An Interview with Movie Director
Lance Reha of Lake Films
By AL J. Vermette

For years this gifted filmmaker has been friends
with Blood Moon Rising and has shared his films
with us. It's been a while but I wanted to get in
touch with Lance again and talk about his movies
and his company Lake Films.

AL: Please tell our Blood Moon Rising readers about your movies and how you got started in
film making?
At a young age (After seeing Night of the living dead), I wanted to make movies. I didn't want to be
an actor but a director and I wanted to shoot my own films, which I do to this day. I bugged my parents until
they gave in and bought me my first camera. A super 8mm film camera and a projector! Immediately I
wrote a couple of simple 'scripts' and gathered my brother and our neighborhood friends and started
making movies. When they were done (I didn't even know what editing was back then!), I would have
everyone over for a 'premiere night' in our living room. Fast forward to today, except for knowing a hell of a
lot more and better equipment, etc., I still basically work the same way. Granted, we use professional
actors, musicians, writers, etc. Oh and we rent a nice hall for our premiere's, not my living room anymore.

AL: To date how many films have you shot over the years?
To date 35. Most are shorts with a few feature lengths.

AL: What was the one movie you enjoyed making and why?
I really love making all of them and have no real favorites (They are all my babies lol). But if I had to
pick one experience, I would have to say "EVICTION". It was my first 'zombie' film. And just seeing all
those extras in makeup was thrilling. I remember one scene when the zombies were coming down the
street I turned to the writer and said 'We're making a zombie flick!'

AL: What movie projects do you have waiting in the wings that you would like to talk about?
We just finished a film "PHOTOKILL" which was written by Tom Bragg. It's a really good
thriller/horror and it was our first film after a small break from filmmaking. I loved making it because we
were back on set again and I got to use some new toys such as a Steadicam, a drone and a 4k camera.
And the film is really doing well on the festival circuit. As of today, it already has been in 9 festivals. The
next one on the burner is a short drama/thriller "To Be Normal" Written by Tom Bragg. There are a few
other ideas also. Chris Mancuso, the other writer wrote a script "Last Call" (A feature) a while back and
we've been toying with doing that one for a while. At our level, taking on a feature is a huge undertaking for
all involved. So, we'll see.

AL: How did you get into making horror films?
I was always into everything horror as a kid. I loved Halloween and always had the best dressed
house on the block on Halloween. Bodies hanging, coming out of the ground, a cemetery and of course my
friends and I dressed up to add to the scares! I actually had haunted houses in my basement and in the
woods by my house all through the year. I had a huge collection of masks and loved watching horror.

AL: What is your all time most loved horror movie and why?
It all started after I saw a little film called 'Night of the Living Dead'. The rawness of that film made
you feel like you were watching a documentary. And, of course, the story of how it was made. A bunch of
friends gathering some money and going out and making their film.

AL: What films have you shot outside of the horror genre that our readers should know about?
I have a lot. Not all of my films are horror. Most of them do have that 'twilight zone' twist in them.

AL: So where can our readers find your films?
Lance: or Facebook:
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