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Behind The Screams: Review of Blood
Fest 12

By Dark Soul

The date was October 24 2015 when Blood Moon Rising
Horror Magazine once again took over the theater of the Queens
Flushing Library. The event Blood Fest 12 as the yearly Hallo-
ween event played out to an audience of spectators of more than
170 people, mostly families who came for their yearly dose of
Halloween fun. I, Dark Soul, once again had the great pleasure of
hosting the event on stage, this being my 8th time as master of
show as I sported a new spooky mask of a demonic gargoyle.
We also gave me a spooktacular grand entrance by opening the
show with a live exorcism. A demon infected victim Danny Jones,
son of our own D.W. Jones, sat in a chair as magician Justin
Illusion attempted to exorcise the creature within him. With holy
water turning the victim’s skin to blood, the evil being was cast
out and Dark Soul emerged on stage and proceeded to host the event. It was by far our very best opening
ever and it was the brain child of our events creator and producer AL J. Vermette who came up with the
idea just days before the event.  

With this being Blood Fest’s 8th time playing the big New York library, we stepped up our game by adding
to last year’s live Freddy vs Jason clash with (Part Two) Freddy vs Jason: The Final Battle. After Freddy
called out Jason mocking and calling him a “mommy’s boy”, the two horror icons once again went at it live
on stage in combat to decide who was the better monster. After a grand fight, Freddy stopped and said
“Why are you and me fighting? We both have a common enemy” and motioned to Jason with his razor
claw to follow him off stage. A moment later, the two emerged with Ghost Face and proceeded to beat the
living hell out of the killer from the Scream movies. After the Ghost Face beat down, Freddy and Jason
high fived and settled their hostility and even hugged as Ghost Face lay broken on the stage. The kids
loved it and the place went wild with cheers.

Returning for his 4th straight Blood Fest event was
master magician Justin Illusion, who wowed the audience
with his grand mastery of the art of magic. Among his many
illusions was his grand finale that Justin performs every
year for us, the eye bogging living autopsy.  Here Justin
lays a victim…..I mean volunteer across a table, this time a
young girl who laid on her back as the magician surgeon
proceeded to force his hand into her belly. Although lots of
blood spurts from the wound and guts and bloody entrails
are shown when the magician withdraws his hand, not a
single sign of trauma can be seen on the volunteer’s skin.
The very first time Justin preformed this illusion live on stage, it blew minds and four years later it still has
the same effect on the spectators witnessing this magical achievement.

Proceeding Justin on stage was two time Blood Fest performer Rogue, who was once a contestant on the
TV reality show America’s Got Talent. This very gifted magician played to his audience like the master that
he was wowing people with his own brand of magic. Employing audience members to join him in his act
he spellbound everyone.

When the magic portion of the show ended, it was time
for first time Blood Fest psychic Anders to take to the stage.
Here the psychic would call out random people wishing to
be read by the mystic who held the viewers captive with his
skills of the unknown as he read their future to them as they
remained spellbound.  It may have been this young psychic’s
first time to Blood Fest, but he held his audience within his
psychic grasp like he’s been with us for years.

Following our psychic came Blood Fest’s first séance.
Here Blood Moon Rising’s own publisher and Blood Fest
creator AL J. Vermette took to the stage and preformed the séance himself. After the whole theater went
dark he conjured spirits and made ghost props on stage fly and rise.  Later the event was invaded by a
zombie who wondered in and scared people as he lumbered about the theater.

Later I took command of the costume and scream con-
test as many kids came up to the front of the stage to show-
case their Halloween’s best. Among them were a V For
Vendetta costume, a black hooded ghoul, we had a Doctor
Who fan and a food delivery girl who won best costume and
took home the Blood Fest 2015 trophy for best original  
costume idea. The Costume Contest was followed by our
Scream Contest where one girl with the loudest voice took
home the skull trophy for Best Scream.

Closing out Blood Fest 12 was our rock band Shattered
Serenade led by singer Alex Haines. Alex who played
Blood Fest 8 back in 2011 as a solo performer was joined
this time out by drummer Monica Stricker and bass player
Alex Grivas. Now as Shattered Serenade, the three mem-
ber band rocked the 223 seat theater with their original
music that had the viewers pinned to their seats. Alex look-
ing a little Joan Jet meets Alice Cooper stood before the
mic with her super cool highly stylized black and white guitar
and belted out song after song with immense power of the
great female rockers that came before her.  Dressed as
The Jokers cute sidekick Harley Quinn in pink hair was drummer Monica Stricker who beat the skins with
all the authority of a woman possessed. Their only male counterpart bass player Alex Grivas who join the
girls as a fill in to their missing female player made Shattered Serenade a complete band for Blood Fest

Blood Moon Rising would like to thank our guests for coming and performing for Blood Fest 12.  Justin,
Rogue, Anders, Danny Jones and Shattered Serenade thanks so much for all you had done for us. We
would like to thank Gina and the Queens library for letting us once again play their location.  And a big
thank you goes to D.W. Jones for all he’s has done over 12 years of assisting our events creator AL J.
Vermette and making this the biggest Halloween stage show event in New York City. Look for Blood Fest
13 to play the Queens Library on October 22 2016. Highlights will be Scarecrow vs Goblins and a Ghostly
Light Show. See you next Halloween.
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