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                         Killer Dream
                                                 By Hailey Truman

 I was driving home from school on a bunch of winding back roads.  It was
late because I had to stay after for my clarinet lessons and to top it all off it
was raining.  I was all alone, which wasn’t unusual because there normally
weren’t people on the back roads I used.

 As I continued to drive one of my favorite songs came on the radio and I
started belting out the lyrics.

 I continued to sing, until I dropped my cell phone out of my hands.  I
looked down for a split second to pick it up, and as soon as I looked back
up I saw a man standing in the middle of the street with a long trench coat
on and holding a bloody knife.  I screamed and tried to swerve around him,
but because of the way I jerked the wheel I started to spin out of control, it
felt like I was on the hurler at the amusement park but I knew this wasn’t as

 I heard a crunch and watched as the hood of my car smashed inward.  I
had slammed into a tree.  Luckily I wasn’t going very fast so I didn’t get too
hurt.  I just sat there crying, I was just so thankful that I was alive.  But I
soon realized why I had swerved in the first place, so I looked in the
rearview mirror to see if the man was actually there; he was.

 He was walking straight towards my car, still holding the knife.  I squinted
and I could now see that his clothes were covered in blood.  I screamed
and scrambled over to the passenger’s seat and got out and ran into the
empty field up ahead.

 I looked back and I could see the man running after me.  I continued to
run when I tripped and fell into something warm.  There was just a dark
figure lying there, I then looked at my hands to see why they were so warm
and they were lying in a pool of blood.  I screamed as loud as I have ever
heard myself scream, because I realized I was lying on someone dead.  I
tried getting up, but I slipped in the blood each time.

 When I finally got up, the man was gone, nowhere to be found.  I started
running; I had no idea where I was going I just knew I had to get out of
there as fast as I could.  As I continued to run I saw the man appear up
ahead and when he saw me he started running toward me.  I turned
around and tried running the other way.  Yet he caught up to me to faster
than I anticipated and he grabbed me by my hair and threw me onto the
ground.  I started screaming and crying and yelling for help, but nothing
was working, no one would ever here me out here.

 He had me pinned down on the ground and I wasn’t going anywhere.  I
tried to wiggle, kick and punch myself free but nothing worked.  He
suddenly punched me in the gut and I got the wind knocked out of me and I
stopped struggling.  I looked up at him as he bent down over me.  He put
his face close to mine and I could feel his hot breath on my face, I could
see the bags under his eyes of someone who hasn’t slept in weeks, I could
see the look in his eyes, he had no emotion whatsoever.  He stood back up
and raised his knife into the air and brought it down.

 My life flashed before my eyes. I knew my life was about to be over.   
Right as the blade hit my chest I screamed and woke up.  I looked around
and I was lying safe in my bed.  But something felt really wrong and I was
so sore.  I looked at my arms and legs they had cuts and bruises all over.  I
lifted up my shirt to see my stomach and there was a huge bruise. I then
looked at my hands to see that they were covered in blood.  

                                                                                 The End.