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                                                                                                    Chapter 1

“How are you feeling Dax?”

“I am fine doctor Jackson; please give me the information you have on where my mate Dargo is?”

“Well from what I could gather the last few weeks is that Dargo must be held in an unknown location unfamiliar to any of the main
authorities. I have a friend who is a computer hacker and he told me that in his digging around in both civilian and through government
channels, that there is nothing about a winged man spoken of anywhere. It’s like Dargo just vanished off the face of the Earth.”

“But he must be somewhere Doctor Jackson. I know nothing of what you just said about com…..computers or hackers? But I know my
mate must be somewhere in this city…..that I can feel him.” Dax said as she held her hand over her ever growing belly.

“Well here’s what I do have though.” the good doctor tried to say in an upbeat tone before the distraught Dax. “Yes I don’t think whoever
took Dargo brought him very far. If he had, I think something would have leaked out by now. I don’t think it was a government operation in
his capture but someone with the power to bring together just enough of a team to bring him down and hide him from the rest of the world.
If they wanted to expose you both, he would have been showcased to every news feed on the planet. But he was not, so that means the
people who have him are keeping his capture hush, hush, maybe waiting to capture you too before they do whatever they are planning.”

“So then they may be waiting to have me too, is that what you are saying Doctor Jackson?”

“They may but my friend in his digging around found using your description of Dargo’s attackers that it’s most likely that someone within
the New York police department may have him. That a small group within the department under a man named Captain Fuller may be the
one who has Dargo.”

“Then why did you not say that before?”

"Well, I was getting to it…..sorry.”

“Who…..who is this man Captain Fuller, and why would he want to hold Dargo?”

“Well from what was dug up about Fuller is that he is a real church nut.”

“A church nut?” Dax questioned with a puzzled look over her face.

“Well that’s someone who……well for a lack of a better description, is nuts about the bible and follows it word for word. This may be the
kind of man who sees you and Dargo as monsters…..or sorry to say but demons.”

“Yes, this is how your kind has viewed us since the beginning of your race. The word demon has been branded upon us and fear of us
has been always.”

“I’s most likely what you feed upon is why the human race fears and hates your kind Dax…..I’m sorry to say.”

“Do we not have the right to live too, the human race feed upon cows, chickens and fish as they are slaughtered by the hundreds.”

“Well nowadays, by the millions. I would think but they are not human and they are our food source.” Jackson said trying to not anger the
winged being before him.

“So this Captain Fuller, could he be the man holding my mate?”

“It could be Dax.  You did say that the men who took Dargo were dressed as cops, but if they were just cops, the news about him would
have leaked by now after weeks. No this Fuller must have formed a small task force in order to capture you and Dargo, made up of men
within his own department, maybe even men like him deep with their noses in the pages of the bible. Men who like himself are looking to
hunt the only living demons known to exist.”

“So then I will let them have me too.”

“No…..Dax what are you saying?”

“If my capture means that I will be brought to Dargo, then so be it.”

“Dax, you can’t do that, and you are pregnant! They will never allow you to have this baby…..and if they do, the child will be taken and
used as a lab rat. You cannot let them have you too.” Jackson cried out. “Give me a day or so to think this through, let me find a way to
make this right and get Dargo back from them.”

“How Doctor Jackson, how will you do this?”

“I don’t know, but let me see what I can do before your turn yourself over to these people.”

                                                                                                    Chapter 2

“We are going to have to feed the creature or he will die soon, he grows weaker by the day.” Doctor Allen said as he and Captain Fuller
stood before Dargo’s cage.

“Good, I want the beast weak, the weaker the better.”

“Even if he dies?”

“My god Doctor, it does not matter if and when he dies, As soon as we capture his female bitch he will be executed anyway.” Fuller
replied coldly.

“Why Fuller, why destroy these amazing creatures? They should be if anything studied not murdered.”

“Doctor, these things are monsters and monsters of evil descent. Do you really want more of their kind coming from Hell and taking over
our world?”

“What evil…..he has never made a malevolent gesture toward me or anyone on my staff that has studied him.”

“Don’t fool yourself Doctor, this creature is evil…..he is what evil is and he and his kind must be destroyed.”

