Dark Soul's
Nightmare News

Bleed All About It
By Dark Soul

 Sad news to report, on May 7 the master of stop motion film making died.  He
was effects master Ray Harryhausen who created some of films most famous
creatures.  In honor of Ray's passing, Blood Moon Rising will cover his legacy by
adding in this issue our publishers Creature Feature of him from a few years ago
in our BMR Issue #41.  So you get two Creature Features this issue.  Enjoy and
Ray the world will miss you.

 Horror is going super strong this up coming fall TV season when The Headless
Horseman rides again in the new series from FOX Sleepy Hollow.  The pilot was
shot a few months ago and FOX just green lit the series to be filmed.  Shooting
begins for the rest of the series this summer.  Returning this late fall will be the 4th
season for The Walking Dead.  The fist prime time zombie series is said to be
taking things up a notch with more undead creatures eating their way through the
cast.  With a show like this, you never know who will fall prey to the walking dead.  
Also coming back this fall will be NBCs Grimm for its 3nd season along with shows
like Being Human, Lost Girl and Hannibal.

 Coming to your nearby theaters or red-box will be Frankenstein's Army,
Apartment 1303 in 3D, Evidence, The Conjuring, Jug Face, Cockney vs Zombies
and once again like for the 4th time Carrie.  Yeah again!  Plus more than we need
but Paranormal Activity 5 is also coming this year.  So!

 This may or may night be good news but coming in 2014 an all new Godzilla will
be returning to the U.S. making some of us fans a little worried.  The 1998 New
York Godzilla film turned out to be somewhat of a mess so little hope is on this new
film.  Time will tell.  Hey can't be any worse...right?

 It's just a few months until Halloween and BMR is getting ready for its 10th
Anniversary Blood Fest stage show.  Our publisher and events producer tells us
that this year will be the best show ever.  Word has it though, this also may be the
last year for this event as well.  Blood Fest will be in New York as before but BMR
is working on an all new event set to debut this October with our own Halloween
Haunted Woods Attraction in the Orlando Florida area.  Check with our web site to
follow the news on both events.