AFX Studio

By Michael Corvin

       She is best known for her role as Nancy in the 1984 horror classic
A Nightmare on Elm Street when she alone faced the gloved one Freddy,
and again in Nightmare 3 and once more in Wes Craven's New Night-
mare. But you may not know is that Heather Langerkamp along with her
husband David LeRoy Anderson both own and run the special effects
and make-up company AFX Studio. The effects company has created such works as the creatures in the
movie The Cabin in the Woods, Evan Almighty, Dawn of the Dead (remake) and Cinderella Man.

       David LeRoy Anderson, the son of make-up artist Lance Anderson, is no stranger to make-up effects,
worked with Rick Baker on such films as Men in Black and The Nutty Professor. Both films won Rick
Baker Oscars and that was shared with Anderson who was on Bakers team of effects artists. Together the
actress and the artist have gone on to do some great things as Heather is now a make-up artist and
effects coordinator in her own right. Their work in the horror/comedy Cabin in the Woods was truly
outstanding as they brought to life werewolves, demons and other mythical creatures for the movie.

       AFX Studio was started by David and his father 30 years ago after the two split off from working and
training under the master of all master make-up artists......the great Stan Winston. The first time David
worked on a Wes Craven film was The Serpent and the Rainbow and it was through Wes that he got to
meet Heather. He even made an appearance in the movie Wes Craven's New Nightmare where he played
the real-life husband to Heather who in this movie playing herself, an actress playing the part of Nancy.

       Along with films, the couple also worked on TV series like the very creepy American Horror Story
series of which they won an Emmy for. With both Oscars and Emmys under their belt, this powerhouse
make-up effects team are going strong and will do so more years to come.
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