Patrick Tatopoulos

By Michael Corvin

     He was born in Paris, France with a passion to create fantastical things.
You may not know his name out right, but you have for sure seen his work on
the big screen. His work in Hollywood make-up effects has made him one of
the most sought after effects artists of the last 20 years. If you have seen Pitch
Black, Underworld, I Am Legend, Stargate, Spawn, Bram Stoker’s Dracula
and Godzilla, then you know his work if not his name.

     Patrick moved from France to the U.S. in 1989 and soon his talent for
creation was soon to be bestowed upon the movie world. In 1991, he worked on the movie The Doors
about the legendry rock band. Then from there, he worked on the movie Showdown in Little Tokyo also in
1991. As the years went on, Patrick’s work started showing up in such films as Supernova, Battlefield
Earth, I Robot, Van Helsing, Pitch Black and its sequel The Chronicles of Riddick.

     One of his best known films is the creator of the werewolf
and vampire make-up in the movie Underworld. Not only did
his Lycans stand out from any other werewolf ever seen, but
they were some of the most coolest werewolves in film history.
Patrick himself even directed the third film in the series himself,
Underworld: Rise of The Lycans. A little not here, if you didn’t
catch it before, my name is the same as one of the characters
in the Underworld movies.

     His work in film special effects make-up is not the only place you would have seen his work, for he has
worked on the small screen as well. The 1995 TV series, Space: Above and Beyond is where he created
the series aliens and in 2001, he created all the make-up for the monsters of the TV series Special Unit 2.

     When the reality show Face Off was just getting started
on the Syfy Channel, the producer of the show asked Patrick
Tatopoulos to join the show as one of the series make-up
judges. He and fellow artists would look over the make-up
jobs of the shows contestants to decide who of them was the
better artist, and who should win the competition. While on the
show, Patrick met and married the show’s host McKenzie
Westmore, daughter of Michael Westmore, and member of
the Westmore make-up family dating back to silent pictures.

     After leaving Face Off, Patrick has been working on new movies such as Gallo Walker, the Total Recall
remake, 300: Rise of an Empire and most recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. These are just a
few of this artists work for he has been part of movie making for almost 30 years. His work is everywhere
even if he’s not as well-known as a Rick Baker or Dick Smith, his work showcases his talents as a gifted
make-up artist.
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