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                         The Blood Line
                                                 By Brandon T. Hahn

 My name it Trixy, and I am a hooker. I never gave much thought about how
my life would end until this day, but thanks to my destiny, I am now looking
into a double gauged shot gun, built to kill me.  You see yesterday, my life
would change before I had a chance to stop it.


 She woke up to her landlord banging on her front door, bitching about how
her rent was late again.  Trixy crawled out of bed with a nasty hangover;
unsure about what all went on the night before.  Sore between her legs, Trixy
managed to open the door up.
 "Hello," she said, moaning, tired out of her mind, with a high school band
playing in her head.

 "Your rent's late again, Trixy."

 "I know it is; look, business is slow, and no one is willing to pay."

 "Well, get a real job, or I kick your ass out on the streets Friday morning,
understand." The overweight man said as he walked off.

 Trixy closed the door and fell back down on her bed, asleep before she hit
the pillow.  She woke up later that day, stomach growling, so she grabbed her
purse and left to go get something to snack on before she went back to her
work on Elm St.  She wondered what life was going to have in store for her
that day as she walked up and down her street.

 "Hey, baby, get in?" a regular said, pulling over for her to get inside.

 "Well, well, well, if isn't prince charming himself coming to take me away
again on another high dollar expensive night.  How are you?"

 "I'm fine, and yourself Trixy?"

 "Still wondering why you won't tell me anything about yourself."

 "Doesn't really matter does it, cause after me you'll only be going to the next
guy, right?"

 "Hey John, that's my business, and it doesn't concern you." She stated.

 There was silence throughout the car, neither one saying a word as John
pulled into a hotel.  They got out of the car and walked into the hotel room
where Trixy forgot to clean up.

 "So John, what kind of sex will it be tonight?" she asked, leaning up against
her drawer.

 "I told you before; I don't come here for sex." He said, irritated.

 "Then what is it that attacks John so much that he feels the need to come
and find me four nights out of the week?" She asked, throwing her hands in
the air, waiting for an answer.

 "Look, is it too much to ask for just your company? Your getting paid so what
does it matter if you're doing your job or not?"

 "It doesn't, I know that when you look at me, your not looking at me, you're
seeing someone else.  Is it your wife?"

 ''No, I'm not married."

 "Oh, so why do you come here if it isn't for the sex?"

 "You wouldn't understand."

 "Try me?"

 He laughed, "Well let's just say that if I told you, then I would have to kill you."

 "If you're trying to scare me then you're doing a poor job at it. I have been
though worse. "

 "Not like me, I thought we were going to relax on the bed and watch a

 "It's your money, do what you wish."

 They both made their way over to the bed, sitting uncomfortably as they
flipped through reruns of the I Love Lucy series.  As time went on, Trixy kept
asking repeatedly in her head why a man like John would spend two hundred
and fifty dollars about four times a week just to enjoy someone's company.

 "So John, your times about to be up, you know."

 "Ya I know, I'm fixing to leave."

 He gathered his things and walked back out into the hallway, closing the
door behind him.  Once again, Trixy was in her room alone; she thought she
would have gotten used to living by herself, but it still bothered her.  She
leaned back into her bed, raising her eyes when she sprung up to the sound
of her front door being kicked in; it was John.  He slammed the door shut,
locking all of the locks and throwing everything he could against the door.


 "Shut up and be quiet if you want to live." John said, with a serious look in
his eyes. "Ok, now listen up, there are men out there trying to kill me, I just
need a place to hide out for a little while, and then I will be gone, ok?"

 "It's not free."


 "You staying here isn't free.  It's going to cost you?"

 "Here," John said handing her five hundred dollars, "Now be quiet and don't
make a sound."

 Even with John being rude and frightening, Trixy still felt comfortable being
around him, unlike all of the other men who just came for sex.

 John pressed his head up against the door, listening to something.

 "We've got to move now, lets go." John said, grabbing her arm.

 "Wait just a minute, I'm not going anywhere with you."

 "I just gave you five hundred dollars, now get out on that fire escape and go
down or stay here and die."

 "What do you mean die?  What's out there in that hall John?"

 "It's a werewolf and it's coming to kill us."

 "A what?  Seriously John, you have to lay off the alcohol and drugs."

 "Oh fuck it, stay here and die then."

 John left the room and went out to the fire escape; he paused at the loud
howl coming from inside the building.

 "John, wait for me." Trixy said, streaming down the stair case.

 They both heard something bust through the door in her room, demolishing
everything inside.

 "What is that?"

 "Come on, we don't have time to ask twenty questions."