“Captain….. Dargo and his female may be the last of their kind, they are without a doubt the most astonishing discovery ever found. Two
winged humanoids unlike anything ever discovered and all you can think about is killing them?” the Doctor said with anger in his voice.

“You are thinking too much like a man of science Doctor Allen.”

“And you are thinking like a bible nut with no sense of what we have here.”

“You really see that this beast and its mate are something worth study?”

“Yes, my God, in all of human history, nothing like them has ever been discovered and studied by science. They have only be feared,
hunted from what you told me and killed. Now we have a chance, a chance in a life time to see what these creatures really are.” the doctor
pleaded his case with the excitement of a child with a new toy. “If it shows true that Dargo and Dax are truly from a place described as
Hell, then we owe it to science to study them for it will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that all that the bible tells us is indeed true. If Hell
is real Captain Fuller…..then so is Heaven. And you being a man of the bible should understand that.”

“You do have a good point there Doctor; okay feed the beast but no more than a few pints of blood so that it does not grow too strong.”

“Thank you Captain, ah from where should I get the blood from?”

“Ah, from your own self my good Doctor and your science friends.” Fuller replied with a smile. “Just enough to keep the beast alive…..for

                                                                                                Chapter 3

“Thank you for the nourishment Doctor.” Dargo said as he sucked down a vile of blood the physician took from his own arm.

“Do you feel any better?” the man asked as the Dargo looked him in the eye.

“Yes greatly, thank you.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re feeling better.” the man of science said just before steeping closer to the cage bars so that only Dargo could hear
his words. “I’m truly sorry for what has happened to you Dargo…..I really am.”

“I know Doctor, this is not of your doing.”

“Thank you for understanding that Dargo. I find you an amazing…..”


“No Dargo, an amazing person.”

“I am no person……I am a monster.”

“No, I don’t believe that at all. The sad part is that Captain Fuller can’t see that. He plans on killing you after Dax is found.”

“I know, I am aware of that fact.”

“I have been trying to talk to him but he’s so set in mind that you and Dax are two evil monsters.”

“And what do you believe Doctor?”

“That you are two lost souls trying to get home.”

“And the people we have feed upon?”

“We all have to eat.” he said with a smile. “Tonight, my wife is making me steak for dinner, I know its not’s the same but I do understand.
At least I think I do.”

                                                                                                Chapter 4

“You have something for me Doctor Jackson?” Dax asked as she climbed into the window to his office.

“Yes, take a look at this.” he said showing her a map. “This is a warehouse in Queens that Captain Fuller’s father once owned. They
printed books or something, but the point is that even though it closed after his father’s death some five years ago, the plant is still
there…..and still not in use. At least in use as a book printing warehouse.”

“You believe that Dargo is being held there”

“It is possible Dax, Fuller’s family still owns the building and it would be a good place to hide something like Dargo.”

“Tell me how to get there so I can free my mate.”

“Well, its right over the 59th Street Bridge, but Dax it’s still too far for you to fly in your condition”

“What is my condition Doctor Jackson?”

The doctor said nothing but just pointed to her swollen belly.

“My unborn child will not be a hindrance freeing my mate from these humans.”

“Dax, you can harm the baby within if you go in there guns blazing.”

“I do not understand that meaning, but I must free Dargo before I become too large to fly and to fight.

“Dax, I think you’re already there.  If your kind give birth sooner than we do, then you can’t risk attacking these people.”

“Just give me the directions to this place and I will free my mate.”

“Dax, I don’t think it’s a good idea to………”

“It’s the only way Doctor Jackson; it’s the only way to free my Dargo.”


                                                                                                 Chapter 5

Under the cover of night, Jackson drove Dax over the bridge that spanned in length over the Hudson River that connected Manhattan to
Queens. In the passenger seat beside him sat a very discontented Dax who to conceal her demonish appearance from on looking fellow
drivers, Jackson made her cover her head with a baseball cap of the New York Mets and a long black trench coat to cover the wings
upon her back.

“Are we almost there?” Dax said as she shifted in her seat painfully uncomfortable. “This covering is too binding; my wings are too
cramp under this garment.”

“Keep it on Dax, people here don’t have wings on their backs and I don’t have tinted windows.” he said as she fidgeted with the hat.
“Dax, keep the hat on, people don’t have horns either.”

“It’s itchy and I do not like it…..not at all.”

