Dark Poetry
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Poetry by Kino McFarland, Ellis Bell & Ramona
The Deal
  By Kino McFarland

I fucked Satan and I loved it.
The fires of Hell raged through my body.
His black eyes dug into my soul as his claws
Ripped through my skin.
I moaned.
I screamed,
"Take me, Beast, Serpent of Old.
Take my soul and
Fulfill my dreams."
As I reached my death,
The deal was done.
I awoke with fire in my eyes,
Perfect skin, and no fat rolls.
My phone rang.
"Hello?" I answered.
"What else do you want to do with your life?" he asked.
A grin creeped across my face as I knew
This was my match.
My soulmate.
Dxm Babies
  By Ellis Bell

we are huddling for warmth in the corners of our cage
lying beneath the same facade
my ankles crack under the pressure, i will fall onto the floor if you do not
catch me
this haus is crumbling around us
the walls will cave in
the ceiling falls upon us

do not make such harsh sounds, for someone could hear us.
I don't care that you need to vomit, just keep the door closed
the rattling is too loud.
usually I keep a thin metal slice between my brain and skull, to protect my
thoughts from escaping onto the ugly plain of reality but today I cannot find
that little metal slice. i can almost feel the blood trickle down my forehead,
from the removal of this slice. I am asking you if I am safe and the answer is
this disturbia is unbearable
a psychedelic crisis
I feel my body pulsate with every word you say. You are inching towards me
and I am scared of your fingers.
"we are not alone"
terror ripples throughout my body. I can see him too
from the corner of my eye
long black hair shrouds his face
skinny limbs, protruding ribs
shut the fuck up, I do not want to die

they perch in a circle around us
watching every move
please do not describe his face
I can already see him too.

this is more than flesh and blood can stand
Im reaching out for you
extending a shaky hand
I am seeing doubles
your contorted face
twisted and dis-formed
My body is so numb
I can hardly feel the tears, falling past my chin
Get me the hell out of this place!

fuck you, you are nothing
I repeat those lines over and over in my brain; only to realize; I am saying the
words to no one but myself
we have created the same facade
fuck you, you are nothing
we hiss and spit the same words
but only to ourselves
While all too aware of the loneliness that lingers between the letters
our nakedness is unbearable
this darkness is unbearable
this house is a time bomb, a melting capsule
I hear the screeching from outside
you are clenching my wrists
begging me not to run and hide
Do not worry
I am not afraid of you
but instead of the mad house
we have fallen into.

feed me this house of horrors
for thou shalt consume
this empty room this empty room
our stomachs are blood red
breathing something vile
are we already dead?
Im a shard of glass, too fragile
to withstand this monster
this monster of a house.
I shall hold your quaking stomach
with but a blanket as a shield
our bodies will plummet
into this monster of a house
this monster of a house
It's funny how a single room
will make your stomach heave
a whirlpool of terror
for your ultimate doom

who is knocking?
About Ellis Bell
Ellis Bell is an 18yr old writer who
resides in New Zealand. She spends her
days capturing essences and gathering
as much experiences as she can,
trapping them inside of notepads and
paper. Her influences are the character
Nosferatu, Emily Bronte and Tim Curry.
You can find more of her work at
About Kino McFarland
Kino McFarland is an independent filmmaker and writer, specializing
in making people scream. She has been published in Living Dead
Magazine and has traveled the country as a sideshow performer. She
currently resides in Seattle. Visit her website at kinomcfarland.com.
Blood Moon Rising
  By Ramona Thompson

It's raining tonight
Sweet sheets of red falling
Fat, juicy drops
Hitting the ground
Feeding the fury of
The undead below
6 feet under and waiting
Soon to be reaching
Hungry for the living

The thunder rolls
The storm gathers
Unnatural strength
Nowhere to run for cover
Destiny awaits
Some sins
Not so easy to wash away
Even the man in the moon shakes
In fear quakes

Get ready
All you nonbelievers
Soon you'll know
All the warnings were true
All the movie scripts
Just prep for our return
Fangs barred
Our army of zombie brothers and sisters
At our side
Mmm can't you just taste
Our victory now

Scream a little scream
Go ahead
Lift up the beat of our non beating hearts
Music to our ears
The sound of your human destruction
All around
Underneath crushed
The same as once we were cursed
Beneath the blood moon rising
Welcome to our Hell
About Ramona
Ramona Thompson has
been writing for over 20
years. Her past credits
include Calvary Cross,
Dead Snakes, Howl, This
Ain't No Rodeo and many
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