The Monster Man Cleve Hall

By Michael Corvin

He is Hollywood’s Monster Man and effects master Cleve Hall who started his career in
the 1980’s working small low budget films honing his craft.  Cleve can take nearly any
object and turn that long ripped piece of carpet or couch foam and turn that into an
intimidating and frightening creature. His mastery of foam is unmatched to anyone and
has created some of film works craziest monsters.

Born in Florida on June 22 1959, he grew up living next to the family business, a ceme-
tery that most likely helped create the creature effects artist that he would become.
Growing up, young Cleve had an attraction for horror movies and after watching the movie Godzilla vs The Thing,
he created his own Godzilla costume. It looked so good that the people from Six Flags amusement parks took note
and wanted him to build one for them.

Wishing a career in the movie and special effects genre, Cleve opened his own effects
company called Imagination Productions and started working on small films.  Then in
the 1980’s he moved to Hollywood and started working on bigger productions. One of
his biggest starting points was the Tim Burton movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure where
he built a Godzilla costume for and even played the monster himself in the film. Cleve
went on to work with rock bands such as KISS where he created Gene Simmons chest
armor plating along with other on stage props for the band. He also worked with Alice
Cooper, Devo and the Insane Clown Posse.  Cleve even received an Emmy nomination
for creating the friendly monster costumes for the kids TV series Yo Gabba Gabba.

In 2012, Cleve Hall got the chance to star in his own Reality TV series called Monster
Man shown on the Syfy Channel. Here the maker of monsters could really show what
he could do as episode one showcased him building the two headed beast for the
movie Two Headed Shark Attack. Laos in the short lived series, Cleve built a werewolf,
a monster spider and space suits for the band Devo among his works on the show.  

Assisting The Monster Man in his workshop was his 3 daughters Constance, Elora and Zoe.  Together they have
turned making monsters and movie creatures into a family biz like no other effects company. Cleve has even tried
his hand as an actor playing mostly killers and in 2011 he played the killer in the film Black Dahlia Haunting and won
the Best Killer award in the 2013 Shockfest Film Festival. He even has played the keyboards in Punk and Death
Metal bands.

This jack of all trades and master of all has become one of horror’s driving forces in the genre.  Horror and sci/fi
fans can look forward to more from this Monster Man in the years to come.
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