“Just keep it on please, I know it’s night but it’s still bright enough to see you by street light.”

“Are we there yet?”

“Almost Dax, almost.” he said with a smile.

“Something you find amusing Doctor Jackson?”

“No…..nothing at all.” he replied just as he pulled the car over into a parking space. “Okay, you see that building over there?” he said
pointing. “That is the location but we don’t even know if Dargo is even really in there.” he said as Dax exited the vehicle, dropped the coat
and hat, and opened her wings fully. “Oh shit!” he cried just as she lifted off with a powerful thrust and took flight.

High into the night, she flew until she landed on the roof of the old forgotten warehouse. All Jackson could do was sit and wait to see if
she returned or not. With the key still in the on position, he knew if she was to free Dargo or be captured herself, it would not take long
either way. Unsure if he should even stay there at all crossed his mind. If she was to be caught there was truly little he could do about it.
And if she was to somehow release Dargo from his capturers, they both had to power to return to the city on their own. Still the doctor
stayed and waited for any sign of an outcome. Either way he was powerless to help in any way other than provide the getaway car if they
were to need it.

Dax found a door to the rooftop and slipped within still undetected. Her keen sense of smell told her that Dargo was indeed within the
building and as she ventured down the staircase from the roof, his scent grew stronger with each step. With it being night, there was only
a handful of men acting as guards as part of Fuller’s demon task force who were not working their day jobs as NYDP law enforcement
agents. As she crept down the stairs, she found a door leading to one of the floors. The scent of Dargo was stronger here and as she
followed her keen sense of smell, it brought her right to her mate’s room.

Two men stood before the cage where a weak and dying Dargo lay. Before the men could make a move upon her, Dax leaped forward
and slashed the closest man’s throat with her curved claws spouting blood like a crimson fountain. As he fell, his fellow watchman also felt
the sharp blade like talon claws on Dax’s right hand. As a spray of blood surged from the veins of the two men, Dax took one man by the
top of his head and held her hand under the dying man’s open wound. As he looked into the hot white eyes of Dax just as his life faded
away, she with her hand cupped under the wound collected as much of the rich red fluid that she could within her palm and held her arm
straight out to Dargo.

“Feed My Love……feed!” she told him as her loving mate lifted his head slowly and place his lips into her hand. Like a cat lapping up
milk, he took all she had within her hand until she replaced it below the flow of the blood and put more into her hand and returned it to

Dargo could feel his strength slowly return to him as the flow of blood from the dead man stopped due to the heart no longer pumping.
With a slash from her nails Dax drew open the man’s torso releasing more of his red fluids as she shoved his body into the cage bars
allowing Dargo to feed upon the corpse freely as his energy returned to nearly his full state. Still with all his command, Dargo was unable
to rip open the bars of steel as Dax watched own.

“I cannot break these bars.” Dargo cried.

“But you must My Love… must!”

“I cannot they are too strong even for me.” Dargo belted out as he used every bit of his might to force the bars wide enough so that he
could slip through. But even his great muscle could not sway the rods under his influence.

“Dargo please………Please let me help you.”

“No, you have done more than you should have in your state, please Dax, leave me and flee.”

“No Dargo…..I cannot just leave you here…..I will stay with you then.”

“Dax, my love, they will capture you too and take our child when he is born. You must leave now Dax!  NOW!

“I will not leave you!” she cried before a voice from behind answered her pleas.

“Please, let me help.” the unknown voice said as Dax turned to see a man in a long white smock standing beside the door.  “My name is
Doctor Allen, please let me help you.  I can open the cage.”

Dax’s eyes burned hot but yet, he like their only comrade since coming to the great city, Doctor Jackson was a man of healing and

“Please let me open Dargo’s cage for you. I don’t what to see him harmed.” Allen said as Dax turned and looked at Dargo.

“I trust him Dax; he has been the only one to not treat me like a monster.”

“Then free my mate.” she said stepping way from the cage.

“I mean you no harm Dargo… know that right?” the doctor said as he neared the cell.

“I will not hurt you Doctor; you have been most kind to me.” Dargo said as the man swiped his key card along the cage door panel.
Almost like magic, the cell door opened releasing the stir crazy Dargo from his steel prison. “Thank you Doctor Allen……thank you.”
Dargo said with a smile.