 They jumped down and ran across the street and into the cemetery,
watching the late night fog swarming from all angles.

 "John I'm cold and scared, can you tell me what the hell is going on?"

 "You're a carrier for the blood line of werewolves; I am soldier werewolf, I am
bred to protect the bloodline and that thing that was up in your room is a
Vanquisher.  It's a sorcerer that turns into anything that it wants, and
vanquishes a creature whenever it's around something not human."

 "So that thing back there was trying to kill him?"


 "Wait, how will I know what it looks like if I've never seen it?"

 "Don't worry Trixy, you'll know."

 They continued to walk around the cemetery, stopping as something moved
up a mile ahead of them.

 "John, what's that?"

 They both paused as John stared at the thing,

 "Run, run now." John demanded her.

 She ran and hid behind a tombstone as the beast ran towards them; John
ripped his clothes off, transforming into a werewolf and charging at the beast.  
She watched in fright as the two big powerful beasts slashed at one another.  
Biting and clawing, till the Vanquisher picked John up and threw him against
the tree, where he didn't attempt to get back up.  

 He sniffed around at the ground, following Trixy's trail; she ducked behind
the tomb and ran, hunched back to the tombs, trying her best to be silent as
she hid in fright.  Fearful of dying, she found a mausoleum that was unlocked
and hid inside, peeking out of the crack.  She waited, shaking, scared to
death of the thought at the beast finding her.  She saw it walk past the door,
she grabbed hold of her mouth, to stop herself from screaming.

 She waited for what seemed like hours from the last time she saw the beast.  
She grabbed
a rock and threw it out in front of the tomb.  She waited, nothing moved, she
slowly crawled back out and went to the tree where John had been thrown
against.  She kept one eye up, looking around her as she rolled John's body
over, seeing his chest was ripped open and he had no pulse.

 She gasped and covered her face up, trying in vain to not cry.  She heard
something move behind her and she quickly turned around meeting face to
face with the Vanquisher.  She tightened her muscles up, bracing herself for
her death. She watched as its mouth opened up, revealing the treacherous

 It turned back into its human form, a man of muscular, toned features, with
brown hair, and he pulled out a double barrel shot gun and loaded it with what
looked like silver shot gun shells.  He pointed it to her face were she stared
into the black holes.  She closed her eyes, taking in a deep breath, hearing a
snarl and then a loud whimper.  She flew her eyes open and saw John trying
in vain to slay the Vanquisher.  

 He raised his mouth up and opened it, 'striking the Vanquisher in the heart.  
John let go and fell to the ground turning back into his human form.  They sat
there in each others arms watching as the sorcerer disappeared into the sun
light, allowing them to be in peace for just a little while longer.

 My name is Trixy and yesterday I was hooker, and today I am a source for
the werewolves.

                                                                         The End
                                               By Brandon T. Hahn

I was walking home one day.  It was just like all of the days before this one
for me.  My life is dull and boring, it's missing something, and sadly every
time I find it I lose it.  I was alone, just a normal twelve-year-old walking
home from school.  Because of that day, Tyler, my life would change, so I
thought.  I saw it again, but again like the day before, it was gone.

I was walking out of school; the day was ordinary to me, nothing special.  I
was wearing my black t-shirt and holey jeans.  I was watching her from the
brick wall; I was shy and embarrassed about not being the first kid in my
class.  Hiding from them, like I did every day, I watched them make their
way through the black double doors.  Waiting like a second-hand on a
watch, waiting for them to walk out, Tyler, I see her, her fiery-red hair, her
ruby-red lips, and her rose-red cheeks.

There she was; the sight of her cooled the rapid beating of my heart.  I
ducked back behind  the brick wall.  Tyler; I thought she saw me today. I
smiled at the thought of her seeing me. I  counted to five then I walked
down the street.  I followed them like I always do, but today was different.  I
saw the bloody red ribbon that was never there that held her blood stained
hair in a bushy pony tail.

It was on the ground, she didn't know it was gone.  Tyler, I picked it up and
ran after her.  I
stopped her and gave it back.  I said, "I love you."  She said, I was crazy.  
Tyler she said she loved
me.  Went in to kiss her, but then she slapped me and told me to get away.
 I saw a rock on the ground and hit her with it.  She fell on the ground and
became my sleeping beauty.  I kissed her.  She never woke up.

I passed all the other sleeping beauties of my life from previous days.  I
buried her next to
yesterday's beauty, her name was Sally.  Tyler, when will I find my love?  
When will the one not fall at the sight of me?  I guess I will never know.  But
tomorrow's beauty will be different, I can feel it.
The Blood Line / Tyler