Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

      Well this will come as a surprise, but Disney now owns both the Alien and Predaor franchises. Yeah
now how messed up is that? What’s next, Alien vs Mickey Mouse? That’s right horror fans, the G rated
family friendly company is now the owners of two of our most beloved monsters and although so far they
are not doing anything with them, it will be interesting to see in what direction they will take them. That is at
all……they may choose to just crap both franchises altogether and produce no more of each. Now the
upcoming movie The Predator was made before the buyout of the studio that own both franchises and that
movie is still set to go forth.  But as for other movies starting these two creature whether they are in the
same film or alone, their fate is now in the hands of Mickey Mouse. Is there just nothing that Disney owns?

      Also in Disney news…..and this comes as even more of a shocker. Disney is said to be producing a
remake of the vampire horror film The Night Stalker that once stared the late great Darren McGavin as
reporter Carl Kolchak. What! Yes, it said that they are working out a storyline for a remake and none other
than Johnny Depp will play the hapless reporter tracking monsters and such. Now it’s not to say that Depp
could not pull off the role…hell, he most likely could…..but really….a Disney version of The Night Stalker?
Really! Hey Disney, stay the hell out of our horror!    

      Well we are losing another horror television show this season when The Originals wraps up its
storylines this spring and a closing. Last year we lost Grimm, The Vampire Diaries, Scream Queens and
Sleepy Hollow was just killed off with even as much as a closing episode. And now it’s the Originals turn to
say goodbye just one season after its mentor series The Vampire Diaries. Hell, not only will this be their
last season, but they don’t even get a full season run! As of my writing this article on Feb. 20th and the
show is said to return on April 20th. Really, what are they giving it, a 4-6 week wrap up season. It’s a damn
shame because I thought it was a better show then the one it spun off of. I guess not all shows have the
staying power of Supernatural now in its 13th year.

      Okay some good news if you were a fan of the summer series Midnight Texas. It will be returning for
season two this summer. Giving the green light just days ago as of this writing, on Feb 14th NBC said that
the series will return. A new show starting on Hulu with producer J.J. Abrams and Stephen King are
teaming up for Castle Rock. The new series is said to be an anthology series using characters from King’
s stories Moonlight. The new show will also reunite actress Sissy Spacek and King after more than 40
years after Carrie.