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Bleed All About It

By Dark Soul

    This October 28th in New York City, BMR’s Halloween stage show Blood Fest 14 returns to the Queens
Public Library in Flushing, NY. This year’s show will boast a live on stage performance of Aliens vs
Predator light show. This will pit the greatest hunter in the universe to battle Alien attackers as well as a
showing of their Alien Queen. A must see event! Once again, now the tenth time, I will be hosting Blood
Fest so come and meet me at this year’s show.

    Our own Saturday Night Chillers show on Facebook is going great as we enter our first Halloween
season since the shows debut on June 3, 2017. If you have not seen our show hosted by yours truly, then
please check it out on Facebook under Saturday Night Chillers.

    Now that the newest King Kong Movie has been release, the next big monster outing will be a new
American Godzilla is set for 2018 with Godzilla vs King Kong hitting in 2019 to keep the new giant
monster series going. The people at Universal still plan to follow the disappointing movie The Mummy with
more re-makes of their classic monster movies. Said to be coming is Dracula, Frankenstein, The
Wolfman, The Invisible Man and Creature From The Black Lagoon.  Of all these monsters, it’s the
Creature From The Black Lagoon that has never seen a remake and it’s the most wanted. We have had
endless amounts of the others but never The Creature and it would be cool to see it redone after all these
years. We will see.

    There has been talk for years about a 13th Friday The 13th movie but it’s been only talk. Will Jason
return and hack up nasty kids having sex and doing drugs……and should we really stop him? I’m still
waiting for Freddy vs Jason 2. There has been talk about re-making Jaws but let’s face it….. can you really
remake Jaws?

    We here at Blood Moon Rising are very much said to learn that the TV series Scream Queens is no
more. Sorry, we liked that silly show a lot. So sad to not see it come back for a season 3…sad face
indeed. With Grimm gone and Vampire Diaries over, our horror TV shows are starting to dwindle down.
Sure Midnight Texas played over the summer and was pretty damn good, but what will follow to take the
place of both Grimm and Vampire Diaries in the 2017-2018 TV season?