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Bleed All About It

      If you love Chucky, then you are going to want to
hear this news. Well for one, there is a new TV series in the works…..we I’m not kidding! A Chucky TV
series is said by Chucky creator Dan Mancini to be just one of the new Chucky projects that are in the
works for the future. And if that doesn’t give you a monster rush, get this…….Mancini has also said that he
plans on a Chucky/ Freddy crossover film called Child’s Play on Elm Street. Oh God, would we not want to
see that….now how cool would that be. Keeping with the Chucky theme here, there is also word that more
films are due following after the events of Cult of Chucky and even a Childs Play reboot is in the works
too.  And here’s the best part…..the voice of Chucky will all be played by actor Brad Dourif.

      King Kong is making a big comeback in not only the 2020 film King Kong vs Godzilla but if you can’t
wait a year than, the big ape is now the star of his own Broadway stage show. Yeah, that’s right, Kong
finally made it to the city of New York and is a star on Broadway. The new musical boasts a fully articulated
25 foot life-size Kong unlike anything is ever seen before. The show just opened and is sure to be a hit if
not for its story, acting or music numbers, but for how cool it would be to be sitting and watching a life-size
Kong performing on stage. I may have to get myself down to Broadway to see this.

      2019 is sure to be a good year in horror movies as with these upcoming films. Annabelle 3 is on the
way into theaters soon and if it’s anything like the creepy films before it, then you’re in for a treat. The
Stephen King novel IT returns to theaters with part 2 of the clown based horror story picking up years after
the first film with the now-grown kids who encountered the evil clown years before when just kids. Another
movie that looks creepy is Heretics and another one called Apostle. Well, he’s back again…..Leprechaun
Returns and is hitting in 2019 with a new actor in the lead role of the little monster. Gone is Warwick Davis
and Linden Porco is now playing the title creature who is even smaller at just 2 foot 8 inches to Warwick
Davis who stands over him at 3 foot 6 inches.

      Kids of the 90's will enjoy this one, Are You Afraid of The Dark is returning as a feature film in 2019
and hell, even I am looking forward to this one. The series that ran from 1992 to 96 and ran on the children’
s network Nickelodeon and although aimed at kid viewers, it was a horror series that even adults could sit
and enjoy. It was a kid show that was for its day pretty damn scary and now it's going to the big screen in
an all-new movie. Look for this in 2019.

      In the horror remake department, we have a few you may be shocked about. First is An American
Werewolf in London…….and yes you heard that right, the 1981 horror/ comedy is getting the remake
treatment. This is going to be a hard sell because of Rick Baker’s groundbreaking special effects and…..
well let’s face it…..the werewolf transformations will be now all CGI and if we learned anything from the
Wolfman remake from 2010, you just can’t beat Baker’s werewolf effects from the classic movie. Also
getting the remake treatment is Firestarter, Pet Sematary and Hellboy. Hell, even The Blob is coming back
again after a 30 sleep.