Short Story
                                               Fresh Meat
                                                                                    By Ray Prew

    Claudia Conrad sat back in her chair and looked directly at the guard she was firing.  “I want you to
know I don’t enjoy this, Eddy.  You’ve been written up for being drunk on duty, sexual harassment of a client’
s employee and now indecent exposure.  The patrolman found you in the client’s clubhouse masturbating
to a porn video.  The fact the building was empty and it was 2 am is irrelevant.  Gated community’s
homeowner associations frown on such things.  This is the third site I sent you to!”

    “I’m sorry,” Eddy Sarandon, said in a choking voice, his eyes filled with tears.

    “You’ve had your three chances, now it’s time for us to say goodbye.  Denton Security has its standards
you know.  I own this tiny company and I can’t afford to lose any clients.  I had to sleep with the client just to
keep the contract because of you and he was disgusting!”

    Eddy sat there with his head hung.  He couldn’t afford to lose this job; he had a bad work history.  He
was one step away from homelessness.  Claudia sat back studying the wretch seated before her.  He had
no family, and as far as she knew, no friends.  He was ideal for her other company.  She had a small side
business she operated in secret, selling human organs on the black market.

    “I tell you what Eddy. You are a poor security guard, but I have another business you might prove useful
for.  Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or anything like that?”

    “No ma’am.”

    “Perfect!” she said.  “Report to this address at 8 pm tonight, I want you to be showered, no deodorant
and no cologne.”  She slid a paper with the address across the table to him.  She wanted nice clean body
parts.  There was a market for his skin as well as his organs.

    “Sure Claudia!  What type of job is this?”  Eddy asked.

    “Meat processing,” she said with a smile.

    Later after the end of the workday, Claudia opened up her processing warehouse.  This was where the
real money came from; the security company was just a cover job to hide the money from this operation,
the selling of human organs.  So far, she had carved up six different guards she had fired then offered a
new job to.  They had no idea the butcher jobs she offered meant getting butchered.  She was careful only
to take guards no one would really miss; Eddy was one of these, no family and no friends.  It was both fun
and profitable.  Human kidneys could be sold for five thousand dollars apiece and eyes went for ten
apiece.  The fun part was listening to them scream.  They had to be carved up while they were still
conscious, if they were sedated, the parts would be tainted with drugs, and that would greatly lower the

    The first one or two guards were difficult to process.  Before this, she had only dreamed of butchering
people.  When the first opportunity finally came, it was both frightening and fun; it was like losing her
virginity all over again.  If no guards were available and she had client orders to fill, she had to resort to
homeless people.  The homeless people were the most difficult to work with.  They had to be actually
kidnapped and they just plain smelled bad.  Their parts weren’t worth quite so much; they were damaged
or tainted by drugs and alcohol.  She learned to enjoy the screaming and begging for mercy.

    She turned on the lights and took the cover off the carving table.  It was a stainless steel table with
raised sides on an incline so all the blood would flow into a collection tank.  She had to filter and process
the blood into plasma herself.  The organ donors would generally piss and shit themselves from fright and
pain rendering the blood contaminated.  She laid out all the tools and containers she expected to use.  
She made sure the ice machine had an abundant supply of ice to store the organ boxes and keep them
cold for transport.  Claudia’s last task before Eddy showed up was to check her work orders to see which
client wanted which part.  Everything was in place and ready.

    Eddy arrived at the address he was given.  He was surprised to see it was a dingy warehouse in a
mostly abandoned industrial complex.  Claudia let him in and said, “Follow me.”  She pointed to a group of
plastic totes and said, “Okay Eddy, the first thing I need you to do is take these totes and stack them on
those shelves on the wall.”  As Eddy bent over to pick up a tote, Claudia hit him in the back of the head
with a slapjack!

    Eddy returned to consciousness slowly.  As he opened his eyes, he found himself strapped to a metal
table with bright overhead lights shining down on him.  He was missing his shirt and Claudia was cutting
off his pants.  She looked over at him and said “Oh good, your awake.  I was afraid I hit you too hard.  I
wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of this.”

    “What’s going on?” he said as he struggled against the restraining straps.

    “Don’t bother trying to get loose, those straps are reinforced nylon.  You’re not going anywhere Eddy, at
least not in one piece.”

    “Claudia, what are you doing?  Why am I tied down like this?”

    “ Well Eddy, you see it’s like this, there is money in human organs and I figure your good for at least a
hundred grand all totaled up,” she said as she walked back to the head of the table and picked up a
scalpel.  “Let’s start with one of your kidneys, after that we’ll take out your liver.”  She carefully began to cut
into him trying not to damage the skin more than necessary.  Eddy’s scream was earsplitting!  “You’re a
loud one!  That’s good; the last one wasn’t so loud and just cried a lot.”  Claudia loved carving up people; it
was more fun than sex!

    “Oh God, it hurts!  Stop, please stop!”  Eddy begged.

    Claudia backhanded him and said, “Oh come now Eddy, you can do better than that.”

    “You bitch!”

    “That’s better, much better,” she said as she finished cutting out his kidney and tying off the veins so he
wouldn’t bleed to death.  She placed the organ in a container and packed it in ice.  “I always enjoy talking
to the donors as I remove their parts; it gives them a sense of participation.  I won’t take your eyes until last
that way you can watch.”

