Terror Tube: Teen Wolf
- The Series

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

   Most werewolf movies are not funny,
they are for the most part scary as the
beast hunts down its prey.  If you think about the film An American Werewolf In
London, sure it has its funny parts but it dose have its werewolf hunt, kill and rip
people apart.  If you think of funny werewolf movies only one really comes to mind
and that's “Teen Wolf” and its follow up movie “Teen Wolf Two”.  Sure there are
fun little films with Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman both in the title role as teen
werewolves trying to make the best of it and get through high school.  As funny as
they are, when you think of the best werewolf movies....we let's face it...they are
not on anyone's list.  Now enter the new TV series produced by MTV called “Teen
Wolf: The Series” and you will have a whole new respect for the title Teen Wolf.

   Now in its 3nd year of production, “Teen Wolf: The Series” plays it straight….
dead straight ….. and there's noting to giggle about here at all.  No school bus
dancing or werewolf basket ball playing here…oh no.  As in the movie teenager
Scott is just like any other high school boy trying to fit in, get by and find the girl of
his dreams.  Then one night under a full moon his life changes forever when he is
attacked and bitten by well……you know the rest.  Now Scott must face the fact
that he is now a monster….but he is not alone.  Other werewolves lurk in the
shadows as Scott must discover who he can trust and who is trying to kill him.

   Like being a newly made werewolf isn’t bad enough but he discovers that there
are werewolf hunters on his tail as well.  Worst yet, his new love interest’s father is
the leader of the hunters and he wants Scott’s ass bad….really bad and will stop
at nothing to see his head upon the wall.  Making things even harder for our
young werewolf hero is that his girlfriend Allison is a hunter in training and not all
that happy that her boyfriend spouts fangs and unwanted hair.

   Due to the nature of the drama, the werewolf make-up is low tech, so that you
can clearly see that it’s the actor playing man and beast.  Unlike the 1987 series
“Werewolf” where the beast was a full out monster wolf costume with hair, snout
and lots of teeth.  “Teen Wolf The series” is more in the vein of “Werewolf of
London” in 1935 or the movie “Skinwalkers” when it comes to its make-up effects.  
Less is more as the actor can relate emotion and speak as well while being in wolf

   Able to change at will Scott and the other werewolves fight among each other
as well as battle the hunters who wish to rid the world of their kind.  Playing both
Scott’s mentor and nemesis is Alpha Wolf Derrick who helps and hinders the
young werewolf’s path to wolf hood.  Like in the Michael J. Fox film, Scott’s best
friend Styles tries to help him come to terms with what he is.  And in this series the
two just try not to get killed from week to week.

   “Teen Wolf: The Series” plays on Monday nights on MTV and although the
show is aimed at younger viewers it’s a series that even us older werewolf fans
can enjoy.  Trust me…this is not your father’s mid 80s Teen Wolf.