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Devil TV

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

   Let’s face it, people, we all have seen the movie The Exorcist
or The Omen and the like with any movie covering the Devil. How-
ever, in the last twenty years, Satan himself has turned up on tele-
vision as well and in some cases the starring role.

   It may be the first time but in the Twilight Zone series, the episode The Howling Man showed a man in a
cage who talked his way out from his jailers by being friendly before showing who he really was….the
master of lies and the Prince of Darkness. But in more recent years Satan has become the co-star or even
the lead in many of TV series within the last 20 years.

   Brimstone maybe was the first time that The Devil had not only
the main role in a TV series, but was also very likable as well. He
was not by far a good guy, but not the horned monster we would
think of when talking about Satan. The story followed a police
detective who after his death makes a deal with the Devil to hunt
escaped souls from Hell and bring them back. Here Hell was
more of a place to keep all the world’s evil souls after their human
hosts died. A kind of prison for evil souls you could say and when
the Devil employs this cop to do his bidding, the road is full of
action as he fights the souls and takes tips and assignments from Satan himself.

   What set this short-lived series apart of all other depictions of the Devil as he was not a monster but
looked more like a man….any man in fact in a suit. In each episode, The Devil would give the detective his
aligned bounty and then carry it out. He had one hundred and thirteen escaped souls to round up but the
series never made it past number 13. In truth, the show had some problems but overall it had a new take
on what we think of who and what Lucifer is. This evil one was the show's co-star and although it didn’t last
long, it set the stage for more starring roles for The Devil.

   Following a few years later and on the CW network came Reaper in 2007.
Here we had the same basic idea of a man working for the Devil who after
he turned twenty one, the contract his parents made with Satan before he
was born, came into action. Like the previous FOX series, Sam worked
closely with the Devil to hunt evil souls that were on the run from Hell. But
unlike the last series, this one played it more for kicks and tongue and
cheek funny more in the vein of Buffy than the deadpan no joke Brimstone.
The show had so many really fun moments and we got to even giggle and
learn to love the Devil as Lucifer sent poor Sam on one crazy hunt after a
monster after another. But sadly this show too only lasted two seasons
before FOX too gave it the ax and ending another Devil show.

   Now enter the longest running horror series of all time….
Supernatural! Okay yes, this show has way more monsters
than just the Devil to drive both Sam and Dean crazy and
keep the boys on their toes. But after thirteen seasons, they
have brought back time and time again Lucifer to cause
havoc. Starting in season five when Lucifer was first intro-
duced to the series has been an on again off again antag-
onist for the Winchester brothers ever since. Supernatural
also reminded us that the Devil is, in fact, a fallen angel and
the brother of arch angel Michael and that he himself is an arch angel and not a horned monster as was
depicted in medieval artwork and poems. The Lucifer of this series is evil yes, but is also very likable in an
odd sort of way. He will make a joke as he’s ripping someone’s head off and clearly enjoys what he does.

   Over the course of the last eight years that Lucifer has been on and off the show, he has been played by
numerous actors including 80’s pop star Rick Springfield, had the angel of the series need a human host
body to move about it. However, the role is played by most often by actor Mark Pellegrino who really
shines in the part of our most loved Devil. Currently, you can see Pellegrino playing Lucifer on the 2017-
2018 season of the long-running series.

   Okay, so there you have it, TV series where the Devil plays
co-star in an ongoing TV series but how about the evil one
staring as the main cast member and this will blow your mind.
In the hot series simply called Lucifer, the Devil himself helps
the cops solve crimes. Based on the comic book of the same
name here, we have the Devil on a vacation from Hell and
living it up in LA.  Played by Britt actor Tom Ellis, Lucifer
works with the LAPD on murder crimes and comes across as
dashing and loveable as one can get. For you see this Lucifer, also specified as being an angel and unlike
what people may think of him or what they think of when the word Devil is used, he is not an evil creature
but someone sent to Hell by her father (God) to oversee the punishment of evil souls. In fact, in more than
one episode of the hit series, Lucifer is distraught by how his reputation for being evil is so far removed
from who he really is.

   Despite the shows supernatural elements, this is not a horror series and one should not go into it
thinking of seeing monsters and such. This is a straight-up cop show with the backdrop of paranormal
characters much in the same way that the 90’s series Forever Knight was a cop series with a vampire.
Between the brilliantly dashing and sometimes funny and a little immature at times, actor Tom Ellis truly
makes the show. His costar, the pretty cop who has no idea that her partner is really the Devil, as he so
likes to cry out every now and then works with her quirky and often eccentric partner as they solve murder
cases in Los Angeles where Lucifer also owns and runs a nightclub. So what else would you expect from
the Devil

   On the far flip side of the coin is the TV series The Exorcist also on FOX just like Lucifer. Gee FOX
really has it bad for the Devil! Here we see the classic monster that we think of when we think of this
creature. Here the Devil is not thought about as a fallen angel or anything of the kind…on no. Here we see
the evil thing that takes possession of people in order to control them. Very much in the same vein as the
1973 movie, this Devil is not going to help fight crime or hunt escape souls from Hell but only wants to do
as many evil deeds as the creature can perform.

   So there you go, the devil on TV and funny enough, three of them are on the FOX network. I guess
someone over there sold their soul to get ahead.