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                                                                                                     Chapter 1

“Dax, why have you held this from me?” the brooding Dargo questioned his mate upon their return to their lair.

“I believe this is a recent matter my Lord.” she replied.

“Recent, you mean our…..”

“Yes Dargo my love, our most recent love encounter has created new life within me.”

"Are you sure of this… could you tell?”

“I am sure, I have all the signs for possession of child.”

“So I am to be a father soon?” Dargo said with a proud grin.

“Yes my mate, in about seven month’s time, we will bring one of our own into this world.” she said matching his smile.

“But Dax, this world, can we bring forth an offspring into this time and place?”

“We most of all…..must bring this child into this world. We do not even know if our home is still there, that our kind still live. If you and I are
to be the last of our people, we must bring forth others so that our bloodline will go on.” she said placing her clawed fingers along the
outer rim of her belly. “This offspring will mean that our kind will go on, even if it must be within this human world that we now must reside

                                                                                                   Chapter 2

Unheeding Jackson’s warning, the misplaced pair took into the night sky for a night of hunting. Dargo knew that soon it would be he who
would have to carry the burden when his mate was too full with child to actively hunt on her own. But for now they could bring in more food
than one on their own. It was Dax who first saw their next meal as she and Dargo swiftly swooped in upon the young woman walking her
dog and as Dargo took hold of her by the head and as the dog ran away, Dax grasp hold her of legs and together they brought the
woman into the air. Frightened out of her mind, the girl let out a desperate scream that drew the attention of a passing police car making
its rounds through the park.

Before the woman could cry out again, Dargo holding her by her head snapped her neck with one smooth crack. Although her voice was
now silenced, the two patrol officers heard her death cry and looked toward the source of the scream. What they saw next both amazed
and frightened them as they saw two winged humanoid figures carry the body of a woman off into the night.

Dargo and Dax had no sooner reached a safe place to feed upon a nearby rooftop when they tore into the dead woman’s flesh. Dargo
was feeding from the neck that he broke and digging into her tender skin with sharp white teeth that soon stained red as he sucked into
his belly all the blood he could ingest. Dax sliced open a deep wound upon the upper thigh where she dined on the ruby juice.

Since the heart no longer pumped the rich red blood throughout the body once Dargo drained her neck, he cracked open her skull with
his dagger. Dax could hear him splitting open the cranium as she herself moved to the next leg to drain it of its fluids. Once the two halves
of the skull were divided, Dargo dug in and lapped up all her brain sap until his mate joined him and the two sucked the brain nectar
equally until they had their fill.

                                                                                                   Chapter 3

Just as Dax slurped the last of their victim’s brain fluid down her throat, a high pitched noise filled her ears. Stepping to the edge of the
rooftop, she looked down to the street below to find numerous of those horseless carts with bright red and blue lights pull up beside the
building. As she watched from above she saw many men exit the carts and enter the building.

“Dargo…..we must flee.”

“Why…..I think I can get a little more blood from this human’s body.”

“No my Lord we must flee, men are coming for us!”

“What are you talking about?” he questioned as he left the body and walked to the edge of the rooftop.

“There my Love, these men I believe are coming for us. We have once again been discovered by the humans.” she said in a frantic
voice. “It’s just as before, we are trapped atop a mountain with a human army hunting us…..we should have heeded to Jackson’s

“Then we must flee, follow me.” Dargo said just as the door to the roof top blasted open and several well armed men with unfamiliar
weapons faced down the ancient creatures.

With a powerful thrust from their open wings, Dargo and his mate lifted off the rooftop and into the dark sky. Although astounded by what
they just witnessed, one NYPD officer withdrew his sidearm and fired one shot into the air. A moment later Dax cried out and started to
fall as her left wing withdrew and she cried in pain. Dargo saw her fall and with all his power pursued her until he was able to help her
make a landing upon a side street.

“Dax!” he called.

“Something struck my wing arm, I can’t extend it outward.” she told him as he scooped her up in his powerful arms and with one mighty
burst, launched the two into the air in an attempt to escape the area before they could be caught. Her smaller lighter frame made it easy
for Dargo to carry his mate back to their lair where he laid her down and looked upon her wound.

