Interview with Al Omega from Creature

By Dark Soul

He is one of the shining gems of the Horror Host world.  He is
Al Omega, the star of Creature Features internet horror series.
As a Horror Host, Al continues the long legacy of the hosts that
came before him with his horror of the genre and the talent of a
show host.   

Dark Soul: Love the show, how and when did you come up
with it?
Al Omega:
I got sucked into it. We used to have a show called
Creature Features in my area decades ago and I had an associate
that knew the producer from the old show and told me that they were
bringing it back and needed my help setting it up and taping some promo episodes. That host gave up
after only 2 shows and since I did all the work (building the set and props, painting, writing the scripts), I
decided I'd sit in the chair and do the show.

Dark Soul: I like your set design on the show, how many props do you have?
Al Omega:
I don't really think of having props. Technically it's all set dressing. I guess Bob is the only prop
besides the radio (don't touch it, he's grumpy). But if you want to count all the little things... maybe 30?

Dark Soul: How do you pick the films that you like to show on Creature Features?
Al Omega:
Purely whatever I want, that's also copyright free. But sometimes fans send in a film or make

Dark Soul: To date how many episodes have you shot of Creature Features?
Al Omega:
I've been doing this for almost 10 years now so about 500.

Dark Soul: What was the spark that made you want to become an Internet horror host?
Al Omega:
I never got up one day and said "this is what I want to do".  But once I started, it did seem to
suit me. I love horror, sci-fi and Lovecraft. I get to go to conventions and interview celebrities and of course
sit around watching bad movies!

Dark Soul: Growing up, have you always been a fan of horror B-movies?
Al Omega:
Oh, yes. When they brought out the big book and showed the pages of how to summon this or
that, I was the kid that took notes.

Dark Soul: What are some of the upcoming films you plan to have on the show?
Al Omega:
That's hard to say. Many of these movies are shy and have been mistreated. I have to coax
them out and speak soothingly to them sometimes and they don't always cooperate.

Dark Soul: Where can our Blood Moon Rising readers find your show?
Al Omega:
Well, there's the website which is always the best place to
go. But I'm on youtube and Vimeo. I also post on my facebook pages or and in a number of other horror pages on facebook.
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