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                                                                                                    Chapter 1

Sitting before his lap top computer upon his desk, Doctor Jackson gazed into the cold, blank white screen trying to find the words to key
into the empty space, but nothing could come to mind. He could feel his heart beating faster than normal as he took another big gulp of
black coffee from his mug. Once he did start to lay down words, he wrote that this would be his fifth entry into his private log regarding the
strange creatures he has come to know. Two creatures straight out folklore now made real in flesh and blood that both excited his
science side and yet frightened his human soul to its core. But with trembling fingers, the man of science placed his finger tips upon the
keyboard of his computer and tried to muster the words to make his next entry after discovering that the beasts in question were the
killers of the people in the park. He wrote as he spoke out loud each and every word to try and make sense of it all.

“Personal Log number 5, the creatures Dargo and Dax who I have come to know over the past few weeks are also the Central Park
Killers that have turned the city into a state of fear. No one ventures into the park anymore for fear of meeting up with the killer.  If they only
had an idea of the horror that was really out there.” He wrote as he spoke before stopping and looking over what he put to words.  He
gazed upon each and every word before placing his fingers upon the keys one more time.

“I myself do not know how to react to their actions. The creatures….. I mean Dargo and Dax, seem to be kind enough… least to me
for they could have killed me at anytime we met as I conducted class and shown them the ways of this new modern world. I know they
must eat like every living creature but their matter of food source is now the question. The true question is…..are they friend or are they
foe?” He wrote before closing his laptop and gazed upon the site where the two creatures hatched from their centuries old tomb.

Chapter 2

“How are you feeling my Lady?”  Dargo asked as he knelt down beside his mate.

“I feel better My Love, my wing arm moves again.” she told him as she extended her appendage wide open flaring her leathery wings.

“Do you think you can fly soon?” Dargo asked watching her open her wounded wing arm fully since being hit by the human metal

“Why My Love, do you tire of bringing me my food each night?” she said with a smile as she closed her wing and returned it behind her
back. “As you said Dargo, this was good practice for when I am too large with child to fly as you put it.”

“Never mind what I said before, I want you able to take flight so that we can flee this city.” Dargo said as he took a seat beside Dax.

“Flee this city…..but Dargo where would we go? This world is new to us and Jackson has helped us make some of the adjustments to
this city we now inhabit.”

“Maybe so, but I feel as though this place…..this city is no longer safe for us.”

“Dargo, this city is very large and I think you can hide here among these humans better than before. There are so many of them out there
that even something such as we can hide among their great numbers. Besides I have grown accustom to this cities bright illumination at
night, their artificial torch light is pretty.”

“Pretty Dax!”

“I like the many colors that they make.”

                                                                                                   Chapter 3

“Doctor Allen, you conducted the autopsies on all of the Central Park murders am I correct.” the police captain himself asked as he
spoke with the medical physician.

“Why yes I did Captain…..?”

“I’m sorry Rick Fuller…..Captain Rick Fuller.”

“What brings you down to the crypt here in my dark little domain Captain Fuller… had never come down here before?”

“I wanted to talk to you myself about the murders.”

“The people killed in Central Park?”

“Yes Allen, the murders in the park.  What was your conclusion?”

“Well here’s the thing you see, most of the victims were found torn open and most, if not all, of their blood drained away.”

“All their blood Doctor?”

“Just about all if it….. yes.”

“And what do you mean by torn apart?”

“Well that’s just it, each body was found not only drained of blood but……well cracked open like an egg. Their skulls were split wide
open and most if not all of their brain eaten away.”

“What the hell you mean eaten away?”

“Just what I said, their skulls cracked open and most if not all of the brain matter gone or sucked dry.”

“What in God’s name can do that?”

“I don’t know but the same was done to the body, arms and legs, as though something sucked the blood right out of their veins……even
the bone marrow was sucked out cleanly.”

