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Behind The Screams: Blood Fest 13

By Dark Soul

     The date October 22, the location Flushing Queens New York, the
event Blood Fest 13! Once again and for the 9th time in this Halloween
event’s lifetime, Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine played Queens
Flushing Library for our yearly haunted Halloween horror stage show.
This year’s event like all others, started with our Haunted Tunnel where
our fans enter the 200 seat theater of the library. As people entered,
they were treated to a projected special event of scary talking heads up
on the screen over the theater’s stage. Once everyone was seated, the
real fun began.

     This year and for the first time in this event’s 13 years of oper-
ation, we had a ghostly Laser Light Show. Playing to John
Carpenter’s Halloween movie theme tune, the theater was sprayed
with red and green laser lights that filled the entire room.  Then our ghost projector fired off images of flying
ghosts over the stage and all throughout the theater. The ghosts were followed by flying bats and then a
red/green fire burst of light filled the theater with a spooky glow. The laser display was an idea that our
show’s producer and BMR’s publisher AL J. Vermette came up with just before Blood Fest 12 but it was
way too close to that event to be able to prepare for it that year. However, now with a full year to plan the
light show, AL created a magical showcase of light, music and floating ghosts that had the spectators
wanting more.

     Just as the light show ended, our dancers took the stage for an out of this world routine. This year’s
dance team came from the very talented Moon Maxx Productions headed under the guidance by
Amy……whose leadership and direction have Blood Fest 13 one of the very best dance performances
we ever had.  Dressed as the living dead, the dances of Moon Max Productions graced our stage with
amazing dance steps that made us wishing they played longer. We really hope to have Amy Moon Max
Productions back again next year for Blood Fest 14.

     Following the dancers and my opening monologue, came our psychic Andres De Jesus playing our
Blood Fest stage for the second time. Anders engaged his views with the showmanship of a true master
psychic as everyone sat spellbound with utter amazement as he took command of the stage. With soft
spoken words and a true knack for his craft, he made the show his own and by the time he left the stage,
the audience truly believed in life ever after.

     Sadly our old friend Justin Illusion was having back trouble and was unable to make the show this year.
We missed him very much and wish him well and hope to have him back again next year for Blood Fest 14.

     Next came our Scream and Costume Contests. We had a few
good screamers but this year’s Costume Contest was a sad bust
when only three little kids showed up in costume. But what can you
do, we made the best of it and hope next year’s show will produce
lots of costumed creatures.

     For this year’s band there was a slight change in the lineup.
A band called DMK was to play the event hired by the library event’s
director Gina Fizio.  But then its lead singer Scotty Dunbar move out
on his own from what we were told and so he played the show as The
Scotty Dunbar Band. Well, he was great and had everyone in the
audience up and clapping their hands from the very first song. With
just one acoustic garter, one bass and a set of bongos, The Scotty
Dunbar Band had a very unique sound as they played both original
and cover songs.

     Once again I was host to the show now for the 9th time and look forward to doing it again next time.
Blood Fest 14 is already booked at the library for October 28th and we hope to see you all there in 2017.
Moon Max Productions dance performers
Psychic Andres De Jesus
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