Dark Poetry
They Shall Forever Remain
                   By Ashley Dioses

All your hopes and all your dreams,
Will stay but aren’t what they seem.
Through long years they will tatter
And soon they will all shatter.

The bright glistening light
Will soon stray into the night.
And that’s all you will see;
Darkness is the only key.

But dreams will never leave you
And hopes will hardly seep through.
Though you will feel lost and in pain
They shall forever remain.
Psychic Abilities
By Katherine Givens

As night’s raven wings
span the sky,
the screams
of a thousand lost souls
fill my tired head.
I cannot enter
the world of my dreams
because the pleas
of the dead stifle me.
What am I to do?
My mortal hands
can’t save their beings.
With a twinge of compassion
I lay awake in my bed
and listen to their cries
until the fingers of dawn
clasp the horizon.
In my position,
That is all I am able to do.
Light Fades from Her Dark Embrace
                                           By Ashley Dioses

She rises with the cold night
And sleeps when darkness fades.
She searches for a tasty bite
Lingering in the damp glade.

Her eyes hungrily glisten
From the abysmal star lit sky;
She patiently waits and listens
For prey that will soon die.

Blood beckons her heightened scent
From within a heart beating chest.
Her icy soul is hell bent
As she smoothly glides to the nest.

Mice squirm in fright on the ground
Trying to run from Death’s grip.
She doesn’t even make a sound,
As her tail cracks and whips.

Light fades from her dark embrace
As life left with a single breath;
Coldness came with horrid grace
And left behind the kiss of Death.
Poetry by Katherine Givens and Ashley Dioses
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Graveyard Dance
By Katherine Givens

To dance upon a grave
guarantees a certain death.
Treading on a final resting place
will only enflame the sleeping soul.
Once the wrath of a dead one
has been awarded,
no place is safe for the dancer.
Every place they visit,
a spirit will be lurking,
just waiting for the chance
to draw life from their prey.
And once the dancer
has joined their ranks,
the spirit returns to its grave.
At least until another dancer comes.
Under the Chrysanthemums
                           By Ashley Dioses

Under the Chrysanthemums beneath moon’s light
Streams of dew trickle over the gossamer.  
Like shining silk swinging in the night
They show their glamour by a slight glimmer  
Of a moon beam, yet beneath their dainty display,   
Shadows claw toward the dismal darksome sky.  
As the flowers grow untouched by their play,
The shadows clutch nothing but a lie.
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