Justin Vulich

By Michael Corvin

     This gifted Hollywood Make-up artist has been
on my back list of who I was going to feature for
some time now for his work has always been out-
standing. You may not know his name but you damn
sure saw his work. Born in October 1961, just weeks
before Halloween, John Vulich was destined to be the creator of monsters. As a talented sculptor, he took
his skills and became one of Hollywood’s driving forces in the creation of make-up creature design. His
work in film and TV spans over 30 years as the maker of zombies, aliens, vampires and so much more.

     He was the man behind the monsters in such films as The Lost
Boys, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Fright Night Part 2, Day of
the Dead and Return of the Living Dead. Vulich’s work in television
was also impressive with such shows are Charmed, Werewolf The
Series and Angel.  He won Emmy’s for his work on The X-Files,
Babylon 5 and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

     On October 12, the same month of his birth, much to the dismay
of the horror and movie world, John Vulich died at the age of only 55
in 2016. Although this highly talented make-up artist is now gone, his
work will live on forever in the films and TV shows that he put his finger
print on. Like I said before, you may of not known his name, but you
sure as hell seen his work. And the world is a better place for it.
Making Monsters:
Spotlight on Hollywood's
Makeup Artists