Glenn Hetrick

By Michael Corvin

    Born in 1972 on July 8th, Glenn Hetrick is one of
Hollywood’s best known make-up artists. His work is
well known even if you didn’t know the man who created
some of the movies and TV’s most seen monsters. His
work has been seen in the film Legion, The Hunger
Games, The Prestige as well as TV shows like The
X-Files, Buffy, Angel, Heroes and even CSI NY.

    Hetrick works out of his own workshop called Optic Nerve Studios in Hollywood where his company has
won Emmy Awards for Buffy, The X-Files and Babylon 5.  Working with a very different monster, Glen was
also the costume designer for Lady Gaga and is the man behind most of the lady monster’s wildest outfits.
I guess only a Hollywood horror make-up artist can create a dress made of raw meat.

    Since 2011 Glenn has served as head judge on the TV series reality show Face Off on the Syfy
channel. In the show, Glenn sits upon the panel where he oversees new and upcoming make-up artists, all
fighting to show their skills and win a million buck, a new car along with a shot at working on a real
Hollywood feature film. Glenn’s skill as artist himself gives him an insider’s view on how their work should
look and be and how they can fix and become better effects make-up artists.
Making Monsters:
Spotlight on Hollywood's
Makeup Artists