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By Dark Soul

      Long time Horror Host John Zacherle died this past October 28 just before Halloween and before
appearing once again at the Chiller Theater horror convention in NJ. He was one of the original Horror
Host personalities and will be very much missed in the horror world. The staff of BMR met this very
dynamic man many times when covering the Chiller Theater convention for our magazine and he is a loss
to our genre.

      Werewolf and vampire fans will be happy to know that Selene the vampire warrior is back again for
one last Underworld film. Underworld: Blood Wars opening in 2017 with Kate Beckinsale returning as
Death Dealer Selene. This film, the fifth in the series that started in 2003, is said to maybe be the last in
the storyline. There was word about Underworld also becoming a TV series but we will have to see about

      The Resident Evil saga will come to an end in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in the upcoming new
year. This is to be the last in the series of Alice vs the living dead with Milla Jovovich reprising her long role
as Alice. Written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson who created the series will give his story one last
bang to remember.

      A new re-boot (again!) for Spiderman is coming in 2017 with Spiderman: Homecoming. You know, as
a lifelong fan of Spiderman, I waited my whole life to see the first movie and see my hero on the big
screen. Now we get a new remake…..reboot, whatever every few years. What’s going on here? But look
for it in 2017.

      On July 14th, look for the 3rd installment in the Planet of The Apes re-boot series. Under the very cool
title of War For The Planet of The Apes, the movie picks up after the event of Dawn of The Planet of The
from 2014 and will mark at this time as the last in the film series. As a side note, look for a book coming in
2018 about the Planet of The Apes films, TV series and heritage for its 50th Anniversary by BMR
publisher AL J. Vermette called Legacy of The Planet of The Apes.

      The thirteenth Friday The 13th film is coming as Jason Voohees sharpens up of machete for another
go around with slicing up young people at Camp Cristal Lake. It may have taken 37 years, but the series
about a crazed masked killer will mark its 13th movie. Look for the return of Jason in 2017.

      Talk about going old school……. a sequel to Blade Runner is on the way with Harrison Ford returning
to reprise his role as Rick Deckard. Titled Blade Runner 2049 opens in theater in October of 2017. Let’s
hope Deckard fairs better than Han Solo in the last Star Wars.

      In TV news, the 2016-2017 television will see The Vampire Dairies come to an end. After eight
seasons, the vampire series will nail the coffin shut for the last time. Also coming to an end and for the first
time not getting a full season run is Grimm. The story of a monster hunter who is the last member of the
Brothers Grimm will take its last bow this spring. The series always opened its season just before
Halloween each year, but this time NBC has not only decided to kill off the show but will not even grant it a
full season run but only 13 episodes to wrap up the series after the first of the new year. Too bad, Grimm
was a great show.

      Sleepy Hallow too is hanging in limbo with FOX rethinking about moving on with the series or
chopping its head off like its main creature the Headless Horseman. The Originals, the spin-off of The
Vampire Dairies, also is not getting a full season as in years past. Is this a dark sign that horror genre
series are starting to loss their power and maybe like the Westerns of the 50’s and 60’s what were so big
and now all gone is the same fate now for horror. Supernatural  and The Walking Dead are both going
strong with Supernatural now in its 12th season and the longest horror series of all time most likely will be
going into its 13th come next season. Let’s just hope by the loss of some shows just means that more
horror…..new horror is on the way.