    “At least kill me and be done with it!  It hurts, oh God it hurts!”

    “Where’s the fun in that?”

    Claudia continued to methodically cut out different organs and pack them in containers packed in ice
as Eddy died from shock and loss of blood.  When she finished, she surveyed the skinless empty husk
lying on the table.  He was in good shape, she thought to herself.  Not much fat around the heart and a
nearly perfect liver, he probably hardly ever drank.  She added his organs to the other boxes from the last
donor she processed and prepared them for shipping to her clients.  She sat and enjoyed a cigarette and
a glass of wine before loading the boxes in a van.  Claudia enjoyed her business; it was fun and very

    She had to deliver them to a private jet located on a secluded farm; the organs were only viable for a
limited time.  She had to deliver them herself; nobody could know what went on here, after all, she could
hardly turn the organs over to a federal express courier.

    The next morning as she sat at her desk enjoying her morning coffee, she read the text from her client
thanking her for the shipment and telling her the payment had been deposited to her Swiss bank account.  
She told the office receptionist to send in the three guards waiting in the lobby.

    “Good morning guys, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news as you might suspect is the client
ended his contract with us, but we all knew that was coming.  The good news is I just might have work for
you in a small cottage company I own.  It’s a meat processing company.  Jim, I want you to report at this
address tonight.  Ray, I want you there tomorrow night.  Joey, I want you there the day after tomorrow.”  She
gave each one of them a piece of paper with the warehouse’s address on it.

    Claudia smiled as they left and took out her pocket calculator and projected the numbers for the organs
on all three.  She thought to herself, a few more like this and I can retire!  Her phone went off with a text
from one of her clients, a prince from a small obscure Middle Eastern country.  He wanted her to meet with
one of his bodyguards within the hour at the private airfield she used to ship the organs.  He was offering
her a cash payment in advance for a special order.  She would receive all the details there, it was all very
mysterious, but this client was known for being a bit eccentric.

    An hour later, Claudia got out of her car and walked to the small private jet.  She was immediately
struck by the fact this jet didn’t bear the emblem of the prince’s royal family; he was usually a bit more
flashy than this.  His planes all bore the royal crest and the few times she met him face to face, he always
had the emblem on his tie or jacket pocket.

    As she approached the plane, the usual representative came out but with a strange look on his face, he
was followed by two men she never saw before.  “Hello Armand, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.  
Your prince told me you have cash and instructions for me?”

    “Greetings, yes my prince has a need of you.”  The two strange men stood at both sides of her.

    “Armand, what is this?”  Claudia asked starting to feel a bit apprehensive.  The two strange men
suddenly grabbed her by the arms and started to pull her onto the plane.

    “My prince has many wives but no white wives.  You are both white and American, and you have
beautiful golden hair.  To have you in his harem would enhance his standing in the royal court.”  Claudia
tried to fight back but the guards were too big and too strong.  They dragged her kicking and screaming
onto the plane.  As the plane took off, Armand put a chloroform soaked rag over her nose and mouth to
silence her.  “Do not worry golden haired one, you will learn to enjoy being a wife to a rich and powerful
member of the royal family,” was the last thing she heard before she lapsed into unconsciousness.

    Several hours later, Claudia awoke to find herself wearing a silk robe and laying on a stone floor.  The
stone walls of the room was illuminated by flickering torches.  As she got to her feet, the iron door to the
room opened and in stepped the prince she sent body parts.  “Hello Claudia, and welcome to my country.”

    “Your highness, what is all this?  Ours was a business relationship.  Why have I been brought here?”

    “I need you for my harem.  You will make a fine addition.”

    “I don’t want to be part of a harem!  I don’t find you remotely attractive.  I demand you send me home!”

    “Oh you don’t have to be happy with it,” the prince replied.  “Out of my fifteen wives, several of them
resisted at first until I broke them in.  After a few years, they each learned to love their new life and so will
you!  Some had to be beaten into submission but that was all right.  I enjoyed their screams.  Breaking a
new wife in is always fun.  I always enjoy fresh meat,” the prince said with a broad smile.  Claudia started
to object but the prince backhanded her to the floor.  “There,” the prince said.  “See how much fun this is
going to be!”

    Three months later Claudia’s sprit was broken and she became the most humble wife in the harem and
gave up any hope of ever returning home.

                                                  The End
About Ray Prew

Ray Prew was originally
from Rhode Island, but
now lives in Florida.  He is
a graduate of the New
England Institute of
Technology.  Ray has
been a blue-collar worker
all his life, and started
writing as a hobby.  He
spent 9 enjoyable years as
a phone psychic.  Ray’s
work has been published
in Spinetinglers magazine
(6 times) one of the stories
was used in a trivia quiz.  
Two Spinetinglers stories
are on You Tube, one
story called Some
Monsters Are Real is
narrated by someone, and
the other was made into a
short video called Ray
Prew’s let me out.  He has
been published in Blood
Moon Rising (7 times
including 2 poems),
Aphelion magazine (12
times including 2 poems)
as well as several other
magazines.  He has an
anthology book of
published and
unpublished stories
available on Amazon
called Delightful
Nightmares.  His work has
also appeared in the
anthology vicious circle
season one put out by
sinister grin, the anthology
chaos of hard clay put out
by banjaxed books,  and
one poem in an anthology
of vampire poetry called
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