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Interview with Ty Schwamberger,
Author of Night School
                                            By AL Vermette                        

AL: When did you first know that you wanted to become a writer?

As far back as I can remember, I have always enjoyed the written word.  My
passion for books started during my childhood when my mom would read my
favorite books to me before bedtime.

My first experience with actually writing something came back in the 5th grade.  
During English class, the teacher would give us notebooks to write short stories.  
My stories were never the normal themes you would expect from a young boy.  
Instead, mine were always of the scary variety.  I still have the notebook to this
very day.  Perhaps one day I will expand on one of the ideas and write
something that fans of the horror genre would enjoy reading.

AL: Please tell our readers about your newest novel Night School?

Ty: I dabbled here and there with writing during my high school and college days
(when I wasn't writing term papers), but didn't really dive into it until mid-2008.  I
started writing Night School at the beginning of May 2008 and pounded out
100,000 words in exactly three months.  That is pretty fast for any writer to do
and I am extremely proud of how quickly the storyline came together.
I could go into the ins and outs of Night School, but I think it is best told by
reading the synopsis, below.

Mr. Ben Sanders has gone missing and his infatuated student Brenda is
determined to find him. She and Ben’s friend Tim are concerned his
disappearance has something to do with the screams that came from a house on
Denison Street and the mutilated bodies that are popping up all over town.
Things are about to become more complex in Brenda’s life. She uses the “skills”
she has learned from being the community Peeping Tom to play20detective and
piece together clues to hopefully create a map to Ben’s location.

During the search for Ben, Brenda & Tim come face to face with seedy
characters wandering the streets at night; drugs dealers, prostitutes and oh yes,
all those dead bodies.

Who is this maniac running loose on the streets at night? Why does he do it?
What does he want? Brenda and Tim will find out soon enough.

AL: Is the horror genre something that you mostly write in or do you
dabble in other genres as well?

I pretty much stick to the scary stuff, simply because that is what I have
always enjoyed watching and reading.  I like how a horror writer can make pretty
much anything into something scary.

You can start a story with a man walking a cute dog down the street, enjoying
the outdoors, his life and his dog.  Now, you can make that scary by having a
madman in a car jump the curb, taking them both out.  Say the dog dies but the
guy ends up in the hospital and has to fight for his life.  Then after getting out of
the hospital, perhaps the guy goes on a mission to find the reckless driver and
put him out of his misery.

See what I mean?  Even the everyday things we enjoy can turn into someone’s

That is what writing horror is all about.  You have to try new angles on a classic
story or character or writing about something no one else has ever thought
about before.

AL: Your werewolf story "Thirst" has been published in our publication
"Werewolf Magazine" Issue #9 but where else would our readers find
your work as well?

My first short story, ‘Gnomus’, was published on Orion’s Child Magazine in
August 2008. You can actually still find it there in the archives at: http://www.

My second story, ‘Thirst’ was accepted for publication in Werewolf Magazine.
Another short story, ‘The Ringmaster’ has been accepted for publication again
on Orion’s Child Magazine.  I don’t know the exact release date, but it should be

I have also posted a short story of mine, called, ‘Jacob’s Mind’ on my website.  
This story was done in parts over a month or so and is now complete and
available for anyone to read.

Besides the short stories, I have written a number of book reviews for Withersin
Magazine.  They are available on their website at:

AL: Of any of your book or stories which one would you most like to see
turned into a movie and why?

There is actually a small film production company that is currently reviewing
three of my short stories to possibly make a short film from one of them.  These
stories are actually part of a Chapbook I have been working on and have yet to
be published.

Although, with what has been published so far, I think my novel Night School
would make for a creepy movie in that all the elements of a good horror story are
there; seedy characters, sexual content, violence, gore, surprise, anguish, etc.
I think ‘Thirst’ would be more suitable as a short film, if it was able to be done
right – having a believable main character that bits and drinks from the dead and
eventually becomes a werewolf.  Though, I have heard from one film production
company that constructing a realistic werewolf costume wouldn’t be easy…who
knows though, perhaps one day something will come of it.

AL: What other books and stories do you have in the works that you
would like to talk about?

I already mentioned the Chapbook that I am working on.  Actually, the three
short stories have been written and edited and I am currently waiting for a local
artist (the same one that did the cover to Night School) to finish her side of the
book.  The Chapbook will have a title of 11:11 (as in the time) and each story will
somehow involve that element.  It is currently being reviewed by a publisher in
the UK.
I also just finished a short story, called ‘Rebirth : The Rise of Pharaoh Masika.’
As you might imagine from the title, it is about a Mummy that is brought back to
life and spills havoc on a select group of people.  Currently, I am in the process
of editing it and will be sending it out to various magazines, shortly.
I do have one novel length manuscript that I was working on before Night School
was accepted for publication.  I am only about 20,000 words into it, but had to
put it to the side when my first novel was going to be published.  Though I have
written several short stories during the time of publication for Night School, I
haven’t had the opportunity to delve back into the second novel.  Perhaps when
things calm down a little bit as far as promoting Night School, I will be able to get
back to it.

AL: Where can our readers find your new novel Night School at?

You can always read more about me and Night School on my website at: http:
// There are links on my site where you can go
and purchase a copy of the book or you can go straight to or