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Behind The Screams: Blood Fest 9:
Halloween Show & Rock Party

By Dark Soul

On October 20th, Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine produced its ninth
Halloween stage show event, Blood Fest 9: Halloween Show & Rock Party.  Held
once again at the giant 200+ seat theater of the Queens Public Library in
Flushing, Queens, New York, this was our biggest and best show to date.  As the
day began as always our fans...well the bravest of them were treated to our all
day horror displays created by BMRs publisher and creator AL J. Vermette.  
Three large glass display cases held skulls, creatures and other assorted creepy
things along with AL's home made Grim Reaper who sat in the lobby on display
seated upon his throne awaiting a soul to reap.  
As people entered the theater they, had to walk through our Haunted Tunnel walk
way with I, Dark Soul, standing at the entrance greeting people and a eight foot
talking animatronic Grim Reaper loomed nearby with his latest victim of nothing
but bones laying beside him.  Also within the Tunnel, was a gruesome Witch
stirring her cauldron, a skull faced ghost along with Jason and The Great Pumpkin
to meet our guests as they entered our shows scary Blood Theater.

When the show began and after I made my opening monologue once again as
this years shows stage host, came the entertainers.  First up was magician Justin
Illusion, who among other things, pulling strings out of his eyes and other sick and
wonderful things.  He also placed a pretty young woman upon a table and before
a screaming crowd preformed a live in your face autopsy.  Hell of a way to start a
show!  This was the wildest thing we ever had in a Blood Fest show and it had
people’s eyes bugging out of their heads as blood and guts were pulled out and
held in full view of everyone.  

Next up was magic man Kent Axell who performed stunning tricks with his take on
the classic ball and cup game.  Kent was a true master of the cups as balls
seemed to appear out of nowhere and then vanish as though never there at all.  
Maybe even his best trick was to use the kids in the theater as part of the act and
try and get them to think they knew where the balls where only to be faked out by
this master magician.

Our stand up comedian, Key Fitz, had the place in stitches (yeah ok I said it) as
he told one funny joke after an other.  Key had the place rolling and even played
a funny song on his guitar as even the other acts said to be how funny he was.  
With great stage presence, Key commanded the stage like the pro he is and as
he left the stage everyone in the theater wanted more of him.  

Twisting and bending herself into the craziest of possible positions was dance
contortionist The Amazing Amy.  Here was a woman who could place her feet over
her head in ways that made me want to call a chiropractor.  I was in pain just
watching this gal contort herself into a living pretzel.  It was though she was made
of rubber and had no bones.  Everyone loved it and she was a great added
attraction to the show.  

Then came Blood Moon Rising writer Charles Dunbar with a host of spooky fun
ghost stories that he preformed on stage.  Charles told one after the other and
each one spookier then the last as the room fell dead silent as our newest
addition to BMR had the room held spellbound.

After the performance acts came the rock bands with first up Louis V & Vinyl
Horizon.  This newly formed band kicked off our music part of the show with a
mixture of known rock songs like 3 Doors Down’s Superman and a host of brand
new original songs some played for the first time before their new fans.  This new
band formed by singer/ song writer Louis V had the place rocking and their songs
loved by both young and old.  Louis V is also the nephew of our shows creator
and BMR publisher AL J. Vermette and as he told me off stage he was very proud
to have his own nephew play this years show.  

Next was the band Sweet Cyanide who was the find of the library's events
departments Gina Fazio.  Sweet Cyanide rocked the house with their songs and a
mix of classic tunes.

No Blood Fest would end with a host of horror films to make everyone shriek with
delight. Filmmaker David Rodriguez showcased his movie Demon Cleaners first
shown at our other event The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction last
March and now played for Blood Fest.  David's movie is a mix of fun horror along
with a little humor in just the right places. Next was a film that was making its world
premiere the very next day in Staten Island but we pre...premiered the film,
Addicted, for Blood Fest one day sooner.  This film by Lance Reha and Lake
Films was maybe one of the best they ever did and when I was at the main
premiere the next day the movie was just as much loved there as at Blood Fest.  
Thanks Lance for letting us show you movie here first.

She was the stand out psychic at March's Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science
Fiction and now Elizabeth Palladino played the big stage as our host tarot card
reader for Blood Fest 9.  With the tarot cards before her, Elizabeth told the future
of many who dare to learn their up coming fates.  One by one, people came up to
the stage as they would ask Elizabeth a question as our psychic read the cards
and told them what the future holds for them.  Later Elizabeth did private readers
in the after party room following the shows end.  As always, Elizabeth was just a
delight to have and this was the 3rd time now that she worked her magic for us,
the first being The Institute and one week after Blood Fest for our newest event
Scream For Halloween.

As every year, Blood Fest 9 played host to our yearly costume contest.  This
years big winner a 3 year old witch.  Made up of mostly kids, the costume contest
was fun as about 12 contestants did a walk around the theater two times with
hockey masked Jason leading the way.  Also as a little treat for the younger Blood
Fest fans was a Trick or Treat with special guest star, The Great Pumpkin.  All the
kids lined up before The Great Pumpkin as he handed out candy to them all.

All in all Blood Fest 9 was our best show yet and I was happy to be once again the
events stage host.  We would like to thank all our fans for coming and bigger
thanks to all the bands, performers, psychic, filmmakers and the library for making
Blood Fest 9 the Halloween show it was.  See you next year.
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