Interview with the Indigo Spirit Andres De Jesus

By AL J. Vermette

He has the power of insight, a man who can sense your emotions and read your thoughts, he is
Andres De Jesus. A gifted psychic who I met this past October when he performed on stage for
our Blood Fest 12 Halloween event. He was a delight to meet and talk with and this interview
follows his appearance at Blood Fest.    

AL: Please tell our readers about when you first started doing readings.
I first started to do readings when I was fourteen in high school.

AL: Please tell us how it all works, how you feel and react when doing someone's reading.
When doing readings, I have many different experiences. When I am sitting in front of someone I
can feel their energy, sometimes good impressions and not so good impressions. I see visions and
images in my head and I get a natural flow of words as if I already know what to tell the person. I am an
energy psychic so I read the energy of the person, feelings, visions, impressions and infused thoughts.

AL: When did you know that you had this amazing gift?
In class one day, in ninth grade, I had a sudden urge to tell a classmate about what had
happened to her the night before, and I asked her to scribble on a piece of paper and that was my first

AL: Please take us through what a reading would be like if we were sitting with you now.
 In a typical reading, I ask the person to relax and just look at me. I gaze into the person's eyes,
which is the strongest conductor of energy for me. I start to just talk and tell them whatever comes to me,
whether it's a question they had or not. This is just to get familiar with their energy. I don't really ask
questions. After I tell them what I see, they help me organize my thoughts by verifying the information I am
giving them. I then ask them to guide me with questions if they have any. Pretty much I do the talking at
first. I may get energy impressions where a loved one that has passed comes through as a message or
vision, not so much an appearance as I can control what kind of energy flows to me.

AL: When doing a reading, what comes first to you about that person?
The first thing that comes to me when I read a person is their state of emotions. I first feel what
they are feeling at the moment, their intrigue, fear, insecurity, curiosity, etc. I then get instant questions from
their mind without them verbally saying anything.

AL: Is there ever a case where you can’t read someone?
Rarely; I think it has happened three or four times in my life time as a psychic. The first was and
still is my best friend whom as hard as I try, I cannot read. It's like there is a block which I attribute to the
fact that we know each other too well. Then there are those people who have tried to make me look bad by
asking for a reading when indeed they didn't believe in this kind of work as they were toying with my time,
to which I just tell them that I know their intention and a psychic challenge is not what I am there for. The
third kind of person is that one that has such bad energy that it physically makes me feel sick, which
makes it hard to be in the same room with the person, which has happened twice.

AL: When you read people, can you read only one at a time or can you cover more than one
person in a room at the same time?
Yes, I can read a group at a time.  As an energy psychic, I've had to learn to discern energy flows
that come to me at once. I can know now whose energy I am picking up and what kind it is.

AL: What is the best and worst thing about being a psychic?
The best thing about being a psychic is that you feel like a super hero at times, especially when
ego is at its best. Actually, being able to show people the wonders of the Mind and the Spirit, and the gifts
that is rooted within us, and helping people feels really good.
The worst thing is that I can feel everything and everyone. Some psychics have it worse than others. I have
an extreme gift to feel. Dating is not easy, as the relationship may be over before it starts. Sometimes I
wish I didn't know certain things but it so happens I always know something extra.

AL: Are psychics born with this gift or is it something that can be learned over time by anyone?
Psychic powers are innate. We all have it inside but dormant for most people. It cannot be
learned, rather developed.

AL: If you could do a reading on anyone in all the world living or dead, who would that be?
I would love to have read Mother Teresa, as she is my number one idol. She exemplifies the true
meaning of faith.  I would have liked to know about her journey with God and see what her Spirit looked