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                                                                                                     Chapter 1

Although highly distraught by the actions of the men upon her mate, Dax made her way to the one person, the one human she knew…..or
at least thought she could trust. Upon her entry into his lab, she spotted the doctor in his little office at the far end of the lab from where
she and Dargo first awoke.

“Please Doctor Jackson, they have Dargo!” Dax cried out as she entered his little office.

“Dax, what the hell are you doing here!  It’s the middle of the day, someone could see you.” he responded as he jumped up and closed
the office door.

“Someone… took Dargo.”

“Took Dargo……what do you mean…..he was captured?”

“Yes…..yes!” she cried out trying to catch her breath.

“Who, who has Dargo?’

“Men…..lots of men, dressed in blue, wielding many weapons like nothing I ever saw before.”

“Cops, were they cops Dax?”

“Yes, I believe so… in blue with weapons that I have never seen before.”

“Oh my God, now the world will know about your both!”

“Doctor Jackson, can you help me get Dargo back, if not for me….. but for our child.” she begged placing a hand over her tummy to
show her swelling bulge.

“Dax you are……….?”

“Yes I am with child.”

                                                                                                    Chapter 2

“Think that cage will hold him?” one of his captives asked as he and one other stood looking in on the subject within the enclosure.

“I sure as hell hope so, that’s high tensile cobalt steel.  If it gets out of there, then nothing will hold this thing.” the other man said as the
two stood before the ten by ten cage that was centered in the room.

“What do you think it is?” the first man asked just as a figure entered the room. “Some kind of monster.”

“It’s a demon.” Fuller belted out upon his entry into the little room of an old forgotten warehouse once owned by the police captain’s family
in the 70’s.

“Come on…..demon really?” the man questioned as he looked upon the creature trapped within the cell.

“It’s a demon alright.  It’s an unholy beast sent by Satan himself to wreak havoc upon the world.” the captain said as he laid eyes upon
Dargo who sat with his head lowered with face tucked into his bent knees. “Isn’t that right demon.” he added just as Dargo lifted his head
so that their eyes locked.

“I am called Kia from the city below…..human.”

“You are an unholy hell spawn of Satan you evil beast, and now I have you and soon I will have your demon bitch!

“Don’t you touch my mate or I will kill you and feed upon your blood you foul human.”

“It is you who are unclean, you filthy beast and here you will remain until we cut you up and see what makes you tick.”

“Let me out and I will show you what makes me tick.” Dargo said as he rose from his seat and grabbed the bars within his hands as he
shook them with authority.

“Yeah ,you would like that too…..wouldn’t you demon?”

“I am not a demon human…..I am Kia and my race have owned this world far longer than you.”

“Maybe so beast…..but now we run this planet and an unholy thing like yourself has no place here and now.”

“Why do you hold me here against my will?”

“Because like I said demon, you are an unholy beast and I will defend my Lord’s world from something wicked such as yourself.”

“Wicked is as wicked does human. It was your kind that killed my people long ago and it is that human hatred of my kind that even over
more than a thousand years you still hate and fear us. You call me demon but it is you and your kind that spawned evil on the day that Eve
bit into the apple. Your kind even nailed your own Lord to a cross and it is man who murders man in the name of greed, power and hate.
Human look toward yourself before you call me wicked.”

“Enjoy your little cage beast.  Soon when we have your bitch, we will destroy you both and I will make you demon watch her have her
throat sliced open before your eyes by my own hand before I do the same to you.” Fuller said as an upset Dargo charged the cage wall
pulling on it with all of his might.

His display of rage upon the steel bars backed off the other two men assisting their captain but Fuller stood his ground in sheer defiance
never showing fear to the creature before him locked away like a wild animal.

“Pull on the bars all you wish demon.  That steel is the strongest metal there is, even your master the devil cannot free you now.” Fuller
told his prisoner before turning his back on Dargo.  He walked over to one of his men. “Watch this beast.  Only a handful of my office
department men do I trust for this little operation.” he said to the man.

“But Captain, what are we going to do with this thing, this monster?”

“I want it studied and after its mate is captured, I will see to it that both are sent back to the pit of fires of hell from where once they came.”
Fuller told him as he patted his jacket’s breast pocket where he held his bible.    

