The Vampire Diaries  

By Kraven: The She Wolf

In the fall of 2009, a new TV series hit the air
called The Vampire Diaries. The series center-
ed on two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon
Salvatore and the girl they both fell in love with
Elena Gilbert. The brothers who were turned in
the mid-18th century now living in the fictional
town of Mystic Falls, met the young, pretty Elena
when Stefan posing as the high school student ran into the lovely dark haired girl and soon the two be-
come involved.  As a result, young teenage Elena becomes part of an underworld of creatures she never
knew existed. Not only are vampires real in Mystic Falls but also werewolves and witches too. In fact,
Elena’s best friend Bonnie turns out to come from a long line of witches and over the course of the six
seasons of the series Bonnie becomes one of the most powerful witches ever known.

The TV show is based on a series of novels published in 1991
and 1992 by author L.J. Smith whose books centered on the
two main characters of the vampire Stefan and the human
Elena.  The TV series turned the two characters into more of a
love triangle by adding brother Damon into the mix. In fact, the
first three seasons of the series had pretty Elena with Stefan
but in the latter two seasons, she was now dating Damon and
is now a vampire herself.  

Despite the show’s title, there are other creatures lurking in this
little town. In season two they introduced werewolves and witches to the series. They also added creatures
called Hybrids that are part werewolf and part vampire. The series also added vampire villains to battle the
shows hero vampires. These vampires are called The Originals because they are the very first vampires
that started their race. These creatures are much stronger than others due to their being the first of their
kind and they are not restricted to walking only in the night hours. These characters proved so good as
bad guys that they even spun off into their own spinoff series called The Originals that’s even better than
the show that created them.

Elena’s two best friends are Caroline, who was turned into a vam-
pire herself and Bonnie, who has becomes one of the show’s
most powerful witches. Like Buffy years before, the shows main
goal is to bring the individual character personalities into the lime
light telling a story of friendship and relationship as the shows
main focus and not just a series about vampires killing people
with no meaning behind it.

The series proves that yes, vampires can carry a series of their own and is number two only to Buffy as the
longest running television series with vampires as its main stars and will match Buffy in the 2015/2016 TV
season. The vampire may be a very old creature but with shows like this and its spinoff prove that the
vampire still has bite.