“Whatever you were hit with has passed through your wing arm. It should heal well within time.” he said looking her in the eyes trying to
comfort her the best he knew how.

“Who were those men, were they this land’s army?’ she asked as she laid back to rest.

“I do not know, but they wield weapons unlike anything I have ever seen before.” Dargo said looking over her wound. “Do you have pain?”
he asked.

“It’s not as bad as it was before, but yes it hurts.”

“Maybe we should have Doctor Jackson take a look at it.” Dargo suggested.

“I do not believe he will speak with us any longer.”

“Why do you say that Dax?”

“He seemed to have a dislike for how and what we feed upon.” she said looking her mate in the eye.

“The humans eat meat from animals as well.” Dargo told her holding her hand in his.

“Maybe so, but we are feeding upon them Dargo. It’s what drew unwanted attention to our kind back in the snow covered mountains of

“Perhaps you are correct, but Dax we must feed.”

“Maybe Jackson can bring us some fresh animals to feed upon.”

“Animals……what do we look like savages!” Dargo replied.

“Until I can fly my Love, you will have to bring me my rations.”

“It will be good practice for when you are too big and plump to fly.” Dargo said with a playful grin.

“You are funny!  Just for that, I will make sure this child within makes me very fat indeed.” she replied matching his smile and running her
finger tips along the side of his face. “Can we both exist within this new world my Love?”

“We will have to my Lady.  Home seems to be millions of miles from here and for now until you heal and the child is born and large
enough to journey, we are trapped here within this human city.”

“Then so be it my Love, we will reside here within this human metropolis until we can find our way home.

                                                                                                   Chapter 4

“That shit is crazy! Have you all been drinking on the job?” the tall well decorated man told his men who sat behind his big oak desk.

“No Captain it’s true, we all saw the same thing!” one of his fellow offices belted out. “We saw these things, human like…..male and
female we think.”

“And they had wings and flew off into the night?”

“Yes Captain, Smith even got a shot off and hit one of them……the female.”

“So where is she then?”

“The other one helped her to the ground out of sight. We looked everywhere but they were gone when we hit the street.”

“Well maybe they just flew away.” their boss said with a sarcastic tone.

“But Captain, we all saw the same thing.”

“Winged people, with horns and tails, what are we looking for here, the Devil?”

"We saw what we saw Captain. Maybe they were dressed up crazy and were base jumpers or something but we did see what we saw.”

“Well I thought I would never say this in my career but put out an APB on two suspected demons on the loose or two nuts dressed in
Halloween costumes running around in June.”

“Yes Captain!”

“Good God, what is this damn forsaken city coming too? Demons…..good lord now, I heard everything.” the nineteen year veteran of the
NYPD said to himself as his men left the room thinking they were all crazy or on the source.

                                                                                                  Chapter 5

“Why do you look so sad my beloved?” Dargo said as he took a seat beside his mate.

“Dargo, it’s happening all over again, we are being hunted once again. We are doomed to live in the same state of fear as before.
Hundreds of years later and we still have to hide, fight to survive within this human world. Maybe…..just maybe we should just let them kill
us and let it be done with.”

“Dax my love, you do not truly mean that do you?”

“Maybe we should Dargo, this is not our world…’s not even our time. Even if we found home and it’s still there, our kind would not even
know us. Maybe it would be better to die here and now, together within each other’s embrace.

“No… my beloved one.” he said wiping the water droplet running from one of her eyes. “We did not live this long and sleep all these
years to just die now. We must live on, we must find our way home…..even if we ourselves are alien to them, we must live on.” he said
stoking the side of her face with his hand. “You now carry within you our future…..our legacy…..we must live on to see that child born into
the world. Even if it must be this world that the child must be born into.” he said with a smile.

“Do you truly believe Dargo that we can reside within this new world and raise our offspring?”

“Yes my beloved Dax, we must exist and inhabit this new world if not for us but then for our child.

                                                                                           End of Episode 5
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Episode 5

The Forsaken

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