                                                                                                    Chapter 3

“Doctor Jackson, is that you?”

“Yes Dax, it’s me.”

“Do you know anything about Dargo?”

“Well, I watched the news the last two days almost nonstop and there is nothing about a creature like Dargo being discovered. There
were three reported sightings of Bigfoot but nothing about a winged creature with horns and tail.”

“What is a bigfoot and what does that have to do with Dargo?”

“Nothing, never mind. The point is that nothing like Dargo has been reported.”

“So that is good!”

“Yes, that is good news because that means who ever has Dargo is not trying to exploit him for public or capital gain.”

“So that is good?”

“Well… least he’s not popping up on the 6 o-clock news or an episode of Monster Quest. The thing is then, who does have him and
why have they been so secret about it. Was he taken by some covert underground group or you did say that the men who attacked him
were dressed in blue… cops.”

“Yes Doctor Jackson, like the men who attacked us before when I was shot by that projectile pellet that wounded my wing arm.”

“Yes, how is that by the way?”

“It feels better but I don’t have full strength in it yet to fly for very long. I found that out the night Dargo was taken. I had to use all of my
energy to fly just out of reach of those men.”

“Dax, you said that these men used some sort of sticks on Dargo, some sort of power sticks you told me.”

“Yes, Doctor Jackson, they had shock sticks that made Dargo unable to fight back.”

“They must have had some kind of stun gun on the end of the shafts and some kind of taser that took him off the roof.”

“I trust what you say, I know of no such weapons.” Dax said feeling much like a creature a step out of time.

“If these were the cops though, they would have brought this to the attention of the news or a division higher up. Someone must know of
this to order the attack, in fact they must have been hunting you both with this intent to capture one or both of you.  If they are keeping this
under wraps, then Dax, they are still hunting you I bet.”

“Do you believe that Dargo is still alive Doctor Jackson?”

“I would think so, if they wanted to kill him out right, they would have done so when they took him off of that roof. It sounds like it was only a
few stories high, so Dargo most likely was not wounded too bad from the fall if like you said he was trying to fight back if not for the stun

“Doctor, how do I get Dargo back?  Our child will be born in three months and the baby will need its father.”

“Three months Dax, but are you just four months along?”

“Yes, our gestation time is that of seven months.”

“Wow, I wish it was like that for us.  My mother always complains about how I took, almost ten to get out of her.” Jackson said as Dax
gave a little smile. “It’s good to see your smile Dax.  Let me look into a few things and talk to some people I know. I will find out who is
holding Dargo.”

“Thank you Doctor Jackson, please find my Dargo.”

“I think I can locate him, getting him out is another thing.”

“I know you will try…..thank you for your help.”

“Well, if the cops captured him, then the cops still have him I would bet. But why is it being so hush, hush.” he said as the two stood atop
their meeting rooftop.

                                                                                                    Chapter 4

“So Doctor Allen, what is it that we have here?”

“I wish I could tell you Captain Fuller.”

“Come on Doctor, you had the specimen for three weeks now.  Surely you have some idea of what this thing is.”

“Well yes and I thank you for bringing me in on this little off side police department project of yours but the truth is, still know little about the

“Yes, well tell me what you do know about the creature then.” Fuller said in a firm voice as the big man stood imposing over the much
smaller CSI doctor of whom he brought into his little crusade of his own personal holy war on evil.

“Okay, well this much I can tell you, the creature’s blood is unlike anything I have ever seen before.”

“Doctor, that’s not very shocking, the thing is a fucking monster!”

“Ah yes well…..his blood seems to not match anything living or dead on this planet.  Not human nor animal even as far back as our
ancient records, there has been nothing like him.”

“What are you saying Doctor, that this thing is from outer space?”

“No, I’m not saying that.  Just that if he or his kind has ever encountered humanity before, it must have been far off in ancient times. X-ray
scans show that his basic skeleton is that of a human…..that is, if you remove the horns, wings and tail. His vampire-like need for blood is
something that I never saw in other mammals other than the vampire bat.  But as for him physically, if you talk with him, he’ll tell you more

“Wait… speak with the beast?”

