter who acts as protector
and guild for witches.  One thing you would not have seen
in the 1998 series as it is so openly seen today in 2018 is
the addition of a gay or lesbian character in a TV series.
Mel the middle child is an open lesbian, updating not only
the series mythos but also keeping the theme with the CW Network showing that gay and lesbian
characters in lead roles are a reflection of today’s world and that such characters can and do carry a

       Like its older counterpart, the new Charmed has mon-
sters, demons, ghosts and other nasty creatures for the
sisters to battle each week. The main thing that I think
through what made the original series so endearing to us
devoted fans all these years later is that the show…..al-
though had its monsters and conflicts with evil, what set the
show apart of other horror related shows that came before
was its focus on strong character development. The three
sisters all had a love for not only each other but for friends,
family, and other loved ones when not killing creatures and
demons. It was a staple of good horror TV storytelling that
Buffy started and continues today within all horror related
series on television. Before Buffy, horror shows were all about monsters and little character and in Buffy’s
wake, Charmed truly ran with this and made a stand out series that is still watched today. The new series
taking its cue from its big sister series carries on with its main focus being on character personality and let
the monsters come in when called upon.  

       Like most fans of Charmed, this writer was a little put off when I first learned of the new reboot series
in the works.  After all, Charmed is a hard act to follow with a new telling and yet the new show is very good
and keeps the magic that was set forth from the show that came before. The funny thing is……this was not
the first time someone wanted to bring back Charmed! The people at the CBS Network talked about a
reboot in 2013 but after much talk, the series never came to be until The CW decided to take a crack at it.  
Will this new Charmed run as long on TV as its big sister? That we will have to wait until the year 2026 to
find out if it will last as long….or surpass it into a 9th season.