Terror Tube: The Best in Horror TV 2012

By Kraven: The She-Wolf

  The year 2012 was a good year in horror TV with shows like Grim, American
Horror Story, The Working Dead and the longest running horror genre prime time
series of all time, Supernatural now passing Buffy and Charmed. with 8 seasons
and counting.  As with the last two years and the subject of my very first Terror
Tube, this is the best time for the horror genre on TV.  There are more shows now
in the last two years then in the whole history of television.  And it looks like its
only going to get better.  Horror is here to stay and thank God...or whoever for it.

  Making its debut in October of 2011 just before Halloween was Grimm.  The
story of Homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt who is the long descended of the story
tellers The Brothers Grimm which turns out were monster hunters.  Detective
Burkhardt each week fights creatures from folklore with the aid of his man-wolf
friend Monroe who knows who and what Nick really is.  The show started off well in
the first season but when it hit season two it just got better and better and is now
one of the top best shows on NBC to date.  Most shows on the 3 big networks
don't last long when dealing with elements of the supernatural but this show as
beaten those odds and is a run a way hit.

  Creepy as all hell and the scariest show on television is American Horror Story:
Asylum.  This show on F/X is a show that hold back little in way of blood, gore and
sex as all the members of this Asylum are all nuts and a little off.  From the
doctors, the nuns running the place to the whack jobs living in this crazy house.  
Hell the nuns are the most creepiest and well....lets face it nuns are creepy
anyway right?  Or maybe its just me.  This show stars Jessica Lange as the lead
scary ass nun and she is just amazing in the part.  At age 63 she looks great and
when she's shown out of the nun suit...you know the penguin outfits and as a
drunk slut in a hot red dress she's kinda hot I have to say.  Unlike season one of
this new series that dealt with ghosts in a haunted house, this year its crazy
people and like I said...everyone there is nuts.  There is even a masked killer
called Bloody Face.

  The Vampire Diaries now in its 4th season is running strong with its cast of
young vampires...well young looking as some are well over 150 years old.  The
series based on the book series was thought of as a twilight knock off when it first
hot scene in the fall of 2009.  But it turned out not to be the case as this show
really rocks and like Supernatural is only getting better with each year on the air.

  Supernatural as I said before is now in running in its 8th season and will pass
Buffy and Charmed as the longest running horror genre series of all time.  
Supernatural is also the winner of the Peoples Choice Awards 2012 for best
network TV series drama AND best sci/fi fantasy series.  When most series are
nearing their death this show is getting bigger and even when its own creator Eric
Kripke was ready to walk after the end of season five as he planned the CW
Network said to him "No...we want this series to go on" something that no network
every will say.  Any show lucky to make it five years is very lucky and this show is
getting bigger and gaining more viewers with each year.

  The Walking Dead is the first network Television series to come along in the
history of all TV.  The show tells the story of people fighting to survive in a world
over ran by zombies.  Yeah sure we know this story already and in fact 90 percent
of zombie movies all follow the blueprints laid down by the classic film Night of The
Living Dead but its such a damn good idea...and we all love this storyline no
matter how many times we see it over and over again.  We eat it up and in this
series unlike any movie we are able to really get in depth with the cast who are in
an never ending battle with the undead and others who are also fighting to survive
in this world go mad as the dead walk and seek out the living for food.  This series
now in its 3rd season holds nothing back as way of gore goes.  Films like Dawn of
The Dead and pretty much any zombie movie don't show the amount of gore this
shows delivers to its fans.  Set on the AMC network you would think that someone
would say "Hey you can't show that guy getting eaten like that on screen" and yet
this show goes way....WAY beyond any sick shit you see in any R rented film or
even HBO.  Hell, True Blood is on HBO and it is not as graphic in its gore than
The Walking Dead.  Even the shows cast and producers can't believe the things
they get away with.  You know a show is crazy when the people that make it are
shocked at what they are doing...and get away with.

  Being Human is the story of a house with 3 roommates who are all trying to
make it through life even though 2 out of the 3 are in fact dead.  What do you get
when you have a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire all living together?  One great
show!  Based on the BBC series, the U.S.’s Being Human is just as good as the
show from across the pond as the series now enters its 3rd season on the SyFy
Channel this January.  Also on SyFy is the hit series Lost Girl from Canada also
making its 3rd season this new year.  The show about a succubus named Bo who
along with friends hunts other monsters who are up to no good.

  Well these were to best of the best in 2012 and the up coming year looks good
for shows with monsters and with a name like Kraven: The She Wolf.....you know
I'll be watching this 2013 TV season.