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                                                                                                          Chapter 1

      “So I have to know.” Abbott said to the girl as they went to check out their new living arrangements within the large
office space Dante was providing. “It’s the middle of the day, how is it that you can walk around…..don’t you need to be in a
coffin or something right about now?”

      “Really!” she replied. “Don’t you know anything about vampires?”

      “Well, what I see in movies.”

      “Well just has you are not controlled by the full moon… in movies, vampires can operate in the day light just like
anyone else..”

      “But you’re so pale, you look like you never see the sun.”

      “Our skin don’t have blood running through it so we look pale.  I can’t stand in directed sun light for very long though.  I’
ll burn faster than most people, but no I will not explode or burst into flames if I’m in sunlight. The 1922 movie Nosferatu
created the myth that we burn up in the day light.  Most other films just followed suit but it’s not true.” she said as she
looked over her room from the doorway.

      “Sounds like you know a thing or two about werewolves as well.” Abbott said as he looked into the quarters beside hers
that was going to serve as his residence.

      “I know that you kind are born werewolves and not… in the movies bitten and turn at the light of the full moon. That
you have the power to change anytime, anywhere you wish.” she told him.

      “You do know werewolves.”

      “I once for a very brief time dated one…..he was a dog too.” she said with a smile.

      “Hey, what do you really think about this whole thing?” Abbott questioned.

      “What, us being handpicked to fight some evil wizard and living here in this office space slash apartment and training
center right at the top of the Empire State Building?” she said rolling her dark pretty eyes. “I find it strange, but if what Dante
is saying is true, then maybe we can help. Besides, I’m a little tired of shaking my butt for a living anyway.” she said smiling.
“Although compared to my apartment in LA, this room his smaller then my shoe closet.”

      “What do you make of our two team partners?” Abbott then asked.

      “Well the bull man seems like he don’t say much, but the demon I think is going to be trouble.” she said turning on the
light to her quarters for a better look at her new abode.

      “Hey I know her type, my last girlfriend was a demon.” Abbott said.


      “No…..not really a demon, but she was the devil.” he said as Lunar smiled. “No coffin!” he added as he looked over her
place with her.

      “Dog, I don’t sleep in a wooden box, God you’ve seen way to many movies. I sleep in a bed just like you. Now come on, I
think it’s time to walk you.” she said with a giggle. “Want to go out boy…..want to go out for a walk?”

      “Oh funny, blood sucker.”

      “I thought so.”

      “Well if anything, this is going to be one hell of an experience.” Abbott said as he left her room and took a look at his
right next door.

      “Yeah like Big Brother for monsters.” she said following him into his room.

                                                                                                      Chapter 2

      A moment later, the seven foot two Minotaur appeared at their room doors. “Dante wishes to see us in his office right
away.” he said in a husky voice as he held his head low so not to scrape the ceiling tiles with his two foot horns jutting out
from his head.

      “Something the matter bull?” Abbott asked.

      “It’s Dockin, she left to take on Matrix herself.” the large creature said as Abbott and Lunar followed the beast back to
Dante’s office.

      As they entered the room, Abbott took note of the broken window to the far right of Dante’s desk. “Did she…….?”

      “Yes Mr. Abbott, Dockin flew out the window and out over the city in broad daylight.” Dante said with disappointment in
his voice.

      “Well to be fair, this is New York City.  Most likely no one even paid attention to a red skinned winged demons bursting
out of an upper floor window of the Empire State Building at all.”  Abbott said lightheartedly.

      “Dog shut up.” Lunar said poking him in the ribs. “So this means what?” she said looking at Dante.

      “It means we have to go get her back before not only someone sees her, but before Matrix and his army of the undead
kill her.” Dante said.

      “Okay road trip!” Abbott said before looking toward the most inhuman creature he had ever laid eyes on. “Ah okay Moon
and me look like…..well you know……people! But how are we getting out of here with Bull man over there? We can’t just
take him down an elevator full of people you know.”

      In response Cobalt just sneered back at the werewolf before Dante replied. “Don’t worry, this building has many secrets
that most don’t know about.”

      “What, like a hidden secret elevator somewhere?” Abbott asked.

      “Why yes Mr. Abbott just that very thing.” Dante said as she walked over to a bookcase and slid it to the side to reveal
the doors to a hidden elevator shaft tucked away in the center of the immense building.

      “No way, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Abbott cried out in shock.

      “A little left over from the days of Al Capone.  He had this lift put in and this office built to suit his needs when at the
height of the Great Depression this building was fabricated. Most people know nothing of this but me being bit of an offbeat
historian, discovered this office space some time back and made sure to acquire it when looking to build my team of
supernatural heroes. Before this, it was a dentist office or something normal.” Dante said as he ordered the elevator doors
open and he stepped inside. “Come on its safe.”

      “Ah…..after you big guy!” Abbott said to Cobalt as the large beast stepped within the small lift with Dante making it creak
under his great weight. “I think Moon and I will take the next ride…..thanks.”

      “I will send it back to you.” Dante told them as the doors closed and he and the Minotaur descended.

      “This is getting strange.” Abbott said looking over at Lunar.

