Special Features
Blood Fest 15 & The Creepy Freaky Film Fest
By AL J. Vermette

       This October's Halloween season belonged to Blood Moon Rising, for we didn't just have one event
celebrating the spooky holiday, but this year we had two. Not since 2012 and 2013 with Scream for
Halloween Nightclub Events have we put on two events for Halloween as we did this year. So after five
years, I thought it was time again to pair our yearly and well established Halloween stage show Blood Fest
with yet another event. For years I have always wanted to host a straight up film festival.  Yeah sure, other
events like Blood Fest and The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction have both shown movies as
part of their events lineup, but I wanted something that played only horror movies as a film festival with
none of the other frills.

       Using a title that I had in mind for five years, I wanted to call the new event The Creepy, Freaky Film
Fest and had even tried over that five year span to get the event off the ground but I was at the time living in
Orlando Florida and although I came close a few times, I never had the right venues locked down. And so I
waited until I came back to the North and tried again. I had booked the event in the Darress Theater in
Boonton NJ but after our lower than planned attendance for our Krampus Con last year, I pulled out of that
venue due to.....well them pissing me off for not holding up to their part in our contract. And so I used the
same venue that we use for our Blood Fest shows, the Queens Flushing Library in NY.

The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest

       Our first ever Creepy, Freaky Film Fest played the
Queens Library on October 20th and was a hit although
there was a lower turn out than expected.....but then again,
it was the first of its kind in that venue. However, the show
went well and we even had the stars of our Facebook Horror
Movie page Saturday Night Chillers, Dark Soul, Miss
Carpathian Graves and Hex the witch there for photos ops.
Among our short films such as Portraits by Brittish film-
maker Jonathan Zaurin and the very creepy short The
Darkening Hollows by Michael Ricci, we also shown the
never before seen pilot of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

       Our feature film presentation was Gods of Perdition by Alberto Martinez,
who was also the only filmmaker living near enough to be able to attend the
event in person. Sadly our other two featured filmmakers lived too far to attend
the event but were so kind to give us permission to present their work.
Portraits told the story of a lonely man who at long last finds love......but at
great cost when trying to tell his dead mother. The Darkening Hollows told of a
girl hitchhiking who gets picked up by a car of crazy teens but it takes a wild
turn when there's a monster in the woods and well the girl is not what she
seems.  Gods of Perdition told of a little girl who unknowingly befriends an evil
god monster who seems to be killing off people she knows. In the end, we have
two monsters battling it out for the soul of the child in a fight of good vs evil.

       In addition to these movies, we showed Creep a short film that was based
on my very first short story published more than twenty years ago. The film
Creep was really one story in three of a movie called Creepy Tales: Girls Night
Out from 2003 from our old friends at Cinema Sky Productions. All and all, the
show went well and although I would have liked more people viewing our event,
the days total was a little over forty people who came and went throughout the
day. Not bad a guess since in a library people walk into events and walk out
again sometimes never even taking a seat. But we are going by the overall head
count throughout the day, but then again it was our first film event.

Blood Fest 15

       If you told me back in 2003 that we would still be doing our Blood
Fest Halloween show fifteen years later, I would have never believed you
and say you're crazy! But here we are fifteen years later and Blood Fest
15 is now in the record books in Blood Moon Rising history.

       Opening the event even before anyone even entered the theater was
our Haunt House Dark Room. Unlike the Haunted house last year, this
one was a Dark Room experience where small groups of people we led
into the darkened room with only a dimly lit path to light their way to the
Witches Circle where they were to stand and never....ever leave. From
there, creatures would roam about them jumping in and out of the
Witches Circle to frighten them as the creatures lit up just long enough to
show their scary faces before darting back into the dark. Kids screamed.....
mothers and fathers screamed as the Dark Room was a bigger hit than
me or my staff could even imagine. We were very happy with this part of
the event and even had a boy and girl each about 14 years of age crying
as they exited the Dark Room and still crying well into the lobby.

       After the Dark Room closed, people were led into the 200 seat
theater of the Queens Flushing Library where the stage was cloaked
in darkness with only Jack o’ Lanterns lit upon the stage. For this
year's show, we had a little different show lineup, gone was any out-
sourced performing acts and everything shown was of our own
doing, not counting the rock band. It was me, myself and I who ran
the Ghostly Light Show at the start of the show along with operating
the singing ghost puppet and his witchy backup singers as they lip-
sank to Monster Mash. The kids really liked that one! Next, we played
the two shorts from The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest The Darkening
Hollows and Portraits as we prepared for the big event Werewolf
vs The Yeti. As our six foot Yeti stepped out upon the stage, the Werewolf roamed about in the audience
scaring the hell out of people. When the two met up on stage, it was a battle to the death with the Yeti
beating the Werewolf and claiming victory.

       Later we had our Costume parade around the theater with none other than Jason Voorhees leading
the pack of twenty or so kids.  With a machete in hand, Jason guided the children around the theater as
everyone made ghostly sounds and got into the spirit of Halloween. As for me, myself and I again, I even
performed a short but funny and first time ever stand-up comedy act on stage. I talked about when I lived in
Florida and all the zombies that are there aka old people.  Even took a few jabs at the President saying
that with his yellow hair and orange face that he could be the next Bat Man villain and joked about his plans
for a Space Force and that he wants to keep the other illegal aliens out going so far as building a wall
around the planet....and Mars is going to pay for it. Okay, I know but I had people giggling anyway!

      To wrap up the show was our band and this year it was The Danger Days with three very talented
musicians. You may remember me writing about them for last year’s Krampus Con and I liked them so
much that I wanted them to play Blood Fest 15 more than ten months later. Their blend of classic rock and
metal was outstanding and right off the bat, they played Jessie's Girl, one of my favorite songs for me. The
band members, Jay Luis, lead singer and guitar, Sean Boote on bass and Paul Illge Jr. on the drums were
all dressed in long black hooded cloaks as they looked great fitting right into the Halloween theme.

       Once again our resident ghoul Dark Soul hosted the event on stage as he told jokes and carried the
show as he has done for many years. I would like to thank him and my other two staff members D.W.
Jones and his son Danny for helping me make this year show so successful. For without them, I could
never do what I do and they as always are my right hand and keeping this show going for now 15 years.
Blood Moon Rising editor and webmaster D.W Jones was one of my Monsters in the Dark Room and
played the Yeti in the  Werewolf vs The Yeti battle to my Werewolf.  His son Danny was a Dark Room
Monster and also was the show’s official photo and video taker. You can see all his photos and videos
right here in this issue of Blood Moon Rising.  

       Blood Fest (Not-So-Sweet) 16  is already booked for October 19th, 2019 and we do hope many of
our readers will join us for this year’s Halloween show. The Creepy, Freaky Film Fest 2 is also booked for
October 19th and so we would like to see more of our fans come out for that show too to the Queens
Library 41-17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355. See you all next October!
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