Short Story
                   Wrath and Bloodlust
                                                           By Emily Jones

Her anger grew and grew; the humiliation of it all burned with a fiery glaze on
her face.  That was the last straw, she thought, allowing her dark mind to take
over.  No one treats me like that!

She gazed around curiously, drinking in all the sights and the harmless
happiness blooming like wild flowers.

The “happiness” and “welcoming” of life sickened her to the very core as she
knew the truth behind every compliment and “I love you”, and she was
determined to spill out all the evilness and hateful venom that reeked inside
her very veins.   

I’ll show them, they’ll be sorry that they ever messed with me!

Sooke glanced across the two-seater table and saw Ruby’s angry stare.

She knew that look; it could only mean one thing.

Oh please, she thought anxiously. Not again!

“So, Rubes…?” Sooke exclaimed, trying to distract her sister from whatever
destruction plan she had in mind. “Good food, don’t you think?”

But Ruby didn’t seem to hear her and her eyes began to glow a blood red.

No, no, no! Sooke squealed in her mind. I’m too late!

“Ruby…?” Sooke urged.

But she didn’t respond.

“Look, whatever you’re thinking; do not do it!” she hissed. “It’s not worth it,”
she added more gently.    

But Ruby was long gone.  Her mind had rolled into darkness thicker than tar
and the taste was unbearable to challenge or let go.  Her bloody eyes glared
at all the smiling couples and happy families, but she smiled wickedly as they
lingered over the swimming pool just to the left of her.


“Se al dee sha rio,” she muttered in a strange language, too old to
comprehend. “Cest me cuzio…!”

The water bubbled and turned, creating small waves in the pool, but she
rapidly created a masking spell so no one else could detect any change.


Sooke, however, wasn’t under the spell and she glared at her sister furiously,
while trying to conjure up a plan to stop her.

There has to be a way, a way to make her see the error of her ways, but I
must think quickly!

When Ruby’s trance was complete, she darkened the skies and cursed the
sun with eternal black; plummeting the temperatures as she went.  She lifted
the spell and looked around in delight as people started to panic; feeding off
their fear like a bloodthirsty shark.  Gasps and screams sang in her ears and
she briefly nodded her head, indulging in the twisted music.

As more and more confused couples stirred with a violent notion to run, their
feet pacing and their hands shaking, Ruby bit back a grin.

Must seem normal like everyone else…

Sooke was shocked at her sister’s actions and feared for everyone around
them.  When Ruby was mad, rightfully or not, no one was shown mercy.  Her
anger bubbled inside her stomach, hatred clouding the tolerance she tried to
show her sister, and her mind began to unravel their history…

Countless of holidays had ended in disaster; fights, arguments and eventually
sirens, but this has gone far enough!

Why must she ruin every holiday?

Why must she overreact to EVERYTHING and ALWAYS get the wrong end of
the stick?

She watched in horror as the pool’s waves got bigger and started to splash
some of the guests, trying to lap up their souls from their shaken limbs.

“Ruby, stop it!” Sooke warned. “This has gone far enough!”

But Ruby was so deep in; she was completely oblivious to Sooke’s existence.

Sooke watched helplessly as the violent waves began to turn and reach into
the center.
She watched as the peaceful, Greek atmosphere turned into anarchy. and
there was nothing she could do to stop it. She was only, after all, a mere
mortal to a demonic sister.

Tables and chairs tumbled over in the rush of attempted escapes.

As the terrified guests ran to the steps leading to the reception, they seemed
to repel in the opposite direction, as if an invisible barrier jolted them

Meanwhile, Ruby and Sooke remained seated, one with an evil grin and the
other with determination to put this nightmare to an end.

Since there was nowhere to hide, the guests were forced to witness the once
magnificent, marble pool and all the liquid it contained roll itself into the center
through series of wrecking waves.  There was a sudden flash in Ruby’s eyes
and Sooke, as well as the petrified guests, watched a small flicker of flame
ignite the water.  Ruby listened in glee as she heard the screaming and saw
the scrambling of the guests beating the barrier, begging for a way out.  

But why leave when the fun has just begun?

The pool lit into a monstrous pit of fire, spraying sparks into the darkness and
showering everyone in drops of painful light.

Judy Smith, the nice old lady who was staying next to Sooke and Ruby, had a
sudden flash in her eyes.  She began to walk to the pool as if she were a
brainless zombie.  Her husband, Toby Smith, tried to prevent his wife from her
dreadful new fate, but the only appreciation he received was an agonizing
blow.  As blood dripped from his lip, he watched in disbelief and horror as his
wife jumped right into the center of the burning heap.  

Suddenly, blood erupted from the fiery mouth and sprayed the surrounding
crowd in a scarlet glaze.  As salty tears were spent recklessly and hearts
worked overtime, all Ruby could do was laugh.  She crowed like the devil’s
pleasurable shriek and Sooke managed to cover ears, not bearing to hear
another note of this unpleasant screeching.  When the laughter had stopped,
Sookie covered her mouth in disappointment and distress.

Ruby didn’t like this one bit so she carefully opened her mouth, and with all
her head force behind it, sunk her teeth deep into Sooke’s hand.  Sooke
gasped in unbearable pain and Ruby just grinned, licking the blood off her top
lip.  Ruby liked the sweet taste of metallic copper but her sister could wait.

Not bothering with the willing trances, as they took up too much effort and
time,  Ruby put a much more entertaining trance on.  Suddenly; bunches of
screaming guests were being dragged towards the void by strong, invisible
hands.  Ruby caught bits of different pleas as they went:

“No, please!”   

“Stop!-my wife-children-aahhh!”

“I don’t want to die-”

These cries of suffering only made Ruby’s grin widen.  When the last of the
guests were being devoured by the greedy, red flames, Ruby turned to her
horror stricken sister.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the day you were born,” Ruby cackled nastily.
“And no angel in Heaven can save you now.”

Her putrid laugh sailed through the air and wrapped Sooke up in ropes of
torment and fright.

“Now,” Ruby began. “For the main course…”

                                                                           The End
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