“What Fuller has done to you is criminal and I could not see him kill such an amazing being such as you and Dax.” Allen said as he
handed Dargo a card. “Take this Dargo, this has my information on it so you may contact me in the future. I would love to study you more
under better and safer conditions for you. I still find your species astoundingly remarkable. I want to know more about you and your kind.”

“Thank you Doctor Allen, I know a man who which you should speak with who also feels the same way about us.” Dargo said taking the
little card and tucking it into his sash.

“Oh, how very touching this little scene is.” spoke a voice from the doorway.

“YOU!” Dargo roared as he set eyes upon Captain Fuller armed with a hand gun.

“My good Doctor, I am ashamed of you for helping these creatures get away. You should have put her ass into the cage with him, not
help him escape.” Fuller said holding his aim on Dargo’s head.

“What you are doing here is wrong, wrong in the name of science.” Allen called out.

“See, that’s the thing wrong with all you eggheads, it’s all about the damn science. What we have here my good Doctor is two very
dangerous creatures.  Hell, just look at what they did to those two men on the floor.”

“They like you were part of this to capture my mate; they were not going to release Dargo without a fight.” Dax hissed as she revealed
her fangs upon her foe.

“Oh, that is correct you she-beast, they were not just going to let you walk out of here with your demon mate.” Fuller said smiling.

“I told you not to call me that…..we are Kia!” Dargo belted out as he stepped forward wishing to rip the man’s still beating heart from his

“Down boy…..take just one more step and I will put a bullet into the belly of your wife killing her and if not for sure, kill the evil little thing
within her tummy.”

“You are the monster Fuller, not us.” Dargo told him as he stepped in front of Dax to protect her. “We only wish to live and raise our

“And then what, kill more of my people to fill your sick need for human blood.”

“We could learn to feed on other animal sources just as you humans do.” Dargo said retaining his shield of Dax.

“No, you are nothing more than the Devil’s evil spawn, creatures like you should not exist upon our world.”

“Now that part is true, we only wish to return home.”

“Well, you will not, you evil beast……you will not!”

“Fuller stop this, let these creatures go.” the doctor cried.

“They are monsters and killers doctor, just look at what they just did, go and tell those men’s families that these creatures are not evil and
a threat to all mankind.”

“Yes, they have killed but because they had to live themselves, they can learn to feed off other resources. They must not be murdered,
they are a scientific dream not mans enemy. Get your head out of the pages of the bible and see what a chance this is to have these two
amazing people.”

“Do you even hear yourself Doctor, are you so blind to what they are that you see these things as people. They are monsters, demons
from Hell. And Hell is where I will send them back to.” Fuller said as he pulled the trigger and a moment later the doctor fell.

“You are the monster!” Dargo roared as he extended his wings and jumped into the air hurdling toward the police captain.

The man fired two desperate shots but both fell short of their intended mark as Dargo grab hold of the man slapping the gun away and
lifting and pinning Fuller to the wall by his throat.

“Go ahead demon, rip out by throat and drink my blood…..that’s what you evil dirty things do.” Fuller said squeezing out the words in a
last defiant attempt to prove that he was better than the creature holding him to the wall.  “Kill me demon, for I am God’s hand and if I shall
fall today, others will follow in my wake.” Fuller said looking deep into Dargo’s pale white eyes.

“Maybe you are God’s hand and maybe more will follow in your wake…..but today is not that day.” Dargo said staring into the man’s now
frightful eyes just as he tore the tender flesh from his throat and drink the blood that flowed freely from the hemorrhaging wound. As Dax
watched on, Dargo fed on Fuller whose eyes bulged from their sockets in a painful fearful gaze as he made little gurgle sounds from his
mouth as his life force was drained away by Dargo who himself grew stronger with each swallow of the ruby juice.

“Dargo, we must go.” Dax called to him as he drained the last of Fuller’s blood before dropping him to the floor.

“Now we can go.” Dargo said looking at his mate as she moved toward him and they embraced lovely.

“Doctor Allen?” Dargo asked turning to see the man’s body upon the floor.

“He’s dead Dargo…..sorry.”

“Not far, but yes I can fly.”

Just as the morning sun breached the new day’s light, two ancient creatures flew home to their lair. The fight with the men and the flight
home weakened Dax who took rest all throughout the rest of the day as Dargo watched over her.

