Interview with Deadhead Daddy
of internet series "Creepy Things"

By Dark Soul

He is the new internet sensation when it comes
to reviewing movies, books, magazines, and
comics! He is Deadhead Daddy and in his very
first magazine interview, we talk with this very
enterprising ghoul about this new internet series “Creepy Things.”

Dark Soul: I love the show, how and when did you come up with its concept?
Thanks for having me Dark Soul!  Glad you like the show!  I grew up in the Akron, Ohio
area watching horror hosts like The Ghoul, Superhost, and Big Chuck & Lil John. In February of 2016, I
decided I wanted to start a YouTube channel reviewing horror as a creative outlet. I realize there's a ton of
people doing that, so I wanted to do something to set myself apart. I used my horror host heroes as
inspiration and created the Deadheaddaddy persona. Well, that and an old zombie mask laying around.

Dark Soul: What is your process for picking what movies, books, and magazines that you will
talk about on the show?
Honestly, I reached out to every film, publishing, and record company I could find and
asked them for screeners, demos, or anything they could share with me to review. As it turns out,
independent companies are more willing to donate stuff or send links. Now, I actually prefer covering
independent work - it gives these smaller companies some exposure and introduces horror fans to the
entertainment they might not find elsewhere. I've always rooted for the underdog, now I can help in my
small way.

Dark Soul: I like your look and the name, how did you develop the look and style of
Deadheaddaddy along with the name?
The name was actually the easy part. I am a huge fan of Grateful Dead and the proud
father of 3 kids, so I've been going by the nickname Deadheaddaddy for years. When I decided to do the
show, it seemed a natural fit. Especially since I was using that zombie mask. As for my style, it's a slight
variation on how I dress normally. I call it horror/hippie shiek! LOL

Dark Soul: To Date how many Creepy Things shows have to shot so far?
I'm about to film my 16th episode and there's a handful of special episodes on top of
that. I also have the anniversary/Creepy Things Award show coming in February.

Dark Soul: Please tell our fans all about your Creepy Things Awards presentation and how and
where they can see it?
Ah, yes. February will mark one year of the show so I wanted to do something special
for the fans and everyone who has helped Deadheaddaddy's Creepy Things. Hence the awards show. I'll
be awarding Best Magazine (Blood Moon Rising Magazine is one of the nominees), Best Album, Best
Comic Book, Best Comic Book Artist, Best Director, and Best Film. Nominees are all from the past year's
reviews and there's a special Horror Host of The Year Award. I picked all the nominees and winners, but
next year, I'm hoping my following will be big enough to let the fans vote.

If all goes according to plan, you'll be able to catch the show's premiere on The Monster Channel in
February and of course on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to my channel or like my Facebook
group for more details.

Dark Soul: Please tell us about your show becoming part of The Monster Channel and when we
can catch new episodes?
I love being part of The Monster Channel family! I was looking for a new home for the
show that could help promote me to a bigger audience and provide a sense of community with other
hosts. No one does either better than The Monster Channel! My show is usually on every weekend
somewhere around 10-11:30 pm Eastern. You can check listings with my FB or The Monster Channel

Dark Soul: Have you always been a horror genre fan and growing up what were some of the
horror movies and TV shows you most enjoyed?
I have an older sister who is a huge horror fan, so I've always loved the genre. Growing
up, I watched a lot of classics like Godzilla and Universal - with Hammer Films being my favorite. The
Ghoul aired "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" and "Deathdream" quite often, so those are
favorites. Naturally, in my teens I was all about slasher films too!

Dark Soul: …..And lastly, what does Deadheaddaddy do on Halloween?
One of my children was born on October 28th and another on October 30th, so usually
partying! LOL! I also try to watch the original Halloween and Trick R Treat every year! Again, thanks for
having me and STAY CREEPY!
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