Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

      Newly released movies hope to return to the theaters after the 2020 COVID 19 nightmare that has put
the world in a standstill.  Among such films is a list of horror movies we hope to see come to the big
screen in the later months of 2020 and 2021.  Morbius, the Spiderman villain from the comics is much like
Venom is getting his own movie.  That’s right, Morbius: The Living Vampire is starring in his own movie
with a release timeline of March 2021.

      Michael Myers returns once again in Halloween Kills, originally set for release this October just in time
for the holiday has been pushed back a year to October 2021.  Halloween Kills is said to be the follow-up
film to the 2018 movie where Myers made his return.  This will be the 12th movie in the Halloween series
although like the film that precedes, it will not be set in the same timeline and act as though Halloween
3,4,5,6 and so on never happened.  Jamie Lee Curtis returns to face the masked killer Michael Myers
once again in the film series that started her career.

      It’s been some years but Candyman is back….and the hook man is not happy.  After 21 years since
the last time we saw the hooked killer, Candyman is making his big come back and starring Tony Todd
who first played Candyman in all three of the original series will reprise the role he stared in nearly 30
years ago in 1992.  Of all the new reboots as of late with Freddy, Jason and Michael, this will be the first
sequel / reboot to star the original actor in the role he so made famous.

      Well this one has been moved so many times for its release date, that I really don’t want to give you a
release date for fear it will be pushed back again. Hell, I have been talking about this movie for more than
5 years now but here goes again…..Godzilla vs Kong.  It’s finally made, shot, and edited and is now just
waiting for a release date.  It was going to be May of 2020 then moved and moved and moved again. Now
it’s set for a release date of November 19 2020, but with COVID….who knows if all theaters will be open
by then.  And let’s face it…we for damn sure want to see this movie on the big screen.