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Blood Moon Rising: 20 Years in The Making

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

     Oh my God….we have been doing this for 20 years…. 20
YEARS!  It’s almost hard to believe it and if you asked me if this
magazine would have been around in 2020, our 20th year Anni-
versary, I would have said “Oh Hell No”.  Shit I’m shocked we
made it to our 5th year anniversary.  It takes a lot and I mean a
lot of time, energy, and stupidity to start, run and keep running
an independently produced magazine such as this.  I’ve said
before that when my partner D.W. Jones, former partner
Shoshana (The Devil) Strier and myself started all this in early
2000 it was only a crazy dream I had in wanting to produce a
horror magazine of my own.

     I had been a fan of Fangoria for years along with the 70’s
magazine The Monster Times and always thought of doing one
myself.  The idea for this all started in 1988 when I was looking
over old copies of The Monster Times and said to myself how I
would like to have a magazine of my own one day.  A few years later in the early 90’s, I thought about it
again as to the things I would like to see in a magazine.  I wanted a magazine that would have fiction,
monster profiles (my Creature Feature articles) artwork, book & movie reviews, and lots of other fun stuff.  
Even things I never thought of like The Rose Files by our longtime friend Rose Titus or horror TV show
profiles written by our own Kraven The She-Wolf.

     In 1995, I even came up with the title of the magazine five years before its birth when driving home from
work and saw a giant red full moon rising over the Earth.  Blood Moon Rising came to mind plus it was a
wordplay on the CCR song Bad Moon Rising.  But all this was still in my head and it would take another
five years before the very first printed copy of Blood Moon Rising would see the light of day.

     But somehow it all came together in early 2000 with help from D.W. Jones and Shoshana and on June
25th Blood Moon Rising made its debut at The New York Comic & Fantasy Creators Convention held at
Madison Square Garden.  Not knowing how our new magazine was going to do, we only brought with us
20 copies of this unknown, brand new publication that nobody ever heard of.  Still on that day…..and could
only do the one day due to family commitments earlier that weekend, we sold all 20 copies of BMR that
single day.  I know then we had something special.  Did I know 20 years later we would be still doing it …..
well no, but it’s been a hell of a ride.

     When the 2008 recession hit, most magazines big and small started to close and among most
businesses that struggled to stay afloat, publishing, in particular, was hit very hard.  Publications that have
been in operation for decades were shutting down production.  For Blood Moon Rising at this time, we lost
all of our online book retailers and brick and mortar stores.  Refusing to die with the other magazines, we
executed an experiment and took the magazine online.  After seven years as a print publication, it was a
gamble but we had nothing to lose at the time, like I said all of our book stores online and others ALL shut
down.  It was a gamble that paid off though because going online opened Blood Moon Rising to the rest of
the world.

     D.W. Jones was the genius who placed the magazine on the BMR web site where it has been ever
since.  At the time, we had a small web site put together by The Devil Miss Strier, but at this time, she was
moving away from the magazine leaving just D.W. and myself.  With no prior experience on web design, D.
W. taught himself how to build a web site, and from there added the newest issue number 33 and we
debuted Blood Moon Rising online.  The trick worked and D. W. saved the magazine from dying a slow
death much like our other horror magazine brethren.

     What’s truly amazing is how BMR has now watched a whole new generation of fans grow up.  I
personally saw this with the son of D.W. Jones, Danny.  When we started BMR, the child was hardly out of
diapers, is now he is in his mid-20’s and has become our official photographer at our yearly Halloween
show Blood Fest.  So it really makes me wonder how many more children grew up during the 20 year
lifetime of Blood Moon Rising and how many are now reading our publication.

     So yeah, this is the issue we have waited to see for a long time.  Once we were reaching our 16th and
17th year of publication, D.W. and I become excited to reach our 20th year.  I still cannot believe that Blood
Moon Rising is 20 years old and that’s a miracle in indie publishing.  Yes, there are others out there but
they are few and like us had the perseverance or stupidity to keep going and keep entertaining people.

     So okay, BMR is now 20 years old…..and sorry, I can’t say that enough but how long will we keep this
going?  I don’t know what its future holds for it or us.  When we started all this I was just 35 years old and
now as of me writing this I am 55 pushing 56, not old…but not young and Jones is right behind me.  So do
we have another 20 years to bring BMR into its 40th year?  Well hell, that would bring me into my mid-
70s…..oh God.  Let’s play that one by ear shall we.  

     I would like to give a special thanks to the people who have made this magazine what it is for its 20-
year run.  With a big thanks to D.W. Jones who keeps this ship afloat and who helps me keep it steering in
the right direction.

Thanks to all of you and here’s to another 20 years!

Rose Titus
Kraven The She-Wolf
William Pratt
Michael Corvin
Dark Soul

Danny Jones

Sandy Reece
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