“So then, we’re looking at some sort of animal then?” the police veteran asked keeping what his men told him in the back of his head.

“Shit no animal that I know of can do all this.” the doctor replied as he took a seat in his office chair.

“What then, this was done by a man?”

“Hell, I’m not saying that……Captain.  I truly don’t know what killed these people. Man or beast, you have something out there killing
people unlike anything I have ever seen in my 40 years of doing this shit.”

“Thank you doctor, you were…..somewhat helpful.”

In the quiet of his home, the 20 year cop and homicide detective turned Captain of his force, sat in his recliner and cracked open his
Bible. His goal was to seek out any source about demons he could find within its pages. To his surprise, nothing about these creatures
was even spoken of as physical living beasts and so he then looked toward his laptop for help. Looking over every source of matter he
could, Fuller pulled up Dante’s Inferno looking for any trace of the creatures that his men said they saw. Nothing described in the tee what
his men saw…..if in fact what they said they saw were indeed the unholy creatures of paintings, poetry and tall tales they Fuller
discovered on the internet.

Then an idea came to him, dropping the idea that such creatures were in only stories, he moved on to check any and all history facts that
may have occurred in the past. After a night of web surfing and four cups of coffee, he stumbled upon something that peaked with
interest. As he looked up a reported firsthand account of a battle with ancient demons, his eyes widened and his Christian blood grew
cold. The passage read;

Upon day two of our hunt, the creatures seem to have taken retreat in the highest peaks of the mountains. I, Father Casstone, have
joined this hunting party of 50 knights to seek out and destroy these Hell Spawn monsters that have descended upon our small
village at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. With all the power of God himself, I will help these mae in turning this land Holy once
more and rid this place of the Devil’s demons that have attacked our people, fed on their blood and left us to fear these evil beast.

Father Casstone in the year 691

Fuller’s weary eyes widened as he took a big gulp of coffee from his largest mug. Here was not a story, a poem or a work of fiction…..
but a real first hand on location written account of a hunt on demons.  He read on.

Three days into the hunt and the army have found the lair of the evil creatures. Their best count is that of maybe less than 30…..
maybe less as many seemed to be hurt from some other battle with another great army, perhaps God’s angels have weakened their
forces so that we could finish them off with little loss of the advancing knights.

Father Casstone in the year 691

Day six, the King’s army sent to protect my village have engaged the vile winged monsters today. Numbers were lost but many of the
creatures were destroyed as now lay dead in the newly fallen snow. I now do believe that we can rid this land of these evil beasts

Father Casstone in the year 691

As the cop read the account of a battle with what was said to be demons, his mouth grew dry and his heart pumped madly within his
chest. “Could such creatures really have lived?” he said to himself out loud. “Could they still be alive and living here in New York City?” he
again speaking out so that he could hear his own words and what he said was not only fantastic…..but insane as well.

                                                                                                   Chapter 4

“Are you sure that you are up to this my mate?’ Dargo asked as Dax stood near the edge of the roof top.

“I am my love, I can fly…..I feel good.” she replied looking down over the city lights below. “I want to fly, my wing arm feels good.  Let’s
hunt together.” she added just before leaping from the edge and into the wind.

“Damn it Dax!” Dargo cried out as he followed her into the sky over the great metropolis.

As they flew over the man made mountains of the city, Dax started to feel a little weakness in her left wing arm and knew that she pushed
herself too soon to take and remain in flight. Dargo knew something was wrong when she suddenly made a decent and tried to make her
way to a nearby building roof top.

“Dax, are you alright?” her mate called out, but she could hardly hear him as all her attention was on trying to maintain flight.

“Dar, I do not believe I……I ……I” she cried out just as she felt her wing arm give out and she started to fall spiraling out of control.