“I believe the child will come soon.” she said to Dargo who looked over her lovingly and he took her hand in his.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Dargo asked still holding her hand.

“Yes, please bring me Doctor Jackson.  We will need a witness for the birth of our child as is accustom by our people.”

“I will bring Doctor Jackson, but why a human?”

“Dargo My Love, do we know any Kia in this city or time?”

“No…..I suppose not. I will bring Doctor Jackson, just don’t have my son before I get back.”

“You still think it’s a son do you?”

“Yes, and he will be a great warrior like his father and his father before he.” Dargo said proudly.

“Yes, he…..or she will be the greatest warrior of our kind. Now hurry bring me our witness.”

“Yes My Lady.” Dargo replied as he stepped to the opening of the building. “I will return soon.” he said as he opened his wings to full
extension and took off into the newly coming night sky.

As Dax felt the oncoming pains of child birth, she waited for her mate to return. Her wait was not long as Dargo returned with their only
friend in their new world, who aside from being a little shaken by being carried to the top portion of the New York City Chrysler Building to
the Kia lair, he was happy to be part of the birth of a new Kia birthed for the first time outside of their homeland. As Jackson stood, he
watch Dax cry out in pain as Dargo seated himself between her open legs ready to bring his only child into their new world.

“I feel it coming Dargo!” she cried as he could see the head with its little blunt horns start to breach the opening.

“I see it coming Dax…..I see it coming…….push My Love push!”

“I’m pushing Dargo!”

“I see the head, its almost out… last push Dax.”

As the new mother to be pushed one last time and screamed her last scream, Dargo saw the child slip from its dwelling and into his
waiting arms.

“Oh Dax……oh Dax, you gave me a son…..I have a son…..we have a son!” he cried out with tears in his eyes.

“Well, show me!” she called as he held their new born son high so she could see him. “Oh look how small his little tail is.” she said
gushing over the boys little form.

“Yes, but look at those claws on his hands, he will be a great warrior one day.” Dargo said proudly.

“Yes, just like his father.” Dax replied with a smile as Dargo handed her their son. “Oh his little wings are so cute!” she said doting over
the boy.

“He is beautiful Dax, I am so happy for you both.” Jackson said as he watched the new little life squirm within his mother’s arms.

“This is a new day in the Kia community, the first child born outside of our home land.” she said to Jackson before handing the boy back
to Dargo. “Here My Lord, express him to our new world.” she said as Dargo took the child and walked over the opening of the building
from where they fly in and out. The new day’s sun was just rising over the city and as Dargo held the child high over his head, he chanted
the rhyme from where all father Kia perform with their first born sons to express their new birth to the world.

“Today on this day, a new Kia is born, a male child from whom a great warrior will bear our Kia legacy. Form today, and this day forth, his
name shall be called………..” Dargo paused for a moment and glanced back at Dax. “And his name shall be called?”

“Doctor Jackson, do you have another name?” Dax asked.

“Why my first name is Alex.”

“Dargo, his name shall be called Alex.” she said with a smile.

“On this day forth, his name shall be called Alex” he boasted over the city with a father’s glee.

“A new Kia name for a new city Doctor Jackson.” Dax told him as he bent down to kiss the new mother in celebration of her new baby.

As another day arose and the birth of a new Kia baby meant that both Dargo and Dax could start over again in a new home within the
great city of New York. Unknown to both, their moment of bliss was also being observed by an age old enemy far, far above of the city.
Far beyond the sight of mere mankind, far into the heavens of the Sky Kingdom, someone was taking note of the birth of the Kia child.  
And as he watched with anger within his immortal soul, he called upon one of his loyal subject members to attend to his bidding.

“Yes My Lord, you have called for me?” said the well armed warrior draped in pure gold armor with a golden sword upon his left hip as
he knelt on one knee before his ruler.

“Yes Azure, I have a mission for you on Earth.”

“Yes my Lord, state the operation.” the feathered winged creature asked his supreme emperor.

“A Kia child has just been born upon the Earth within a human city.”

“Surely not My Lord!”

“Indeed it is true.”

“What shall you wish of me, my Commander?”

“Kill the little creature’s parents and bring me the child at once.”

“Yes my Lord……by your command”

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