Behind The Screams of

Bloodfest 6 ,Oct 24, 2009

By AL J. Vermette

On October 24, AL Vermette publisher of Blood Moon Rising and head of Sapphire
Publications, once again threw his annual Halloween party, Bloodfest 6.  Though the
gods threaten to cancel the event with ran and wind, the part went on and proved to
be a rousing success.  Many came out to see the lineup of magicians, rock bands,
storytelling and movies.  

The day began at 11:30am with our pre-show located in the lower lobby of the
Queens Public Library, located in Flushing, Queens.  We had R.J. Williams do closeup
magic for children and adults alike, astounding everyone and had them scratching
their heads.  In the same lobby, Shoshana Strier told tales of horror to the kids as they
sat nervously listening intently to her every word.

After the pre-show and a slight delay, the main show began.  First visitors were
escorted through our haunted tunnel, where various ghouls and creatures were
waiting the unsuspecting people.  Once they got through that, they was seated in the
auditorium and greeted by Shoshana Strier to introduce the show and quickly got
dispatched by our host and favorite ghoul, Dark Soul.  

Didi Maxx was our first act  which was a combination of magic / dance performance
that dazzled the audiences and left them stunned.  With flashing lights and music
throughout, the dance and action reminded me of Cirque de Soleil  

Next, came R. J Williams and Jasper the magician do their stint and give the crowd
more wonderful magic.  The kids loved both of these guys and they even got candy
after the performances.

While the band set up, the host Dark Soul, conducted the costume contest where
many of the kids came up to show off their costumes.  Next came the scream contest
where many of the kids and girls bellowed out such screams to rival the scream
queens of our favorite horror movies.  

Then it was time for the rock band Decembers Fall.  With the sound very similar to
Evanescence, they rocked the audience as they played original tunes that had a
haunting sound that played into the shows theme.

To wrap up our show, we had a special performance by Gigi Marie, associated with
Light and Dark Productions, in honor of Joe Lauria.  Joe Lauria was an actor for Light
and Dark who played the Black Rose Killer for many years.  Next, they showed an
upcoming preview to their new movie on DVD Sins of the Father.  They also helped
BMR with their intro that included the Black Rose Killer and Malik in a face off.

After that, Patrick Devaney director, brought us the newest episode of Zombie
Hunters: City of the Dead.  Despite being at the end of the show, the audience was
still their enjoying the action and horror of zombies in New York.
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Shoshana Strier reading to the children
(above) and R.J. Williams doing one on one
magic with one of our visitors (right)
R.J. Williams with the help of audience
members proceed with magic act.
Our haunted tunnel at the beginning of
our show.
Jasper the magician conversing with the
kids to assist with trick.
The staff of Light and Dark with Rellik
(far left) and The Black Rose Killer (far
Black Rose Killer