“Dax!” Dargo called out as he watched with mate plummet to the street below. Tucking in his wings, Dargo dove after her, desperate to
catch her before she hit the street below. Reaching out his talons, he tried to grasp her in his arms but they both were falling with such
velocity that her weight and their momentum made it nearly impossible to grasp hold and stop her descent. Once he had a firm hold on
her by the waist, he flared open his wing span trying to slow their uncontrolled fall. As his nearly twenty foot wing span opened fully like a
sky divers chute as the flattened wings slowed their plunge. Then with all his might, Dargo flapped his powerful wings with as he tried to
gain height and return to the sky. Dax was much smaller than he but the little offspring in her belly gave his mate a little more to pull up and
trying to maintain flight as they descend in such a rapid state, it drew all of his strength to maintain his supremacy in the air.

Lucky for him, Dargo spotted a lower roof top from where he could land him and his lover upon. With a few more powerful thrusts from his
wings, he made it to the roof as the two collapsed upon. While he exhausted, she red faced for thinking she was well enough to fly. As
she looked her mate over as the two lay upon the roof, she smiled and started to giggle.

“What…..what do you find so amusing?” he asked breathing heavy almost unable to speak.

“That I almost got us both killed.”

“And you find that humorous my mate?”

“Yes oddly enough.”

“Yes well, please do not try and fly again until you are ready my love.”

“Then you will have to carry me back to the lair.”

“I will…..just give me some time to rest.  Junior there gave you a little more weight than I am used too when holding you.”

“Are you saying that I am fat…..oh and you think this is a boy?”

“No…….no, just a little……you know……with …….you know….and I know he’s my son.”

“If this is a boy, I hope he does not have your temper.”

“What temper…..I have no temper!”

“Dargo, I am playing with you.”

“You are starting to get like these humans my dear Dax.”

“Now I would not say that…..but I did put on some baby weight. That may be why I could not maintain flight.”

“No… is because you flew before you were ready to.”

“Well maybe that as well.” she said with a smile as she watched Dargo take to his feet.

“What is the matter my love?” she asked as he walked over to the end of the roof top.

“Maybe nothing, I thought I heard something.” he said as he gazed over the edge of the building. I must have been wrong.” he added just
as a scream bellowed from his lips.

“Dargo!” she screamed as she watched him keel over and fall over the edge of the building’s summit. Screaming his name, Dax drew
herself from the ground and ran to the edge of the roof top. There in the street below, she saw her mate hit the rock hard man made street
below as numerous men gathered around him with clubs as they struck him over his back and skull. Just as one blow chipped the edge of
his right horn, he could hear his mate call to him from above. Among her voice, he heard one of the men in blue yell out “Up there…..there’
s another one.”

“Leave my mate alone!” she cried as she flared opening her wings from above trying to scare the humans off of Dargo. But one man
took something off his belt and it fired a swift moving projectile at such a rate of velocity that it made a whistling screech just past her
head.  Then as she watched Dargo take one of the men by the throat and tore him open as the man clutched his throat and dropped
where he stood. But the others with long sticks unlike anything Dargo or Dax ever seen before, stuck the mighty beast each with a 200
volt shock that weakened the power demon until he fell at their feet.

“Dax…..Dax fly away…..flay away!” Dargo cried as he shrieked in pain.

“Don’t kill the monster!” one of the men called out just as another painful shock rifled through his body as Dargo lay upon his belly trying
to use his wings to protect his body. From above, he could hear his mate calling to him but he could no longer respond. Moments later,
electric netting was cast over him as it like the long sticks the men held shock him forcing his muscles to no longer function. “Tie up the
net…..hold the monster down.” one of the men called out as Dax stood watching the attack upon her companion unable to help him in any
way. Her sore wing prevented her from swooping down upon the scene and being four months with child, she could not risk a battle with
men who not only outnumbered her but came to the fight with far better weapons than she had ever seen. All she could do was stand and
watch her mate beaten and dragged away like some animal after the hunt.

                                                                                              End of Episode 6
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Episode 6

The Hunters Become The Prey

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