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Nightmare News

Bleed All About It
By Dark Soul

  This Halloween season, look for the return of The Walking Dead season 3.  The
zombie series takes a turn as new cast members join the battle of the undead and
old ones seem to die off...or get eaten off the show.  Look for it on the A&E
network this fall.  As this new TV season begins we horror fans will enjoy season 2
of the new hit series Grimm along with season 4 of The Vampire Diaries and
number 8 of Supernatural.  Yeah Supernatural is now the longest running horror
series on TV and it only gets better with each year.

  New horror shows this 2012/2013 season are ABC’s 666 Park Avenue about a
spooky New York City apartment building (How scary can it be other than the
rent).  It stars Vanessa Williams fresh off Desperate Housewives and Terry
O'Quinn from Lost, his stint on Falling Skies and the 80's horror film The
Stepfater.  The show follows a young couple who move into the building only to
discover that some of the people living there have demonic plans for them.  From
The CW comes the new Beauty and the Beast based on the Beauty and the
Beast series of 1987 with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.  The new updated
show with Smallville star Kristin Kreuk as the young beauty and Jay Ryan as the

  Up coming shows now in the planning stages will make fans of Scream happy
with Scream the TV series now in development from the people at MTV.  The long
ago music network that runs the teen horror series Teen Wolf is now setting their
sights on doing a Scream series.  There is also a plan for Scream 5 also to hit
theaters as well.  Looks like we still are not done with Ghostface.  Also in
development is Hannibal.  That's right readers, everyone's favorite cannibal,
Hannibal Lector is getting his own TV series.  This should be a fun one to watch.  
There is also talk about NBC bringing back yet again a new re-boot of The
Munsters.  I have to say I would like to see that.  Also in the development are two
networks fighting to bring the Headless Horseman back from the dead with two....
count them TWO new shows that the CW and FOX are thinking about doing.  The
CW has plans to re-boot the whole idea of the Horseman as a updated story
taking place in our time with the good old school master now an FBI agent
tracking the headless one.  Will keep you in the loop if anything of this comes to
pass.  And if all that didn't shock the hell out of you get this one.... Psycho The
Series?  Yeah you read it right.  Norman Bates is coming back with a new TV

  In movie news, look for in the coming months remakes of The Evil Dead, The
Toxic Avenger and Hellraiser.  As for new...new movies there are World War Z,
The Host, Scary Movie 5, and I Frankenstein.  Two up coming movies look very
good in deed as the first is The Last Voyage of The Demeter.  You know this story
as being the chapter in the novel Dracula when the count comes from his home
land to London.  In the movies based on the Bram Stoker novel this would be little
more than a short scene if shown at all in some films.  But this movie will showcase
the event of Dracula's trip to London and all the mayhem the vampire stowaway
causes on route  The other up coming horror movie is based on the comic
Darkchylde by Randy Queen.  The new movie set for 2013 is being directed by
the horror vet himself John Carpenter.  The story tells of a young woman who
becomes a creature of her nightmares.  Also coming 2013 is The Texas Chainsaw
Massacre 3D.  Not sure if this is a remake or a new chapter in the life of
Leatherface.  We will see.

  For Blood Moon Rising fans living in or near New York we are holding our 9th
Blood Fest Halloween show this October 20th at the Queens Flushing Library 41-
17 Main St. Flushing NY 11355.  This years show will be our biggest one yet and
once again I will be the shows stage host.  So join us for this years show.  See our
web sites home page and Blood Fest Events page for more info on this years
show.  Also just added as of this writing!  Blood Moon Rising has now booked
two...that right Two events this Halloween Season.  Along with our 9th Blood Fest
stage show we are also hosting a Halloween Party the week after Blood Fest on
Satuday night called Scream For Halloween in our first ever Manhattan event.  
Yeah BMR has made it to the big city of New York City and are doing this event in
Club Quest 27 Park Place NY NY 10007.  The all new event will have live
entertainment with a rock band, magic, stand-up comedy, dancing and more.  So
come join us for this event as well as our yearly Blood Fest show.

  Long time Blood Moon Rising writer John Condenzio has a new movie coming
out based on his novel Guest House of The Dead.

  We at BMR wish John all the best with his new movie.