Terror Tube: The Originals

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

      Most TV spin-offs rarely beat out the parent series that they were
spawned from. Sometimes they are pretty good or in many cases, they
just can’t live up to the host shows from where they came. Law and
Order SUV was the exception when it spun off the long-running series
Law and Order and became far better than and ran even longer than
its host show. Such is the case with the horror genre series The
Originals. After a few seasons into the series, The Vampire Diaries,
new characters were introduced to well…..give the show new blood.
Okay, I just had to say it. The first character to join the Vampire Diaries
cast was Elijah, played by Daniel Gilles, who quickly become the new
antagonist for the set characters of the show. He was soon followed
by other members of his family like the lovely and equally deadly
Rebekah, played by Clair Holt, and the truly evil Klaus who is the villain you love to hate.

      After it was clear that these characters could carry a series of their own, the CW network moved the
vampire family into their own show. The title of The Originals refers to them being the very source of the
night creature creation. That they and their family are the first true vampires and that all others that haunt
the Earth are a by-product of their curse. Over a thousand-year-old Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah and their
other siblings are all of Viking decent who were cursed by their own mother to be the unholy creatures that
they are. Being the very source or the original vampires, they are the strongest of their kind and are truly
immortal and cannot be killed. Unlike the other vampires that followed, the Mikaelson family can walk fully
in the rays of the sun as others need a “Daylight Ring” or another charm that is spelled by a witch to give
them to power to walk in the daylight.

      Near the end of their run on The Vampire Diaries, it was revealed that
Klaus and a young pretty werewolf named Hayley, played by Phoebe
Tonkin, who was fresh off the CW failed witch series The Secret Circle, was
carrying Klaus’s child. Since such an event between the two creatures is
nothing less than a miracle, Klaus’s older brother Elijah sees this as a good
omen for their family and convinces Klaus to let her carry the child when his
first instinct was to kill her and the unborn child.

      The series of The Originals begins with the three siblings returning
from Mystic Falls to their adoptive city of New Orleans where other family
members were still living. Among them is Marcel, who Klaus left the city in
his hands when he left nearly a hundred years before. Marcel who Klaus
raised from a young boy when he was found in the early 1800’s as a run-
away slave child and later when he grew to manhood was turned by Klaus
into a vampire. Klaus wants his city back but as the new king of the city
along with his own army of vampires, Marcel is not willing to give up that
power without a fight.

      The power of the show is its family ties between the Mikaelson clan as they fight everything from
werewolves, witches, and other less evolved vampires. In a sense, it’s a family-themed show with
vampires although not one of them are exactly anything you could call the heroes as in most series. Each
one of the cast is brutal killers in the own right and maybe Elijah being the only one with a heart and even
he too is a cold blood assassin when the need arises.  And yet still among all the bloodletting and murder,
it’s a story about one family as they try and protect each other from the other evil that they face in each

      As the child of Klaus and Hayley is born, it is Klaus himself that calls the
new little miracle Hope as by this point even he sees that her birth could in
exchange change their world for the better. Over the course of the five seasons
of the series run, we saw little Hope go from a newborn to becoming a young
woman in the final season of the series. Born with the power of her vampire
father, who is also himself a vamp and werewolf hybrid, along with her were-
wolf mother and her aunt who is vampire and powerful witch.

      Unlike the show it spawned from, The Vampire Diaries that ran for eight years with a 171 episode run,
The Originals sadly only ran for five seasons just ending its run this past June. I have no clear reason why
this is because although both shows were very well done, I thought that The Originals was the better of the
two and I am very sad to see it end. In fact, I thought both shows could have gone on longer as in the case
of the long-running horror series Supernatural, which in the fall of 2018 will be going into its 14th year on
the air outlasting both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals combined.

      Still, this series had a good run even if it was shorter than we fans would have liked.  If you have never
seen this show, trust me, if you like vampire shows this was maybe the best there ever was in its sub-
genre. Seek out the past five seasons of The Originals on DVD and other sources you will become a fan
just like me.