“Well, yes of course.  He speaks very clearly and for reasons I don’t know English in fact.”

“I know, I have past words with the beast as well, so what did it say to you?”

“He…..told me his name is Dargo……”

“You’re telling me that this unholy thing has a name?”

“Yes his name is Dargo, his mate’s name is Dax and he’s worried about her being alone and lost in our city.”

“Did it tell you where she is held up, where is she hiding?”

“No, we didn’t talk about that.”

“You didn’t try and extract information from the beast?”

“No, we just talked.”

“Okay, well within your little conversations did it tell you where it’s from?”

“He told me his kind come from a place called Kronos, deep below the Earth’s crust.”

“You mean Hell.”

“He didn’t call it that.”

“I’m sure he didn’t”

“He and Dax are two creatures lost in time.  They are from the year 691 by our calendar date and were forced to sleep in some form of
hibernation cocoon over these past centuries.”

“You seem doctor to have almost built a friendship with this beast.”

“I’ve talked with him; you should do the same and see that he’s not the evil monster you think he is.”

“You’re a fool doctor.  He, like his master Satan, will tell you anything you want to hear. Yes, I think I will talk with this creature, its high time
he tells me where the other one is.”

“He will never tell you where Dax is.”

“Oh, he will or I will force it out of him.”

“Captain Fuller, when you asked me to join this little project of yours and study the specimen and saw this as a chance to discover a new
living species unknown to science. I didn’t sign on to help water board, beat him and slaughter what could be the greatest discovery ever
found. We have here clearly a sub-human species unlike anything we ever discovered and all you want to do with him is harm this poor
creature for your own misguided religious offenses. Dargo should be interviewed, studied and protected, not treated like some kind of

“Thank you doctor, I think I will have a little chat with the beast after all.”

“What are you going to do Fuller?”

“Like I said, have a little chat with……what did you call it Dargo.”


“Well than, I’ll have a chat with Dargo then.”

                                                                                                    Chapter 5

“I think the thing is dying.”

“Why do you say that Tony?”

“Well, just look at the thing.  I think its skin got even whiter and it just lay’s around in the cage all day. It’s been weeks since it even tried to
bust free.”

“Yeah your right, it looks like shit in there.”

“Hey, maybe it needs food, maybe we should try and feed the thing.”

“This creature feeds on blood like a vampire, do you want to volunteer some.”

“Yeah, no thanks.” Tony replied shaking his head just as their boss arrived at the door and told the two men on watch to leave the room.

Slowly, Fuller walked around the cage viewing the creature within. As he strolled around the ten by ten cell where he held his captive, his
eyes never once wondering off in another direction other than on the subject imprisoned. As last he stopped at the front of the enclosure
as Dargo stood leering upon him with hate in his eyes.

“I am told by the good doctor that you have a name…..Dargo I believe he said.” Fuller asked as he stood before the imprisoned creature.
“Speak to me monster… that your name!” he screamed in anger.

“Yes…..I am called Dargo.”

“So…..Dargo, where is the other one, the female?”

“My mate is called Dax.”

“So okay Dax, where is she?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“Because if you don’t, when I do find her…..and I will find her, I will make sure that her capture will be extremely painful indeed.”

“If you harm them, I will kill you.” Dargo roared.

“Them…..who is them?” Fuller pressed.

“No one.” Dargo replied knowing he said too much.

“No one, well you said they…..who the hell is they?” Fuller demanded. “Are there more of your kind out there?” he insisted but Dargo
gave no reply.  “Your mate is out there, are their others and are they with her.” he said just as a wicked look drew across his face. “Oh…..
maybe not with her…..or more like within her.” he said with a grin. “Is your bitch carrying another little demon in her evil belly…..well is

Dargo turned away thinking he was hiding his feelings, but it only confirmed the captains thoughts. A moment later, Fuller walked away
and left the room. Upon seeing one of the men from his police department he recruited to hunt Dargo and Dax, he looked the man in the
eye and smiled.

“The female creature is with child; see to it that not only is she brought in with chains but that the unholy thing within her is gutted out upon
the moment she is captured.

                                                                                            End of Episode 7
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