Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

     Although the newest Hellboy movie didn't live up to what the filmmakers hoped for and that it brought in
only a mere $40 million on a film budget of $50 million, still the people at Netflix are planning a Hellboy TV
series in the future. As of now, it is said that they plan on going with an all new cast and no one yet planed
in the lead role as Hellboy. Also not confirmed is if this new TV series will be one of live-action or an
animated series. Hellboy has been done in both mediums before with the two live-action films starring Ron
Perlman and two animated films again with Perlman and his cast mates voicing characters. When more
info about this new TV project is released, I will let you all know if this new Hellboy TV series will move
forward or stay in TV limbo.

     Now that Godzilla: King of the Monsters has been released, its time to really think about the film we
really all want to see.......Godzilla vs King Kong! We still have to wait until 2020, but good news, the movie
was moved up from its May 22 release date to one in March. Upon its release, we know one thing for
sure....good or bad as a movie it is.....it’s going to be one hell of a blast to see the two creatures battle.
Blood Moon Rising can't wait for this one!

     Universal Studios after the mess of their Mummy movie is still going ahead with their Monster Movie
line and next in the road is The Invisible Man. Like The Mummy 2018 or The Mummy 1999, the people at
Universal seem to keep wanting to launch their Monsters remakes/reboots starting with their lesser
monsters. Why not start with the one movie Monster of theirs that has never....ever been remade......
Creature From The Black Lagoon! Not that the Invisible Man is not a good story or belongs in their
Monster series of films, but will it have the power to keep people coming back when they remake (again)
Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolf Man. Hey Universal.....think Creature!

     One remake/ sequel that may be worth a look will be Candyman! Said to be more of a sequel to the
1992 film passing over the others in the series, the hook man is making his comeback in 2020. Although
Candyman was never the high profile killer say that Jason, Freddy and Myers are, it will be good to see
him back again in an all new movie. Also getting a waited follow up is World War Z. Love it or hate it, this
movie was a good zombie film.....at least we here at Blood Moon Rising thought so. There is no release
date as of this publication but when we have one, we will let you know. A Quiet Place 2 is also in the works
with a 2020 release and so is a remake of The Grudge. This will be the third time that this movie has been
remade from its Japanese original to the American re-make in 2004. Now it is set to be remade again in

     Blood Moon Rising's Halloween show Blood Fest 16 is set to play the Queens Flushing Library on
October 26 2019. With the rock band Decembers Fall once again rocking the stage after they last
preformed for Blood Fest 10 back in 2013, it will be good to have them back. Also featured in the show
will be a spook house, magic light show by Warlock, costume and scream contest and a Frankenstein
resurrection live on stage. This is a free show presented by Blood Moon Rising and we hope to see you all
there. Plus once again, I yours truly, Dark Soul will be the on stage host.