      “What stranger then us chasing after a demon who is hunting a sorcerer and teamed with a magician and a Minotaur?”
she said shaking her head.

      “Yeah, that too.” he replied as they waited for the elevator to return.

      Several minutes went by before the elevator returned as the pair stepped within the six by six box. “There’s only one
button…..for down.” Abbott said looking for more options.

      “Well push it and let’s see where it takes us.” Lunar said as her companion hit the button and the doors closed.

      “Where do you think this goes?” he asked.

      “Well I don’t think it’s going to stop at the main lobby.” she remarked in jest.

      “If Capone had this thing installed, who knows where it goes.” Abbott said just as the container they were in seemed to
drop even faster than usual. “Is this normal?” he cried out.

      “How the hell should I know?  I’m on this ride for the first time too.”

      “I bet that big guy broke this thing and we are going to fall to our deaths.” he shouted just as the elevator seemed to at
last come to a stop and the doors opened to fine Dante standing just outside of the device.

      “Had a good trip I see.” Dante said with a smile as the two stepped off the elevator.

      “Where is this place?” Lunar asked looking around.

      “Again, a left over from the Capone era, this small sub-basement was built so that he and his goons could escape if the
law or another gang were after him. The hidden elevator and this room lead to a nearby alleyway from where we will come
out onto the street.” Dante told his group before turning on a set of lights at the other end of the room to showcase the
vehicle that they would be depart in.

      “Not bad Dante!” Abbott said as he laid eyes upon what looked like a modified assault vehicle used to transport troops.

      “This will be our ride.” Dante said with a grin. “She is part tank part swat van designed for Desert Storm but never went
into full production. It will be just the ride we need to take us from location to location without anyone seeing our less than
human looking passengers.” Dante said before turning his attention upon the Minotaur. “Sorry Cobalt.”

      “I…..understand.” the big beast said lowing his head.

      “So let’s go, who wants to drive?” Dante said holding up the truck’s keys.

      “I’ll take that job.” Abbott said as Lunar slid into the front passenger seat.

      “I got shotgun!” she called as Dante and the half man half bull Cobalt climbed into the back door where there were no
windows to display its travelers.

      At nearly four hundred pounds, Cobalt’s immense bulk made the truck creak under his weight as he took a seat in the
large bench seat designed for only him.

      “Strap in big guy…..we are going for a ride!” Abbott called out as he turned on the big V-8 454 big block engine as it
roared to life. “I think I’m going to like this!” he added as he moved the large vehicle up the little pathway that led to the ally
way two blocks from the sight of the Empire State Building. “Now this is cool!”

      Once the vehicle breached the outside by way of a trap door built into the wall of the alley, Abbott took the team out into
the streets of New York.

      “So, where are we heading boss?” Abbott called out.

      “Just follow the GPS that I preset for us Mr. Abbott.” Dante told him as their vehicle drove through the New York streets
and over the 59th street Bridge leading out to the Borough of Queens.

      As they drove, Dante took note of the sad look upon Cobalt’s face. “What’s the matter my friend?” he asked.

      “I am worried about Dockin.” he said in a low deep voice.

      “I know me too but she should not have gone off on her own.” Dante replied.

      “I know.” Cobalt said as he sat back in his seat trying to rest up for the battle ahead. With his war hammer in hand, he
was by far the biggest, strongest of the team and yet in many ways, he was the most sensitive of them. Although proud for
being part of a great line of Minotaur warriors, he was also remorseful for how he looked to the outside normal world. For he
knew that their stealth full new vehicle was primary being used to hide him and Dockin from the outside world who knew
nothing of their very existence.

      As Abbott followed the GPS, it brought them out to Long Island and to an open field on an old milk farm. “Hey this thing
brought us here…..and here is nothing” Abbott said looking back at Dante behind him.

      “No this is it, everyone out.” their leader called as each climbed out of the large black attack truck.

      “Not to be a buzz kill here, but this sun is like burning my pale skin.” Lunar stated just as Dante saw something moving
on the other side of the field.

      “Abbott can you see what that is on the other side?” Dante asked as the werewolf stepped forward and drew all his
attention to the moving figures on the other side of the farms enormous cow pasture.

      With his keen eye sight, Abbott zeroed in on the figures as there seemed to be some sort of skirmish just on the other
side about four hundred yards from where the team stood. “It’s the demon Dockin, she is fighting people as they have her
grounded as she is swinging two hand held axes at her attackers.”

      “Good, how many in all?”

      “Dante, I see ten……no eighteen people she’s fighting at once.”

      “They are not people Mr. Abbott……they are a Matrix army of the dead.”

      “You mean like zombies?” Lunar asked turning to look at her leader.

      “Yes Miss Moon…..zombies.

      “Oh great!” she said turning her attention back to the action across the way. “I hate zombies!”

      “I would think you and them would be like two peas in a pod, you know you both being dead and all.” Abbott said

      “Shut up dog……and I’m not dead……it’s more like undead.” she responded.

      “Okay my friends, this is your moment, show me what you got.” Dante called out as he and his team rushed across the
field to aid Dockin in her battle with the walking dead.

                                                                                                  End of Episode 2
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