An Interview With Watch Party Host Eddie Harlow of EDDIES

By AL J. Vermette

     We all give back to the genres we so love by sharing with others our passions.  Some of us
write books, publish magazines, run haunted houses, create artwork, make films, and some
become horror film hosts.  But for Eddie Harlow his passion for classic horror and sci/fi directed
toward a new medium in the form of Facebook watch parties.  Each night Eddie presents movies
on his watch party group EDDIES MOVIES where he shares his passion with 200 devoted friends
and fans along with his co-host Lisa Stewart.  Each night Eddie will show not only two or more
films but also movie trailers and cartoons as well. ……..Oh and by the way, yours truly is also a
devoted member of the group as it has become my nightly ritual as well.

AL Vermette:  Eddie, you and I both grew up enjoying many of the same movies in the classic
horror and sci/fi genres.  What are some of your favorite films?
Eddie Harlow:
 Well to be honest with you, my fav are Curse Of Frankenstein, Horror Of Dracula, Friday
The 13th.  Also The Day The Earth Stood Still and so many more.

AV:  I remember first joining your watch parties almost a year ago when you presented them in
the Sevengoolie Facebook group,  When did you decide to branch out and start your own group
Eddie's Movies?
 The reason I started my own movie room was I was not allowed to show Rated horror movies in the
other room plus I had so many movies to show so just found out how to start my own room and love doing it
so much.

AV:  Since starting your own group, you have gathered a loyal following of fans (myself
included) who join you each night.  Where did you find everyone and make them aware of your
new group?
 I posted on Svengoolie’s page, my own timeline and by word of mouth and now I have over 200

AV:  The group sort of works like your own personal movie network like Turner Classic Movies
only using Facebook as your network.  Was that your intent… for if it was brilliant my friend?
 Yes it was AL, I just wanted to show the movies when I wanted to.

AV:  Please tell my readers about some of the movies you have shown over the last few months
on Eddie's Movies.
 Well I have shown all The Dead movies; Night, Dawn also Day of the Dead. I shown Jaws, Friday The
13th Parts 2,3,6,8, The Haunting, Hills Have Eyes 1,2.  Movies from the 30’s to the 90’s, too many to list.

AL:  What are some of the films you have yet to showcase that you would like to present for
your viewers in the future?
 Well in the weeks to come, I will show Zombi 2, The Evil, The New Years Evil plus before the
movies, I show cartoon and movie trailers.

AL:  When making a selection for a movie showing, how do you choose that night's films?
 Well to be honest, I have an idea what I am going to show that night when I get up in the morning.  I
look up to see if they have it.

AL: Please tell my readers where they can find Eddie's Movies so they too can join and enjoy
your nightly shows?
 Well go to Facebook and type in EDDIES MOVIES and ask to join.  It’s that easy.  Hope you can
join us!  We do have fun!
For interview with Watch
Party Host Eddie Harlow