Dark Soul's Nightmare News

Bleed All About It

      The year of 2011 looks like it’s going to be a good and bloody one for us
horror fans.  Starting with movies we have a blood soaked slab if new films coming
in the months ahead.  Starting with the many remakes on the way will be The
Thing as a prequel after almost 30 years after the John Carpenter film of the early
80s.  Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark, I Spit on Your Grave, Straw Dogs and yes if
you can believe this a remake of the classic Fright Night is coming.  That will be a
hard act to re-do but its coming.  For sequels we have coming in 2011 a new
Scream 4 in the works set for this spring.  Looks like Ghost face is back again!  A
new Cabin In The Woods is on the way and Underworld 4 is set for production.  
No Word yet if Underworld 4 will follow Underworld 2 or 3 but we will see. ……. And
just when you thought it was done and over with…with The Finial Destination we
have yet one more on the way.  Called 5nal Destination will hit theaters this
coming Summer.

      Fans of all things Planet of The Apes you are just going to die when you hear
this!!!!! There is a new movie in the works...... YES a new ape movie and although
we all know the last remake was nothing in comparison to the five super classic
films of 1968 to 1973 it will be still fun to see a new movie just the same. This time
out it looks really good too with this being more of a how it all got started story with
science experiments in genetic engineering to make a more intelligence ape and
the fall out of this action. Once given the smarts of a human will they stay dumb
beasts or rise up to over through man kind and take over the planet. Rise of The
Apes enters theaters this June 2011.

      Believe it or not but get ready there may the worlds cutest vampire killer may
be returning after almost 10 years of no slaying.  That's right fans, Buffy is set for
a new movie release and one of the girls from the Fox series Glee may...may be
the new Buffy.  It’s not set in stone yet that this will be the new Buffy or if Geller will
return to play the vampire hunter or not.  What is known as of this writing is that
there is talk of a new movie to re-boot the Buffy franchise in 2012.  As we here at
Blood Moon Rising get news we will let you Buffy fans know.  God we miss her!

      The living dead are among us again and by the time you read this the TV
series The Walking Dead would have made its first season run and will be headed
for DVD release.  If you have not seen this new series on of all places the AMC
network then be sure to get it on DVD when available.  For any fans of the
Summer series The Gates sorry to tell you but the show will not be returning this
summer as a replacement for the off season of Brothers & Sisters. (yeah we know
you watch it).  The Gates which ended in a cliff hanger was given the stake of
death killing its vampires, werewolves, demons, witches and other monsters of the
night will not resolve the issues of the last episode.  Too bad, though it was not an
all our horror show it was something a little more grown up and I hate to see it go.

      Other horror series like Supernatural now in its 6th year is still going strong
even though its creator as left the show to move on to other thing.  The series
Being Human is coming back for another go around with its threesome of other
worldly stars of ghosts, vampires and werewolf.

      In other news The Addams Family is moving onto the Broadway scene when
the creepy and cooky family takes Manhattan in their own stage production.  This
will mark the first time the first family of scary will be played out before live
people…or victims if you will in their many incarnations, comic strip, TV, films and
now stage. Should be fun.

      In the home front I would like to let our readers and fans know that we are
already booked….well this was book just 3 days after the last event but Blood
Fest 8 is set to go this fall on October 22st.  Our last show was our biggest one
yet bringing in almost 300 people for a theater that holds only 210 seating.  This
years event will be even bigger with flying ghosts, rising of the dead, more bands
and magic acts.  Once again I Dark Soul was asked to host the show and will be
there with bloody bells on.  But before Blood Fest takes over New York we have
our other event coming this March.  The forth Annual Institute of Horror, Fantasy
& Science Fiction will commence on Flushing Queens on March 12th with Author
Readers, Art Gallery, Dinosaur Display and short films.  See our web site for more
info as the dates for these two events draw near.

      Also on the Blood Moon Rising home front will be our own web series.  
Starting with and now in production Lycanthrope: Nature Of The Beast based on
the book by our leader AL J. Vermette.  The series created by Vermette will
feature his werewolves in ways you never thought you would see the hairy
beasts.  The four part web series will be available for viewing this spring on You
Tube our web site and others.  But if you can’t wait for that…. Come and see it on
the big screen on March 12th at our Institute event.  Also in Pre-production is
Vermette’s other web project Come The Reaper following his werewolf series.

      For those of you who are sad that Halloween is over see our 2010 Haunted
Houses pages.  You will find some really cool and spooky houses that our
publisher found all over Long Island NY.  They will make you want to run to your
workshop and start building new props for next Halloween.

      You may have seen by now that our sister publication The Horror Writer is
taking some time off.  With bookstores closing at a scary rate these days due to
the nightmare money affairs in this country and the state of publishing as a
whole.  Sapphire Publications will release the magazines 11th issue soon but
there will be no plans for new issues after number eleven.  The future of our other
publication Werewolf Magazine has released its 11th issue but it too is in question
as well.  Sadly in this down turn of money times publishing is being hit hard and
although has killed off many magazines and new papers over the last few years its
at last come home to us.  Check with the BMR site to know when these magazines
will be available.