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By Dark Soul

     Well so far 2020, the year everything stopped, is seeing our favorite TV shows and movies are being
pushed back as most productions have stopped all or been delayed by the Coronavirus.  Such is the case
for the movie we are all still waiting for, Godzilla vs Kong.  The release date was to be March last time I
checked and now it’s looking at a release date in theaters as November 20th.  Let’s hope there are no
more delays on this movie that we fans have been looking forward to seeing.  Also due to the COVID 19
pandemic, the TV series Supernatural, which was in the final season of its 15-year run, was stopped
midway into production.  As a result, when the cast and crew do return to finish shooting and air the last
episodes, the series will in-fact gain a 16th season in essence.  And to that, I say “Yes More

     Speaking of TV series, I just got word that there are plans to bring Hellraiser to the small screen with a
TV series.  That’s right, Pinhead and the gang are coming to television and will be airing on HBO.  So far
the new series is said to take place within the same universe as the films but is still in early pre-production
and little is known about the series just yet.  As we here at BMR learn more about the show, I will keep you
all in the loop.  Also getting a TV treatment and his own series is Chucky, everyone’s favorite killer doll.  
Chucky creator screenwriter Don Mancini has said that he would like to have a Chucky series as well as a
horror monster movie crossover with Freddy.  Now, how cool would that be!

     Candyman is getting a remake/reboot with Tony Todd returning once again.  Not sure if he will play the
hook-handed killer again or play another role, but it will still be fun to see him back again.   The Grudge is
again getting a remake after it’s only less than 20 years old and itself a remake of a Japanese movie. W
ell, it’s getting remade again and why we don’t know.   Michael Myers and the Halloween franchise lives on
in the long-running series with not one but two up-coming movies Halloween Kills in 2020 and Halloween
Ends 2021.  Look for them both hitting theaters both in October of said years.
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