Interview with artist Judy Sach

By D.W. Jones

Judy Sachs came to us when she wanted to contribute to our
Nightmare Gallery section.  We loved what she sent us and
thought the artwork that she create was very unique.  So we
wanted to know more about her, her art and what is the inspira-
tion behind her work. So enjoy the interview and catch her work
in this issue’s Nightmare Gallery.  

D.W. Jones: Were you always into art?  When did you get
Judy Sach:
First off, many thanks for showing my work!  Yes, I have
always been into art.  When I was young I was drawing with pastels and painting with acrylics in art
school.   In the last 4-5 years (pre minis) I was designing jewelry.

DWJ:  Was you art always related to horror genre? Specifically
the old Victorian horror that you present in your artwork?  How
did you get started in making these dioramas?
I am a new artist for this genre (only 2 years) and am already hav-
ing the time of my life with my tiny twisted creatures and cats.   Showing
off my skills in Victorian and Gothic style pieces using eyeballs, skulls
and mixing in crystals and antiqued metals to tie it all together I enjoyed
a small but dedicated audience showing/selling these pieces in shops
in San Francisco.

After a time my jewelry felt stale and it became time to try something
new.  I love anything miniature so I picked up a few 6 inch skeletons
and began manipulating them into a scene.  My first design was in a
cemetery.  I learned a lot through trial and error with that piece and with-
in 6 months I was creating what you see now.  I was addicted!  I thank
my moving to San Francisco for its beautiful architecture in helping me
develop a more Gothic and Victorian presence in my work, and I thank
all the glorious horror movies and novels I have watched and read over the decades for my insight.

DWJ: How big are the dioramas that you make? Do you make different sizes?
The largest dioramas I create are about 21’’ by 13’’, smaller ones are 12’’x 12'' , but I do cloches as
well which are as small as 4’’ and carry one tiny twisted theme.  The largest pieces are my Tiny Twisted
Theatre story tellers, which show many different themes all at once.  

DWJ: Did you always have a fascination with skeletons?
I love skulls and skeletons and they appear all over my flat as well as in my choice of fashion, leather
and skulls, accessories such as what McQueen does with his beautiful scarves, I can’t get enough I think
they’re beautiful to behold.

DWJ: All of your dioramas contain cats.  Is that because of the connection that cats have with
the horror genre?
I love cats!  My cats are actually anything but sinister as they are usually just looking for trouble in each
Tiny Twisted Theatre scene.  They are there to enhance the story but also as a source of comic relief.  
Some cats just don’t give a damn about what’s going on and some are there to aid in creating the plot.  So
you see a few are blood suckers but most are there to change the scene and the mood.  

DWJ: Do you plan to branch out in other types of dioramas or different formats?
Currently I am working in room boxes, cloches (bubbles), and bird cages. We shall see what tomorrow

DWJ: Are your pieces of artwork for sale?  Do you do
custom work on demand?
My current designs are for sale at:  www.TinyTwisted  I am also working on some custom pieces for
my clients using small boxes depicting all of my customer’s
loves and lifestyle incorporated inside.  For example one I just
finished is called ‘Life of Shelley” which shows my client,
Shelley as my skeleton working out.  I also incorporated
books she likes to read, shopping bags for her love of shop-
ping, popcorn bags and a birthday cake being eaten by a
spider all for her birthday. This custom work is loads of fun and
my customers love it!  Send me a budget and a list of your likes and loves and I make a Tiny Twisted
Theatre box all about you.  Makes a great (and unusual) birthday or wedding gift.

DWJ: What are you plans for the future?
Keep growing, learning and experimenting. I am also looking into different venues to show off my work
in person.  I was honored in October of 2017 to have been accepted into the juried, Beverly Hills Art Show
and given The Honorable Mention award in my category for mixed media 3D. I am in contact with other
venues for Tiny Twisted Theatre to be on display in the not too distant future as well.

DWJ: Besides here at Blood Moon Rising Nightmare Gallery, how can people interested in your
work see it?
Currently you can see my work online at but I am also working on an
interview and will be shown on ‘The Daily Mini’, an online publication dedicated to all things miniature. My
work will also be shown on The Stray Branch’ in October.  Previously I was artist of the month online for
February 2018 on Horrorzine online, and published in  ‘The Horrorzine’ Magazine for Spring 2018.  This
year I hope to be accepted into a gallery and have one in mind from whom I met when recently I visited The
French Quarter in New Orleans.