True Blood

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

    Vampires have been so far the most noted
supernatural monster on television and this HBO
series was at the time one of the most famous and
best depictions of vampires. Unlike most movies or
TV shows that deal with vampires, the creatures
always remain hidden from the human world. We
can see this with everything from Forever Night to
The Vampire Dairies and others, but True Blood took the vampire myth to a new level. Their vampires
lived out in the open and the entire world was told that these creatures of fable were indeed very much real
and living among us all along. Thanks to a new synthetic blood replacement, the creature no longer
needed to live on human blood.

    Brought to HBO by producer Alan Ball and based
on the book series The Southern Vampire Mysteries by
author Charlaine Harris, the story followed a young woman
named Snookie Stackhouse who starts a love affair with
a vampire named Bill. Being that this show aired on HBO,
the love scenes between the two were very strong and
pretty hot with full female nudity and intense sex action
that most viewers never saw between humans and vam-
pire ever before seen.

    As the series went along over its seven year run, they introduced other mythical creatures like
werewolves, witches, fairies and even were-cats. With so many monsters in one little town in Louisiana,
you know there is going to be some conflict and there was. Vampires and werewolves were in a constant
battle for power and the vamps and the witches didn’t get along any better. And even with all the monster
in-fighting, they had to deal with the human world, some who didn’t trust that there were living vampires in
the world and started anti-vampire groups as the vampires battled for both a right to live and equal rights.

    What made this series differ from other vampires
shows was not only were the vamps out but the humans
found that vampire blood made them strong and be-
came the next drug to hit the streets. The sale of vam-
pire blood on the black market became big business
as dealers lined up to sell the new demand of designer
drug.  The vampires themselves other than being
accepted as a living populace of the American citizens,
were very much the kind of creature we always knew.
Nocturnal creatures, only these vampires would start to bleed from their eyes and ear if they didn’t take
their sleep in the daylight hours. Called The Bleeds, this was a cool add to this series’ creatures and gave
the powerful monsters one and only one weakness.

    Although this series boost many creatures, it was
the vampire at the top chain in terms of power both in
authority and strength. Even the werewolves were no
match for a one on one fight with a vampire and as their
supremacy seemed to rule, the more humans and other
creatures trusted them less. This mistrust of the undead
vamps caused more than one battle to sway them away
from the power they search for and in the mist of all this,
the two lovers, Snookie and Bill, tried to maintain a loving
and yet sometimes disturbing relationship.

    Over the series eighty episode run, it won several awards along with Golden Globes for its new take on
adult vampire drama. It received good positive reviews and even won an Emmy for the series. True Blood
ended its seven year run in 2014 but its impact remains as one of the best vampire TV shows to come
along in some time. Now found on DVD, you can re-visit the series or become a new fan as you lock
yourself indoors all night, have a tall glass of blood and take in True Blood.