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By Dark Soul

   The 1963 monster movie classic King Kong vs Godzilla is said to be in the works for a remake. This
would be great news for fans of both monsters and fans of the original movie. The bad news is we have to
wait 5 years until 2020 to see the movie. Word has it that the two creatures will first continue on in their
own films with a prequel to the 2005’s King Kong called Skull Island and a follow up to last year’s U.S.
made Godzilla. Skull Island is set for release 2017 and Godzilla 2 for 2018 with the two appearing
together in the movie entitled Godzilla vs King Kong in 2020. There is also word that others monsters will
be joining the battle as well. Let’s hope that the 5 year wait time is worth it.

   The World Horror Convention is set to hit the city of Provo Utah on April 28th though May 1st in 2016.
The convention for horror writers and horror fans will have a host of guest authors to see as well as a full
vender’s room where you can meet rising authors in the horror genre. I believe this will be the first Stoker
Con playing the Las Vegas strip on May 12-15 2016 at the Flamingo Hotel. The Chiller Theater Expo
returns in 2016 with two conventions happening in New Jersey in April and again in October for their
Halloween con. The worldwide Walker Stalker Con is said to be hitting 9 cities this coming year. For more
info on this and other horror related conventions look for their web sites online.

   Do you fear the zombie Apocalypse will be soon upon us? Well don’t worry, there is now a place where
you can go to get all the training you will need to know in how to make it in the world of the dead. Welcome
to Zombie Camp! Set in the woods of New Jersey, the same woods where the Jersey Devil lives you can
take a course in zombie survival. Look up their web site at ZombieSurvivalCamp.com and learn how not to
be a zombies first meal.

   It was just a matter of time before we were not even safe in a McDonalds. There is a new video you just
have to see on You Tube. It’s called Ronald McDonald Playground S Slaughter and it’s as bloody as it is
funny. Playing on the Bloody Mary myth of saying her name 3 times and she will appear. The same can be
said for the red hair fun loving clown of the food chain. But this Ronald is not going to hand you a cheese
burger but go ape shit on your ass with an axe and chainsaw. It’s a blast and a must for horror fans. It’s on
You Tube now…..check it out and think of it the next time you’re on line at McDonalds.